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What Is Marvel’s Avengers? (Marvel’s Avengers Cheats and Tips)

Marvel’s Avengers is a new action-adventure game from Crystal Dynamics. It isn’t set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Instead, it is based on the movies plus the comic books that served as source material for the movies, thus enabling it to use a wider range of characters. Regardless, Marvel’s Avengers might be worth checking out for superhero fans looking for some action-adventure gameplay.

What Are Some Tips to Keep in Mind for Marvel’s Avengers?

Here are some tips to keep in mind for Marvel’s Avengers:





Do Your Dailies (Marvel’s Avengers Cheats and Tips)

It is interesting to note that Marvel’s Avengers can divided into two components. One would be the campaign, while the other would be the Avengers’ Initiative, which would be the multiplayer mode. The latter requires interested individuals to do some serious grinding for the best gear, so it is a good idea for them to do their dailies. Currently, there are two factions with two coordinators, with one being Sarah Garza of the Inhuman Resistance in the Ant Hill and the other being Alisande Morales of SHIELD on the Helicarrier. Speak to them to pick up their assignments, which can be completed with minimal expenditure of time and effort in most cases. The reward for each of these might not be much, but the sheer number of them will make for respectable results within a short period of time.

Start with the Single-Player Campaign

Having said that, while the Avengers’ Initiative is supposed to be one of the biggest selling points of Marvel’s Avengers, interested individuals should still start with the single-player campaign. In part, this is because the single-player campaign has a story that will be spoiled by its multi-player counterpart, which is something that bothers a lot of people out there. However, it should also be noted that the single-player campaign is a great way for interested individuals to be introduced to the playable characters, thus enabling them to get a much better idea of who they want to focus on once they get started on the Avengers’ Initiative in earnest. In total, the single-player campaign should last for about 12 hours, which will increase to about 20 hours for those who go for the side-quests and secondary objectives as well. As a result, it can’t be considered a huge time eater in its own right.

Do the Character-Specific Quests (Marvel’s Avengers Cheats and Tips)

On a related note, new characters will open up new character-specific quests, which are worth a play-through. To an extent, this is because they come with fun stories that couldn’t be fitted into the main narrative. However, each set comes with high-powered gear as well. In particular, completing a character’s character-specific quests will earn interested individuals that character’s iconic outfit, which is the kind of reward that a lot of people will want to beeline towards.

Grab the Comic Books (Marvel’s Avengers Cheats and Tips)

Amusingly, there are Avengers comic books that can be grabbed in Marvel’s Avengers. Perhaps unsurprisingly, interested individuals are going to want to get their hands on as many of them as possible because every single one of them gives stat boosts. Generally speaking, interested individuals can find these comic books by looking around while playing through the game. However, they should definitely check out the H.A.R.M. as well because the successful completion of H.A.R.M. missions gives out random comic books.

Understand the Rarities

Gear comes with rarities. Fortunately, these rarities come color-coded using a very common scheme. In short, white is common, green is uncommon, blue is rare, purple is epic, yellow is legendary, and orange is exotic. White gear is useless because it comes with no perks whatsoever, meaning that interested individuals should get used to dismantling such items as soon as they get such items. Meanwhile, green gear is better in that some of them come with perks, though this is by no means guaranteed to be the case. As a result, some green gear is worth keeping around for a while, but this will change once interested individuals start getting their hands on gear of higher rarities. Higher rarities tend to mean more perks, which in turn, mean much-increased usefulness. Anything else should be dismantled for the in-game resources from the dismantling process, particularly since Marvel’s Avengers doesn’t exactly offer a great deal of inventory space.

Be Very Careful about Upgrading

It is possible to upgrade gear. However, the more powerful the gear, the more expensive the process of upgrading the gear. In most cases, interested individuals should hold off on this until they have hit Power Level 130. This is because Marvel’s Avengers is generous when it comes to gear drops, meaning that it shouldn’t take them too long to get something better while they are still grinding their way to the limit. Unfortunately, while Power Level 130 is the limit for gear drops, Power Level 150 is the true limit for gear upgrades.





Thanks to that, interested individuals are going to want to hold on to their upgrade resources for the end game so that they can make their characters as strong as possible. After all, they can dismantle their upgraded gear, but they won’t be able to recover the resources used to upgrade that upgraded gear. The only time that interested individuals should be upgrading their gear before hitting the limit is when they have come up a very high-level piece of gear that is perfect for their particular build. In which case, it might be worth it for them to spend their hard-earned resources.

The Game’s Definition of “Best Gear” Is Simplistic

The game lets interested individuals auto-select the best gear but this has issues because the game’s definition of best gear is over-simplistic. Basically, it chooses based on the highest Power Level, which is fine for the early game but becomes less and less useful as gear picks up more and more capabilities. Eventually, interested individuals will want to pick out everything for their character based on how they want to play that character, which should happen around the time that they actually start getting good gear rather than stuff that they will be dismantling without so much as a second thought.

Play as Black Widow

Successfully complete the “To Stand Alone” mission to unlock Black Widow.

Play as Captain America

Successfully complete the “Testing…1…2…3” mission, which becomes available towards the end of the campaign, to unlock Captain America.

Play as Iron Man

Successfully complete the “House Call” mission to unlock Iron Man.

Play as Ms. Marvel

Successfully complete the “Snowy Tundra” mission to unlock Ms. Marvel.

Play as The Hulk

Successfully complete the “Snowy Tundra” mission to unlock The Hulk.

Play as Thor

Successfully complete the “Testing…1…2…3” mission, which becomes available towards the end of the campaign, to unlock Thor.