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What Is No Straight Roads? (No Straight Roads Cheats and Tips)

No Straight Roads is an action-adventure game from an indie studio named Metronomik. Fittingly, it is centered on an indie rock duo fighting a music empire, which explains why its combat mechanics are so rhythm-based in nature. In any case, No Straight Roads has a novel premise, thus making it worth checking out for people looking for a twist on the standard action-adventure formula.

What Are Some Tips for No Straight Roads?

Here are some tips for No Straight Roads:

Refight the Bosses (No Straight Roads Cheats and Tips)

Refighting bosses can be a lot of fun. However, interested individuals have extra incentive to do so in No Straight Roads because there are rich rewards for beating them on higher and higher difficulties while getting better and better ranks. In particular, it is worth mentioning that this is an excellent way to collect the fan power needed for upgrades.





You Are Going to Want Double Jump and Dash (No Straight Roads Cheats and Tips)

Action-adventure games being action-adventure games, interested individuals are going to want to get their hands on the double jump as well as the dash sooner rather than later. After all, these two moves will provide them with a lot of maneuverability, meaning that they can be real life-savers when facing a wide range of challenges under a wide range of circumstances. Fortunately, interested individuals won’t have to wait long for the chance to buy these two moves. Double jump is the first ability that they can buy, while dash will become available at Level 2.

Some Upgrades Are More Important than Others

Speaking of which, while interested individuals are going to want to get their hands on every single upgrade that can be found in No Straight Roads at some point, there are some that are more important than others. As such, they need to prioritize, particularly since they are going to be working with limited fan power for a very long time to come.

For Mayday, this means prioritizing the Shoot tree as well as the Transform tree. In the first case, the idea is to shoot more as well as shoot harder, which tend to be very important when fighting enemies. Meanwhile, in the second case, the idea is to go for stronger, longer-lasting buffs that serve much the same end. As for Zuke, there is more of a need to spread out the upgrades. For starters, interested individuals are going to want to focus on the Strike tree because their goal should be completing the nine-hit combo culminating in an area-of-effect finisher that comes complete with a free projectile tossed in. However, they are also going to want everything from healing to doing extra damage when they parry their enemies. On top of this, the Transform tree is very useful for him as well, with the defensive shields being something of a standout.

Besides these, there are other upgrades that are worth picking up sooner rather than later. For example, the ability to get more ammo from successful parries is very important for higher difficulties, meaning that it should be put high up on the list of priorities. Furthermore, this ability can be chained into a combo with the ability turn excess ammo into energy. Something that will be extra useful for those who have mastered parry timing. Similarly, Elliegator drops are useful for healing when the player is on the brink, Transformables are important because those upgrades make for better defenses as well as better damage-dealing turrets, and Revive is critical for pretty much every player out there save for those who have mastered the game so thoroughly that there is no chance of them getting killed whatsoever.

In any case, every single upgrade is useful. As a result, interested individuals might want to spend some time getting more fan power before they take on tougher challenges. In this as in other things, being over-prepared can turn even the most difficult of scenarios into something much more manageable.

Sayu Is Tough (No Straight Roads Cheats and Tips)

Sayu is the second boss in No Straight Roads. However, she has earned a reputation for being one of the tougher challenges that can be found in it. As such, interested individuals might want to read up before taking on Sayu.

For starters, the level features platforms connected by bridges. Thanks to this, interested individuals are going to have to maneuver over some tight spacing while avoiding everything from robots to darts and missiles. Perhaps unsurprisingly, this means that double jump and dash are going to be critical for providing them with an extra measure of maneuverability. It is possible for interested individuals to get through the level without these abilities, but to be perfectly honest, that is going to make for a lot of pointless hassle because they are going to need exquisite timing.

Moving on, Sayu’s arrows can be managed in a couple of ways. One, the player can just avoid them. Unfortunately, this won’t always be possible, which is why interested individuals should also get some practice with dispelling them by jumping up and slamming the ground. Said ability is useful in the earlier part of the fight but will prove its true value later on when those arrows hit hard while coming in bigger and bigger numbers. Under those circumstances, it is best to dispel the arrows as soon as the chance comes up to minimize complications.

Eventually, the Sayu fight will move into a chase scene of sorts. Once that has been completed, interested individuals can expect to get tossed into the final segment, which they will recognize by the fact that their enemy has undergone a very fishy transformation. Whenever they see a wave forming, they should jump into the air while sticking to the center of the platform. Be warned that Sayu will continue unleashing arrows that must be dispelled and missiles that must be avoided because the boss isn’t going to let up at this point in time. As for attacking, the player can parry attacks for more projectiles with which to return fire. However, there is the option of smashing the clams for the same thing for the same purpose.

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