The Survivalists Cheats and Tips



What Is The Survivalists? (The Survivalists Cheats and Tips)

The Survivalists is a survival sandbox with a top-down perspective. It is set in the same universe as The Escapists. However, it is very much its own thing. Amusingly, The Survivalists features trainable monkeys as a notable feature, which is something that enables it to stand out.

What Are Some Tips for The Survivalists?

Here are some tips to keep in mind for The Survivalists:





Save on a Regular Basis (The Survivalists Cheats and Tips)

Saving becomes possible once the player has managed to build a bed. The earliest example needs comfy padding plus makeshift bedsheet. Fortunately, comfy padding can be made using one straw bundle, a couple of palm leaves, and one rope, while makeshift bedsheet can be made using three palm leaves. As such, it shouldn’t be too long before the player has set up their first bed.

There are a number of things to keep in mind about bed use. First, better beds restore more health, so interested individuals should keep a watchful eye on the chance to upgrade to something more comfortable. Second, sleeping means an increase in hunger because of the passage of time, so it is better to “save” rather than “save and sleep” if the player’s health is still fine. Third, saving on a regular basis is important because the player will respawn at their last bed if their health runs out, which is something that will happen to most people at some point.

You Need a Campfire, a Crafting Bench, and a Forge

By default, the player can make some basic items. If they want to make higher-tier items, they are going to need some infrastructure in the form of a crafting bench, a campfire, and a forge. The crafting bench requires two stone chunks, three timber, and two ropes. In exchange, interested individuals will gain the ability to make a much wider range of items than what is possible through basic crafting, which is going to be critical for their progress. As for the campfire, it can be created using 6x pebbles. Once created, interested individuals can then spend 1x timber to produce charcoal, whether as the primary purpose or as a useful byproduct.

Historically speaking, societies produced charcoal using wood because charcoal could be used to produce hotter temperatures, which is relevant because that is exactly what players need to run the forge. Simply put, the forge needs nothing more than six stone chunks and two mud. However, every single use of the forge for higher-tier items is going to need one charcoal, meaning that interested individuals might want to get those campfires burning.

Consider Setting Some Animal Traps (The Survivalists Cheats and Tips)

Food is used to restore health as well as beat back hunger. Thanks to this, interested individuals are going to want to ensure a reliable source of food for themselves sooner rather than later. One way would be setting some animal traps in the wild places where rabbits run around. These won’t be instantaneous. However, if interested individuals check on them after a day has passed, they should be able to get their hands on some meat as well as some bones. Please note that animal traps take damage from this process, so they are going to need to make replacements at some point in the future.

Better Recipes Mean Bigger Benefits (The Survivalists Cheats and Tips)

Speaking of which, there are a lot of recipes in The Survivalists, which is important for a couple of reasons. One, different foods have different benefits, meaning that interested individuals are going to want to prepare the foods that are best-suited for their current needs and circumstances. Two, better recipes mean bigger benefits, which is why players should focus on getting access to those better recipes.

Basic cooking needs a campfire. As mentioned earlier, building a campfire costs six units of pebbles. Furthermore, each use costs one timber, though this will produce one charcoal as well. In any case, there are a number of useful recipes that are available with basic cooking. First and foremost, there is the monkey meal that can be made using one unit of petals, one unit of berries, and one makeshift bowl, which is very important because that is how interested individuals can befriend monkeys. Other examples range from the meat kebab that can be made using either two meat scraps or one meat chunk to the fruit smoothie that can be made using two units of berries, two coconuts, and one palm leaf. Eventually, players are going to want to make a cooking pot, which is how they are going to be able to cook more filling items such as steak. On top of that, it is also useful for making clean water for elixirs.

Put Your Monkeys to Good Use

Monkey meals can be used to befriend monkeys. In turn, monkeys can make for very good minions. For instance, combat in The Survivalists can be a bit clumsy. As a result, if players aren’t enthused about putting themselves on the frontline, there is the option of providing their monkeys with hand axes before sending them in. Simply put, what is intimidating to one angry primate becomes much less so when it is surrounded by an entire gang of angry primates. Besides this, interested individuals should also use some of their monkeys as item carriers. Conveniently, they can make small chests for four timber and two ropes. Once interested individuals have some small chests, they can give these to their monkeys to hold, thus resulting in portable storage. Something that can be very useful for those seeking to strip the environment of absolutely everything.





It Is Possible to Sail to Other Islands

It is possible to sail to other islands with other opportunities. For starters, players are going to want to get the spyglass by completing the first quest for the Mysterious Stranger, which is very important for ensuring that they aren’t sailing off into the open ocean. As for the raft, they are going to need six wooden rods plus three ropes. After which, they are going to need a makeshift sail that can be made using three fur clumps, three palm leaves, and three ropes. Make sure that the raft is loaded up with not just supplies but also plenty of monkeys for fighting as well as for carrying.