Genshin Impact Cheats and Tips



What Is Genshin Impact? (Genshin Impact Cheats and Tips)

Genshin Impact is an open world action RPG from miHoYo. However, it is unusual in that it is operated on a free-to-play model that has incorporated gacha mechanics. As such, interested individuals can check it out free of charge, though they should make sure to exercise spending discipline.

What Are Some Tips to Keep in Mind for Genshin Impact?

Here are some tips to keep in mind for Genshin Impact:





Choose Between Aether and Lumine

One of the first choices that interested individuals will have to make is the one between the male main character Aether and the female main character Lumine. For what it is worth, this is not a particularly important choice outside of the visuals. After all, Aether and Lumine have the same capabilities, which makes sense considering their role. Still, it seems that the player’s choice will stick with them through their play-time, so they will want to choose between the two with care as well as consideration.

On the plus side, Aether and Lumine seem to be a solid starter in Genshin Impact. For those who are unfamiliar, it is very common for gacha games to make free characters less than impressive, thus increasing the incentive for interested individuals to roll for stronger characters that will have an easier time handling the challenges that can be found therein. First, Aether and Lumine are considered to be a 5-star character, which is important because higher-rarity characters tend to have higher potential in gacha games. Second, they can change to a different element, meaning that they can handle a much wider range of circumstances than their counterparts. As such, interested individuals should feel free to strengthen their main character because they can count on their main character to provide them with long-lasting usefulness.

Grab the Free Characters (Genshin Impact Cheats and Tips)

Speaking of which, there are three other free characters named Amber, Kaeya, and Lisa. All of them are 4-star characters, meaning that they won’t be as capable as the main character in the long run. However, while Kaeya and Lisa will be replaced soon enough, chances are good that Amber will remain around for most interested individuals for quite some time. This is because she is a ranged attacker who wields a bow, meaning that she can be used to solve puzzles as well as knock enemies off of high-up perches for more convenient access to them. Since there aren’t a lot of archers in Genshin Impact at this point in time, Amber will remain indispensable unless the player manages to get a lucky roll. Something that may or may not happen at a convenient time because such is the nature of gacha games.

Grab Everything (Genshin Impact Cheats and Tips)

Technically, Genshin Impact has an inventory limit. In practice, well, suffice to say that the inventory limit is 30,000. Naturally, this means that players should loot its environments to their heart’s content, which will be very useful because just about everything can be put to good use one way or another.

As for the various sources of items, there are a number of them to keep in mind. First, there is the option of defeating enemies for a wide range of items, which is something of a classic when it comes to RPGs. Players will want to grab every single one of these at every single opportunity. Even if they don’t have a use for a particular item, there is always the option of either trading it in or turning it into something else. Second, there are a lot of items that can be harvested from the open world environments. For example, interested individuals can hit ores for their content, though they will want to bring a two-handed weapon to make the process faster. Likewise, area-of-effect spells can be used to turn boars and chickens into edibles. On top of this, there are some flowers that need certain elemental skills before they can be harvested, which tend to be rather valuable.

Pay Attention to the Enemies’ Strategy (Genshin Impact Cheats and Tips)

In action RPGs, it is very important for players to pay attention to how their enemies attack. After all, once they have memorized the relevant patterns, they can avoid attacks while figuring out the best opportunities for them to retaliate. Due to this, the best approach to new enemies is to spend some time observing them while using a more defensive strategy. Once interested individuals have gathered enough information, they can switch over to something more offensive before smashing the opposition into the ground.

Besides this, it is worth mentioning that enemies can have special defenses that can be overcome using special measures. One excellent example would be enemies with wooden shields that can be set on fire, while another excellent example would be enemies with stone shields that can be shattered with heavier attacks. As for those with protective bubbles that limit the damage of each individual attack, the best approach is to overwhelm them with a character that can unleash fast attacks. After which, players can choose whatever option best suits them to finish the job.

You Need Resources to Make Your Characters Stronger

Unfortunately, characters in Genshin Impact aren’t going to get stronger unless players are prepared to put resources into them. Technically, the enemies do give some experience. However, that won’t be enough in the long run. Instead, interested individuals are going to need experience scrolls, which come in both smaller and bigger sizes.





Generally speaking, interested individuals should feel free to use whatever experience scrolls they have on hand unless the character is closing in on a level cap, which can be found at 20, 40, 60, 70, 80, and 90. Once they are close, interested individuals should switch over to the smaller-sized experience scrolls because they want to minimize the spillover, which has no benefits whatsoever. Be warned that if players want to get past the level caps, they are going to need to spend materials to do so. As for experience scrolls, if they are running short, there is the option of farming more of them through Ley Lines.