Serious Sam 4 Cheats and Tips



What Is Serious Sam 4? (Serious Sam 4 Cheats and Tips)

Serious Sam is a series of first-person shooters centered on the titular character fighting it out with an extraterrestrial warlord named Mental. The third main installment came out in 2011, so the fourth main installment coming out in 2020 can be seen as a revitalization of the series. Something that is further supported by the recent releases of not one, not two, but three spinoffs in 2017 and 2018.

What Are Some Tips for Serious Sam 4?

Here are some tips and secrets that might prove useful for Serious Sam 4:






Keep Moving (Serious Sam 4 Cheats and Tips)

Different shooters emphasize different kinds of movement. For example, some shooters encourage players to move from cover to cover while taking shots when the chance comes up. In contrast, other shooters encourage players to charge into their enemies rather than remain in hiding. Serious Sam 4 is one of the titles that want their players to remain on the move, which is based on a couple of factors. One, moving enables them to avoid incoming fire. It won’t enable them to avoid all of the incoming fire, but even so, it is still a much better option than standing still in this regard. Two, clever maneuvering can cause enemies to clump up, thus making them much easier to eliminate than otherwise possible. This is particularly important because enemies will come at the player from every single direction, meaning that this is very useful for players who want to prevent themselves from being overrun.

Prioritize the Kamikazes (Serious Sam 4 Cheats and Tips)

Certain enemies should be prioritized over others in games in which interested individuals are expected to take on entire hordes of them at the same time. In Serious Sam 4, the first enemies that should be taken out are the Kamikazes because they are exactly what sound like. As such, players should shoot them as soon as possible so that the ensuing explosion will take out other enemies rather than a huge chunk of the player’s health. Unfortunately, Kamikazes can run up from every single direction, meaning that this is much easier said than done. However, they will let out a very recognizable yell when they show up, which should be interested individuals’ cue to start scanning their surroundings for the incoming threat.

Use Melee on the Shielded Enemies

Speaking of which, the shielded soldier that shoot rockets should be eliminated sooner rather than later as well. After all, those rockets are homing rockets, meaning that running from those is going to be a huge pain while engaging other enemies at the same time. Players can shoot through the shields with sufficient use of sustained firepower. However, there is a much simpler solution to these shielded soldiers, which would be running up to them before using melee. Even without upgrades, they will go down very fast under such circumstances shield or no shield.





Check the Codex (Serious Sam 4 Cheats and Tips)

A lot of the enemies in Serious Sam 4 are returnees from previous installments in the series. As a result, veterans can just consult their memories for their strengths and weaknesses, thus making for very smooth progress. However, not every player will be a long-time Serious Sam fan, which makes it good that there is a convenient substitute in the form of the codex. Simply put, every time that the player kills a new enemy, they can expect to find a new entry containing a huge amount of information about it. This includes information about the enemy’s threat level, the enemy’s attack methods, and even the enemy’s weaknesses. Put together, this is the kind of thing that should make it much easier for interested individuals to take down such opponents in future encounters by making them much better-prepared. In this as in other things, being forewarned is being forearmed.

Feel Free to Run

Sometimes, players will feel overwhelmed by a particular horde of enemies. Under such circumstances, there is no shame in running from the encounter, whether to escape the enemies or to reposition for easier elimination. It is worth mentioning that Serious Sam 4 has a waypoint system containing a lot of cutscenes, which can be a lifesaver for interested individuals who are being hard-pressed. On top of this, it is also worth mentioning that players will sometimes have access to a vehicle, which make it even more convenient to run from encounters. After all, it is the vehicle rather than the player character that will be soaking up the incoming fire, though interested individuals will still need to be careful to avoid soaking up all of the incoming fire.

Don’t Get Too Concerned about the AI Teammates

For story reasons, the player will sometimes have AI-controlled teammates running with them. Fortunately, the people behind Serious Sam 4 have remembered the very common loathing for escort missions, with the result that these teammates are more or less a non-issue. Basically, they are invincible, meaning that interested individuals don’t need to care one bit about their safety. On the down side, the teammates aren’t very good at shooting enemies, which is why the player is still going to need to handle the heavy lifting.

Don’t Go Too Far Out of Your Way

It is very common for games with explorable environments to have goodies concealed in the most out-of-the-way locations. However, Serious Sam 4 isn’t one of them. There are some goodies concealed here and there, but for the most part, they won’t require interested individuals to go too far out of their way. Combined with the fact that maps can be huge in this title, obsessive searching won’t prove to be a very rewarding use of time to say the least.

Consider Dual-Wielding

Serious Sam 4 has a skill tree that lets interested individuals focus on certain fighting styles. In particular, they might want to check out the option to dual-wield their weapons. Yes, there are some downsides such as the inability to access the weapons’ secondary abilities. In exchange, players will gain greater firepower being poured out much faster than otherwise possible, which should be considered a worthwhile tradeoff by most interested individuals.