A Total War Saga: Troy Cheats and Tips



What Is A Total War Saga: Troy?

The Total War series is a long-running one. After all, the first title came out in 2000, meaning that it has been two decades and counting. In recent times, the people behind the Total War series introduced Saga games, which are smaller, lower-budget titles that are meant to explore less profitable settings while testing new systems for their main series counterparts. The latest Saga game is A Total War Saga: Troy, which is set in a “truth behind the myth” take on the Trojan War.

What Are Some Tips to Keep in Mind for A Total War Saga: Troy?

Here are some tips that will prove useful in A Total War Saga: Troy:





Infantry, Infantry, Infantry (A Total War Saga: Troy Cheats and Tips)

One of Troy‘s most stand-out characteristics is that it has a huge emphasis on infantry. For those who are curious, this is because it is set in the Bronze Age, which makes sense because the Classical Greeks saw the Mycenaean Greeks as the people of the Heroic Age. In this time period, cavalry was still a very new concept, meaning that it took some time for it to replace its chariot-based counterpart.

Regardless, the important point is that the player is going to be reliant on infantry units for the most part. However, Troy has made a serious effort to introduce diversity among its infantry units by separating them into light infantry, medium infantry, and heavy infantry, which are classifications that have very important consequences for their fighting power, their movement

speed, and other measurements of their overall capabilities. For example, light infantry can move very fast, so much so that they can be either impossible or next-to-impossible for their heavier counterparts to catch. Unfortunately, most light infantry are lightly armed and lightly armored, meaning that they tend to fare very poorly when thrown against their heavier counterparts in a head-to-head fight.

Besides this, interested individuals will want to pay close attention to the specific traits that their infantry units possess, which provide insight into how they are supposed to be used. Examples range from infantry units that receive bonuses for flanking their targets to infantry units that can remain hidden even while they are shooting.

Consider Mythical Units (A Total War Saga: Troy Cheats and Tips)

Speaking of which, Troy features so-called mythical units based on mythical entities. Some of them can be recruited by worshiping certain deities. For example, interested individuals can get the Cyclops Polyphemus by worshiping Poseidon. Meanwhile, other mythical units can be recruited from certain provinces, though there is a fair amount of infrastructure that must be built up for the most powerful ones.



A Total War Saga: Troy Cheats and Tips



In any case, players should consider mythical units because they offer capabilities that are not available to them through other means. The best example of this would be centaurs, which are true cavalry. However, other examples range from sirens that can lure their targets to harpies that serve as fast-moving, hard-hitting skirmishers.

Understand the Resource System (A Total War Saga: Troy Cheats and Tips)

Troy is curious in that it has five resources that players have to manage. These five resources would be food, wood, stone, bronze, and gold. Each one has its own particular uses, as shown by how food is used to recruit units while bronze is used to recruit higher-tiered units. As such, while interested individuals are going to want to get their hands on all of them, they are going to have different needs for them at different points in the game.

Due to that, if players need more of a particular resource, they should check their friends and potential friends to see what they have and what they need. Certainly, interested individuals can just conquer more of the right resource-producing settlements, but even when that works out, the process will call for a lot of invested time and effort. In contrast, trading resources is much faster, particularly since interested individuals can arrange for a one-time trade in preference to a long-term trade arrangement.

Choose a Leader that Suits You (A Total War Saga: Troy Cheats and Tips)

From the start, Troy has eight playable factions, which are Achilles, Agamemnon, Menelaus, and Odysseus for the Greeks and Hector, Paris, Aeneas, and Sarpedon for the Trojans. Each faction has its own strengths and weaknesses that encourage the player to play in a certain way, meaning that interested individuals should choose one that suits their particular preferences.

First, Achilles is a powerful hand-to-hand combatant. However, certain actions cause him to feel certain emotions, which come with both huge bonuses and huge penalties. Besides that, Achilles also gets bonuses for besting other heroes, so players might want to keep a watchful eye out for such opportunities.

Second, Agamemnon is more of an all-rounder who comes with campaign bonuses. This can seen in his Lion’s Share mechanic, which enables him to set the amount of tribute that he collects from his vassals as well as make one-time demands of resources from them. On top of that, he can also give his characters bonuses by appointing them to one of three offices.

Third, Menelaus is a defensive hero who can send out colonists to claim ruins using resources without having to spend his soldiers. However, what makes him really special is the ability to recruit all of the units that his allies can recruit from anywhere on the map, which includes those that are exclusive to specific factions.

Fourth, Odysseus is an archer who excels at ambushes as well as other clever ways to overcome brute strength through cunning. In fact, his spies can establish safe havens in foreign territories so that he can recruit units in said locations, though he has a serious downside in that he has limited building options for anything but coastal settlements.

Fifth, Hector is another defensive hero who is reliant on building up a powerful network of allies so that he can receive bonuses for having them. His other special mechanic is the race for Priam’s favor, which is important because if he wins, he can confederate not just the city of Troy but also his brother Paris’s faction.

Sixth, Paris is an archer who will spend a lot of time moving Helen from place to place while holding events as a way of managing both his mood and her mood for faction-wide effects. Besides that, he is another participant in the race for Priam’s favor, which has the same potential outcome.

Seventh, Aeneas is a powerful warrior who can carry out missions to win divine favor while also seeking out the resting places of famous heroes so that he can get special bonuses by communicating with their shades.

Eighth, Sarpedon has a very trade-oriented campaign, as shown by how he can collect three special resources for special bonuses as well as interfere with the trade arrangements of other factions.