Star Wars: Squadrons Cheats and Tips



What Is Star Wars: Squadrons? (Star Wars: Squadrons Cheats and Tips)

Star Wars: Squadrons is a homage to a number of Star Wars space combat titles that came out in the 1990s. However, it can offer much even to people who know nothing about its predecessors, meaning that interested individuals might want to check it out sooner rather than later.

What Are Some Tips to Keep in Mind for Star Wars: Squadrons?

Here are some tips that can prove useful for Star Wars: Squadrons:





Understand the Four Classes of Starfighters

Currently, there are four classes of starfighters in Star Wars: Squadrons, which are the fighters, the interceptors, the bombers, and the support. For those who are curious, the X-Wing and the Tie Fighter are fighters, the Y-Wing and the Tie Bomber are bombers, the A-Wing and the Tie Interceptor are interceptors, while the U-Wing and the Tie Reaper are supports. Fighters are all-rounders, meaning that they can provide a respectable performance in a wide range of roles under a wide range of circumstances. Meanwhile, interceptors are fast but not very hard-hitting, which is fine because they are meant for starfighter-on-starfighter combat anyways. In contrast, bombers are slow but very hard-hitting, thus making them much better for hunting capital ships. As for supports, well, suffice to say that they are exactly what they sound like.

Bring a Balanced Squadron (Star Wars: Squadrons Cheats and Tips)

Gimmick squadrons can be very amusing. However, it tends to be a better idea to bring a balanced squadron. This is because too much overlap causes a squadron to become too specialized, which will be good for certain scenarios but bad for everything else. For instance, a squadron full of bombers is going to destroy capital ships. Unfortunately, the downside is that it is also going to get destroyed by enemy starfighters, meaning that there is a very real risk that they won’t even get their desired bombing run on their capital ship of choice.

Choose a Loadout that Plays to Your Starfighter’s Strengths

Speaking of which, interested individuals should bring a loadout that plays to their starfighter’s strengths. Yes, this means that they are going to have serious weaknesses when they play anything besides a fighter. However, so long as interested individuals are part of a well-honed and well-balanced squadron, those weaknesses should be covered by their squadmates. Meanwhile, if they choose to cover up their starfighter’s weaknesses by sacrificing its maximum potential, they are going to wind up with something that can’t handle its intended responsibilities as well as it could be while still struggling to match other starfighters in their particular specialties, which would be the worst of both worlds.

Redirect Power to Where It Needs to Be (Star Wars: Squadrons Cheats and Tips)

Players can redirect their starfighter’s available power for better performance than otherwise possible. For those who are unfamiliar, every single starfighter has both engines and weapons, while some of them have shields as well. Balanced power makes for balanced performance, which tends to be sub-optimal performance because interested individuals won’t need their engines, their weapons, and their shields to the same extent under most circumstances. Instead, players should master the art of redirecting power as soon as possible so that they can make sure that their starfighter is always getting maximum power for whatever it is that they need it to be doing at every given moment.





Keep Moving (Star Wars: Squadrons Cheats and Tips)

Yes, some starfighters have shields. However, starfighters are starfighters, meaning that there are very serious limits to what even the most shielded starfighter can handle. Due to this, interested individuals need to remain on the move because avoiding hits will be one of their best defenses in Star Wars: Squadrons. For example, they should never come to a complete stop because that will make them very vulnerable to opportunistic shots. Instead, the best approach is to hit boost and then hit boost a second time while turning to perform what is called a boost drift. Likewise, interested individuals should never fly in a straight line while they are being pursued by an opponent because that makes their path very predictable.

The best tactic under such circumstances is to adopt an semi-randomized zigzag pattern because the longer that they can survive, the higher the chances of them coming upon an opportunity that will enable them to turn things around. On top of this, players should be very careful when they make attack runs on capital ships. It is very common for them to slow down under such circumstances so that they can get more attacks in. However, that tends to be a very bad idea because that also makes them easier targets for the capital ships, which are more than capable of swatting them thanks to super-sized and super-powerful weapons.

Listen to Your Squadmates

There is a limit to what players can monitor using their eyes. As a result, they might want to pay attention to what their squadmates say on the comms. This is because interested individuals can expect verbal warnings of enemies coming up behind them as well as other problematic scenarios, which can save them from being caught by surprise. Suffice to say that most of us don’t make the best decisions when we get spooked, meaning that this can very well make the difference between surviving the encounter and not surviving the encounter.

Of course, this is true for the other side of things as well. Players with good situation awareness should pay attention to how their squadmates are doing against their opponents. This way, if they see one of their squadmates in a bad situation, they can jump in at a good time. When executed well, such opportunism is absolutely devastating because a lot of players became hyper-focused on the chase to the exclusion of other considerations.

Play the Single-Player Campaign

It is a good idea for interested individuals to play through the single-player campaign before jumping into multi-player. By doing so, they can familiarize themselves with the game’s mechanics, thus putting themselves in a much better position when they go up against human opponents. In other words, interested individuals can think of the single-player campaign as an extended tutorial that will maximize their chances of future success.