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What Is Crusader Kings 3? (Crusader Kings 3 Cheats and Tips)

The Crusader Kings series is one of Paradox Interactive’s best-known grand strategy series. Primarily, it is meant to emulate the feudal politics of a particular part of western Europe in a particular part of western European history. However, the Crusader Kings series has seen a steady expansion in scope over time. Currently, Crusader Kings 3 is nowhere near as content-rich as its immediate predecessor with its full load of DLC, but it seems safe to say that will change as time passes.

What Are Some Tips to Keep in Mind for Crusader Kings 3?

Here are some tips to keep in mind for Crusader Kings 3:





Understand the Traits (Crusader Kings 3 Cheats and Tips)

For starters, interested individuals should develop a good understanding of the character traits as soon as possible. This is because each trait has a very real effect on a character’s capabilities. Sometimes, a trait can have both upsides and downsides. One excellent example would be Chaste, which increases Learning by 2 but comes at the cost of 25 percent fertility. On top of this, it has a couple of opinion modifiers as well, with one being a +10 with other Chaste characters and the other being a -10 with Lustful characters. Another excellent example would be Fickle, which increases Diplomacy by 1 and boosts resistance to hostile scheme by 20 percent but comes at the cost of 2 Stewardship. Other times, traits can be either wholly good or wholly bad. For instance, there is a reason that players should be going for Beautiful, Genius, and Amazonian/Herculean while doing their best to avoid Hideous, Imbecile, and Feeble.

Besides this, traits influence AI characters’ behavior. For instance, a Brave character is more energetic and more sociable but less rational, whereas a Craven character is more rational but less energetic and less sociable. Understanding such influences is very useful because it tells interested individuals who they should be watching out for as well as how they should be managing them. Something that will make their playthroughs much easier in the long run.

Play Based on Your Character’s Traits (Crusader Kings 3 Cheats and Tips)

Players can dig up a lot of Crusader Kings 2 discussion on various ways to remove unsuitable heirs from the line of succession. However, the fact of the matter is that while the player’s character changed from time to time, the player remained constant. As a result, they could pursue consistent policies over the course of centuries, though with more and less efficacy under more or less capable characters. In Crusader Kings 3, players have increased incentive to play in a way that matches their current character’s traits because choosing otherwise will result in increased stress as well as other potential penalties. Still, there will be times when behaving out-of-character will provide enough benefits to outweigh the costs, meaning that interested individuals will still need to keep a watchful eye out for such opportunities.






Some Characters Are More Important than Others (Crusader Kings 3 Cheats and Tips)

Keeping internal and external characters happy is very important in Crusader Kings 3. After all, both categories have various ways to make the players miserable, meaning that it is best to reduce the number of such occurrences. Unfortunately, while it can be very easy for Beautiful Geniuses to keep everyone happy, the same can’t be said for their less gifted counterparts. For those, it can be very important to pick and choose which characters they want to keep happy because they will have limited resources to hand out. Something that becomes particularly important for characters with traits that provoke a wide swathe of other characters.

In any case, who to keep happy should be based on who is important, which is based on a wide range of factors. For example, the King of Ireland doesn’t need to care about the opinion of a random German duke because the random German duke won’t be a threat to him under normal circumstances. However, the King of Ireland does need to care about not just his dukes but also his counterparts in England and Scotland because all of those can hurt him very badly via military conflict. Similarly, the King of Ireland is going to want to pay close attention to key members of his court because hostile schemes are going to be much more dangerous if one or more of them choose to turn on him.

As for how to make people happy, well, suffice to say that interested individuals can just check their current opinion to see both the positive modifiers and the negative modifiers. There is a wide ways to boost opinion. However, there will be times when interested individuals don’t have any good options other than simple and straightforward bribery, which explains why prioritization is so important. After all, most players will be working with limited resources, meaning that they can’t afford to just give gifts to everyone out there.

Don’t Be Too Aggressive

Generally speaking, players don’t want to be too aggressive. Besides alienating the characters on the other side of their wars, they can bet that their neighbors will start getting nervous, meaning that their neighbors will start making moves to put them in check. Interested individuals might be able to beat one, two, or three neighbors, but they should be asking themselves whether they can do the same if they get jumped by five or six of their neighbors from five or six directions. Instead, the best wars are the wars that interested individuals can win with minimal complications, whether because their target is one eighth of their size or because their target is the one being jumped by all of their neighbors. After which, players should spend some time recovering from their losses and cementing their hold on their new conquests while eyeing their neighbors for further opportunities. However, there will be times when interested individuals are presented with a chance for a high-risk, high-reward war. When that happens, they should put some serious effort into examining their resources and their opponent’s resources before choosing to either move in or stay out.

Cheat menu

Right click Crusader Kings III in your Steam Library, then select the “Properties” option in the “General” tab. Select the “Set Launch Options” button, enter “-debug_mode” in the text field, and save. Note: Make sure there are no spaces when setting the launch options. While playing the game, press ~ to display the cheat menu.