Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time Cheats and Tips



What Is Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time?

Samurai Jack is an animated show that received a true conclusion in recent times. As a result, there has been a surge in interest, which has brought about Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time.

What Are Some Tips for Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time?

Here are some tips that might prove useful for Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time:






Use Your Items and Your Weapons (Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time Cheats and Tips)

It isn’t uncommon to see people hoard their items as well as their weapons. After all, they think that they can handle the challenge before them, meaning that they should save those things for something tougher that is still to come. Sometimes, this can be a smart and sensible move because there are some games that put a huge emphasis on resource management. Other times, this is pointless, with Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time being an excellent example.






Simply put, interested individuals shouldn’t hesitate to use their items and their weapons in this game because that will make their progress much smoother than otherwise possible. Yes, that means that they are going to lose items. However, they are going to pick up replacements as well, which is very important because they have limited inventory space. Similarly, while weapons have limited durability, there are more that can be found throughout the game. For that matter, the cost of repairing weapons isn’t that high, so there is that as well.

Don’t Get Too Stressed Out about the Skills

Combat will become more and more sophisticated as the player unlocks more and more skills. For example, there is a skill for deflecting attacks, thus adding a new way to manage them. Likewise, there is a skill for slowing down time upon performing a perfect dodge, which will make for plenty of opportunities to repay the favor.

Interested individuals shouldn’t get too stressed out about the skills that they choose and the skills that they neglect. This game isn’t so tough that the player needs to choose the best possible combination in order to stand a chance, meaning that min-maxing is by no means a necessity. Instead, interested individuals should feel free to choose whichever options best-suit their personal preferences as they continue to play through the game. For that matter, just because they won’t be able to grab everything on their first playthrough, the same can’t be said for repeated playthrough. Something that is worth keeping in mind.

Exploration Can Be Rewarding (Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time Cheats and Tips)

The layout of the levels can seem to be pretty simple and straightforward. However, there are goodies tucked into nooks and crannies, which is why interested individuals should switch around the camera to check for them from time to time. On the plus side, even if they miss out on such opportunities, they will be able to return for further exploration further in their adventures. Something that is actually necessary because there are some places that will be inaccessible until they have picked up new capabilities.

Cracked Doors and Walls Are Breakable Doors and Walls

Interested individuals are going to come upon both cracked doors and cracked walls. Cracks being cracks, it should come as no surprise to learn that these are breakable with the right tool, which in this title, would be explosive arrows. However, interested individuals won’t be able to get their hands on explosive arrows until they have reached Da Samurai’s shop in Ruined City.

Once interested individuals can get their hands on explosive arrows, they should keep themselves well-stocked with them. In part, this is because explosive arrows can break open both cracked doors and cracked walls, thus enabling them to complete once unreachable content. However, it should also be noted that explosive arrows pack a potent punch, meaning that they can be turned upon enemies to excellent effect. The sheer number of explosive arrows will come at a cost, but that cost will be more than worthwhile.

There Is One Hidden Weapon (Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time Cheats and Tips)

Speaking of which, interested individuals can get most of the weapons in the game by just playing through it in a normal manner. Sometimes, they are handed out as rewards for completing certain kinds of content. Other times, they can be picked up from Da Samurai’s shop, as shown by the aforementioned example of the explosive arrows. However, there is one notable exception in the Great Samurai Warrior’s Sword, which is the one hidden weapon that can be found here.

Said weapon can be found in the Cave of the Ancient. Generally speaking, interested individuals won’t be able to get their hands on it until they have managed to buy some explosive arrows from Ruined City. However, those who have been forewarned can grab the Great Samurai Warrior’s sword on the first run.

In short, the Scotsman’s daughter will give the player an explosive arrow in the Cave of the Ancient. By default, it is assumed that they will use it in the puzzle room. However, it is possible for them to save it for the big room with fire traps, which has a breakable wall on the right side of things. Through it, interested individuals can find the path to the Great Samurai Warrior’s Sword, though they will need to overcome further challenges in order to get their hands upon it.

As for the weapon itself, suffice to say that it is both fast and powerful. However, the Great Samurai Warrior’s Sword does come with a drawback in that its durability is not great.

There Is a Secret Ending (Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time Cheats and Tips)

There are two endings that can be found in this game. One is acquired by beating the game, whereas the other requires interested individuals to find the 50 Corrupted Emperor’s Kamon situated throughout the nine levels. Upon doing so, they will be notified through their trophies and achievements because this is one of the toughest ones to get. At which time, interested individuals can head on over to the final fight with Aku to get a more upbeat ending than what they would have received in the normal course of things.