Hyper Scape Cheats and Tips



What Is Hyper Scape? (Hyper Scape Cheats and Tips)

Hyper Scape is a new battle royale title from Ubisoft. Naturally, it has a number of elements that enable it to stand out from the other battle royale titles that can be found out there, so interested individuals might want to read up before jumping in.

What Are Some Tips to Keep in Mind for Hyper Scape?

Here are some tips that might prove useful for Hyper Scape:





Be Careful Where You Land (Hyper Scape Cheats and Tips)

In this as in other battle royale titles, players need to choose their landing spot with both care and consideration. On the one hand, if they are looking to maximize their chances of survival while building up in a slow but steady manner, they should go for the outskirts of the map. On the other hand, if they are thinking of something that comes with much higher risks as well as much higher rewards, they should go for Limelight as well as other hotly-contested sectors. The landing spot is a choice that will influence the course of the entire match, meaning that it should have some serious thought put into it.

Loot, Loot, Loot (Hyper Scape Cheats and Tips)

Perhaps unsurprisingly, picking up the most loot is very important in Hyper Scape. In fact, one can make the argument that it is even more important in this battle royal title than in other battle royale titles. Basically, both hacks and weapons can be fused up to four times using duplicates in Hyper Scape. In the case of hacks, this reduces their cooldown. Meanwhile, in the case of weapons, this makes them stronger while increasing the amount of ammunition that can be held in a single magazine. Sometimes, there will be opportunities for players to pick up pre-fused hacks and weapons, thus making it that much more important for them to capitalize upon such opportunities. Players will drop both their hacks and their weapons upon being eliminated, which is one more reason that hotly-contested sectors are both very risky and very rewarding.

The Decay Happens Sector-By-Sector (Hyper Scape Cheats and Tips)

One of the elements that stand out about Hyper Scape is the matter in which the map shrinks. In its case, the Decay hits sectors one-by-one, starting out in the outskirts and moving towards the center. If a player is stuck in the Decay, they are going to get hurt, meaning that it would be wise for them to head to a safe sector as soon as possible. Something that can be made easier by the helpful on-screen icon that shows the distance as well as the direction of the closest safe sector. Be warned that other players will be aware of this need, so interested individuals shouldn’t be too surprised if they see opponents attempting to set up ambushes on the likeliest routes of approach from time to time.

Go for the Heights

Hyper Scape makes it very easy for interested individuals to make their way to higher ground, which is something that can offer them a number of important advantages. For instance, they can use it as a chance for them to look out upon their surroundings, thus increasing their chances of picking up on their enemies before being picked up in turn by those same said enemies. After which, if interested individuals have a long-ranged weapon, they can use that to devastating effect. On top of this, someone who has mastered the heights will have a much easier time protecting themselves from hostile fire, not least because being forced to shoot upwards can make for a much more awkward match-up. Something that is particularly true when the player with the higher ground is moving from place to place on a constant basis.

Keep Moving

On a related note, players should keep moving in Hyper Scape. Simply put, the more that they remain on the move, the better their chances of surprising their enemies versus being surprised by their enemies. In most cases, a player’s attack approach should start with them shooting at an enemy until they have been spotted. After which, they should relocate before resuming their shooting. This should continue until they see their target about to go down, at which point, they should go all-in because maximum pressure should maximize the chances of a fast elimination while minimizing the potential for a very inopportune comeback under such circumstances. Of course, if the player is the one who has been surprised rather than the one who is surprising, remaining on the move should provide them with a better chance of getting away from the encounter before reengaging on more favorable terms.

Play Based on Your Hacks

Hacks are very different from one another. As such, interested individuals should play based on their hacks rather than around them. For example, the Mine hack is well-suited for someone who can bait their enemies into it. In contrast, the Slam hack is well-suited for people who want to move fast, whether because they are jumping into combat or jumping out of combat. Certain hacks pair very well with one another, meaning that interested individuals are going to want to watch out for them in more than one sense. One excellent example would be the Slam and Heal offensive combo, which enables interested individuals to hit harder with their opening while also enabling them to last longer than otherwise possible in such scenarios.





Remember the Winning Condition

Eliminating opponents is one way to win in Hyper Scape. However, interested individual should know that a Crown will show up once the Decay has reached the final sector. Once someone grabs the Crown, they will initiate what is called a Showdown, which will reveal their location before forcing every single one of their enemies to attack them. This is because they can win by holding on to the Crown long enough, meaning that they had best have a plan for keeping away from their enemies. Naturally, mobility hacks can be very useful for someone who has survived to this point, both for getting away from their enemies and for closing in upon their enemies.