Grounded Cheats and Tips



What Is Grounded? (Grounded Cheats and Tips)

Grounded is a new survival title from Obsidian Entertainment that has been released for the Xbox One. It is interesting in that its player character has been shrunk to the size of an ant, thus enabling interested individuals to explore a familiar environment from a very unfamiliar perspective.

What Are Some Tips for Grounded?

Here are some tips that can be put to good use in Grounded:






Choose a Good Location for Your Base

The player is going to want to establish a base. Furthermore, the player is going to want to establish a base with a good location, which entails a couple of things. First, the base should be situated somewhere safe and sound so that the player character won’t get swarmed by enemies at a very inopportune moment. Second, the base should be situated somewhere with convenient access to something useful. For instance, juice boxes and soda cans are excellent choices because they provide protection on top of serving as a source of both food and water.






You Want Armor Sooner Rather than Later

Historically speaking, people who expected to enter battle wanted as much protection as possible. This makes sense because combat is very dangerous, meaning that every bit of protection counted under such circumstances. Something that is as true in Grounded as in most survival titles. As such, interested individuals should do their best to get their hands on armor sooner rather than later. In particular, they might want to bring a hammer with them when they make their way to the oak tree because smashed-up acorns will provide them with the materials needed to make some of the toughest armor in the early playthrough.

Avoid Spiders (Grounded Cheats and Tips)

Speaking of which, players are going to want to avoid spiders until they are both well-armed and well-armored. This is because spiders are not just aggressive on sight but also very dangerous predators that are more than capable of killing an unprepared player character. Generally speaking, interested individuals are going to want to pay attention to their surroundings so that they can pick up on an incoming spider as soon as possible.

For example, if they see the grass shaking as though something is moving towards them, they should get out of the way. Furthermore, if they see a spider putting its legs up, they should know that they have been spotted, meaning that they need to take immediate action. Fortunately, spiders aren’t that fast, so players should be able to make a quick getaway so long as they aren’t trapped in some kind of confined space with them.

Food Is More Common than Water (Grounded Cheats and Tips)

Food is more common than water in Grounded. There is plenty of the latter that can be found in the setting. However, there is a serious problem in that most of it comes in the form of water puddles, which are about as safe to drink from as what one would expect. Thanks to this, interested individuals should keep a watchful eye out for dew drops hanging on to the blades of grass looming overhead. If they see one, they can knock it down with a well-aimed rock.

After which, they can drink from it to replenish their thirst meter without having to sacrifice some of their health in the process. Eventually, the player will come upon the recipes as well as the materials for items that can catch water, which will make their life much easier. As for food, interested individuals should have no problem surviving on mushrooms until they get everything that they need to cook some bug meat. After all, the setting is home to numerous species that include a fair number that can be killed with ease even by a player character with nothing but the most basic of equipment.

Master Your Combat Mechanics (Grounded Cheats and Tips)

Of course, equipment isn’t the sole factor of importance when it comes to combat, which is why interested individuals should master their combat mechanics sooner rather than later. For starters, the player character has a limited amount of stamina, meaning that they need to choose their moves with care and consideration rather than button-mash. Conveniently, Grounded enemies telegraph a lot. Furthermore, when these enemies commit, they commit whether they are launching something fast and light or something with much more weight behind it.

As such, the player can use that as a chance to sidestep the attack before punishing their enemies with a painful counter. The player won’t always succeed, which is why if their player character is about to get hit, the player should block to reduce the ensuing damage as much as possible. If they can time it perfectly so that their block happens at the same time when the attack lands, they can pull off a deflect to negate almost all of the damage for the best effect.






Climbing Has More than One Use

Climbing can be surprisingly useful. One, climbing up enables interested individuals to get a better look at their surroundings from a higher perspective, thus making it that much easier for them to figure out where they want to go. Something that can be particularly important if they are getting confused when they are limited to the ground. Two, enemies can be stymied by climbable objects in a lot of cases, thus making them useful for a quick getaway when the player is feeling outmatched. Three, if the player has grabbed either a dandelion tuft or some other kind of glider, they can cover a lot of distance in a short period of time.

Always Have Some Clover Leaves On Hand

Clover leaves are very useful for the simple reason that they can be used to build waypoints. Due to this, interested individuals should always have some on hand so that they can mark down field stations, resources, and other sites of interest when they come upon them. The less navigation that they have to do from the ground, the more time that they can spend on actually making progress through Grounded.