The King of Fighters All Star Cheats and Tips



What Is The King of Fighters All Star?

The King of Fighters All Star is curious in that it is a beat ’em up with RPG mechanics rather than a standard fighting game like the rest of its series. Story-wise, it is a retelling of the series, though it is interesting to note that mobile games being mobile games, it has had crossovers as well.

What Are Some Tips for The King of Fighters All Star?

Here are some tips to keep in mind for The King of Fighters All Star:





Save Your Rubies (The King of Fighters All Star Cheats and Tips)

Rubies are one of the most important resources that can be found in The King of Fighters All Star. After all, they are what players use to summon new characters. In short, spending 100 rubies lets interested individuals summon one new character. However, if they choose to spend 900 rubies at the same time, they can summon 10 new characters instead. As such, players should be spending their rubies in batches of 900, thus enabling them to get the most value from them.

Besides that, it can be a good idea for players to save up their rubies rather than spend them on a regular basis. Basically, if they have their eyes set on a particular character, they should have a stockpile of rubies to provide them with a better chance of getting that particular character. However, they cannot guarantee that they will have a stockpile of rubies on hand when such characters come up unless they avoid spending their rubies on other characters. As for which characters interested individuals should be saving up for, that is very much a matter of personal opinion, meaning that the sole consideration should be whether they like them or not.

Certain Teams Get Boosts (The King of Fighters All Star Cheats and Tips)

Certain teams of characters get boosts. Examples include characters with the same sex, characters with the same nationality, and characters from the same King of Fighters titles. Those who are curious about the full list of options can check out the Team Relation menu to see how they should set up their teams for the best results. The Team Relation boost might not seem huge, but its constant presence means that its effect can be very noticeable in the long run.

Choose a Multi-Color Team (The King of Fighters All Star Cheats and Tips)

Speaking of which, players should choose a multi-color team. This is because The King of Fighters All Star operates on a rock-paper-scissors-style system when it comes to the colors of its characters. Simply put, purple is good against blue, blue is good against red, red is good against green, green is good against yellow, and yellow is good against yellow. A multi-color team ensures that the player won’t be put at a serious disadvantage when they go up against a bad color match-up because they can swap in someone else.

Remember the Strikers (The King of Fighters All Star Cheats and Tips)

Characters can be paired up with strikers who can be summoned in the middle of battle. Some of them will do damage against the opponents. However, there are others with other effects such as buffs and heals. Generally speaking, interested individuals should keep them in reserve for the bosses because that tends to be when they can benefit from their strikers’ intervention the most. However, if they run into an emergency situation in which a striker can help out, they shouldn’t hesitate to summon them because being a bit less prepared for the boss is still much better than not making it to the boss at all. In any case, strikers are chosen from the player’s character roster. As a result, it is perhaps unsurprising to learn that they matter when it comes to team-based boosts.

Consider Concentrating Upgrades on a Single Character

Naturally, interested individuals are going to want to upgrade a number of characters so that they will have plenty of options for their team-building. However, they might not have enough resources to fully upgrade a number of characters if they are just starting out. As such, interested individuals might want to concentrate their resources into a single character who will carry their team rather than spread their resources out among a number of characters. Yes, that means that they will have some unfavorable match-ups. However, bringing enough brute force to bear is a viable solution for earlier content, meaning that this is a fine option for those who are new to The King of Fighters All Star.






Do Your Dailies

The success of free-to-play games is reliant on their players returning to them again and again. As a result, it is very common for them to offer daily rewards in exchange for signing in as well as spending some time playing them. The King of Fighters All Star is no exception to this rule. Due to that, interested individuals are going to want to do their dailies to get their hands on their daily rewards. Each set of daily rewards might not be much, but 365 days in a single year means that the daily rewards will add up very fast. Something that will be particularly true for those who don’t just sign in but also make sure to complete their daily missions.

Use Your Combos with Your Special Moves

Special moves are fun and flashy. However, interested individuals should be using their special moves with their combos so that they can get the most usefulness out of them. For example, one popular sequence would be launching an opponent into the air, hitting them with a combo while they are in the air, hitting them with a special move, and then hitting them with a super move. Likewise, another popular sequence involves opening up with the special move before switching over to another character so that they can maintain the offensive with combos as well as other attacks. All in all, combos are going to make up a huge proportion of the damage that interested individuals deal out, so it is a very good idea for them to focus on mastering them sooner rather than later.