Kirby Fighters 2 Cheats and Tips



What Is Kirby Fighters 2? (Kirby Fighters 2 Cheats and Tips)

Kirby fans will know that the titular character can gain special powers by consuming enemies with those special powers. As a result, a fighting game in which Kirbys get pitted against other Kirbys is nowhere near as ridiculous as it might seem on initial consideration. For proof, look no further than Kirby Fighters 2, which is a significant improvement on its predecessor.

What Are Some Tips to Keep in Mind for Kirby Fighters 2?

Here are some tips that might prove useful for Kirby Fighters 2:

Understand Your Full List of Options (Kirby Fighters 2 Cheats and Tips)

In total, Kirby Fighters 2 features 17 playable Kirbys plus 5 playable Buddies. Players start out with three Kirbys, which would be Sword Kirby, Bomb Kirby, and Staff Kirby, plus one Buddy, which would be Bandana Waddle Dee. As a result, they will need to unlock the rest.





Fortunately, this is a simple and straightforward process because most unlocks are based on Fighter Rank. Every single one of the 17 Kirbys will have been unlocked by Fighter Rank 37. Meanwhile, Gooey is unlocked at Fighter Rank 3 and Magalor is unlocked at Fighter Rank 39. As for Meta Knight and King Dedede, the first can be unlocked by beating Chapter 4 of the Story Mode while the second can be unlocked by beating Chapter 5 of the Story Mode. Thanks to this, King Dedede is the hardest unlock by a considerable margin, seeing as how interested individuals get just three tries to complete their climb to Floor 50 for the purpose of facing off against the final boss.





Naturally, players should get a good understanding of what each of these options can do. They don’t need to be able to play all of them. However, they do need to understand both their strengths and their weaknesses so that they will have an easier time countering their opponents in each match. In this as in other things, sound knowledge is critical for ensuring the optimal outcome.





There Are No Invincibility Frames (Kirby Fighters 2 Cheats and Tips)

Past Kirby titles have seen the use of invincibility frames. However, Kirby Fighters 2 hasn’t followed in their footsteps, which is something that Kirby veterans should keep in mind. Otherwise, they could play based on assumptions instilled in them by their past experiences. Something that could cost them in critical movements. Generally speaking, interested individuals should consider a more defensive stance by attacking their enemies from a safe distance rather than count on invincibility frames to keep them safe when they rush in. Close-ranged Kirbys are still viable, but interested individuals might need to adjust their play-style if they are too used to being as aggressive as possible.

Watch Out for Environmental Hazards

There are a lot of people who have compared the Kirby Fighters series to the Super Smash Bros. series, which make sense because there are some real similarities between them. For instance, the stages have environmental hazards. One more thing that interested individuals should memorize sooner rather than latter. After all, environmental hazards such as the hands and the trains are potential opportunities as much as potential threats, meaning that clever players will make use of them to hurt their opponents even while watching out for them.

Go for the Items (Kirby Fighters 2 Cheats and Tips)

Speaking of which, the items are another similarity. Most of them can do enough damage to change the course of a fight in a single instant. However, even the ones that don’t do damage are still useful enough that interested individuals should be going for them as soon as they show up. Simply put, even if the benefit for them is minimal, getting the item in order to keep it out of their opponent’s hands will be more than worthwhile. Besides this, it is worth mentioning that items are even more important in Story Mode, not least because some of the badges collected between battles can power up some of the items for an even bigger effect.

There Is a Smooch Mechanic

Amusingly, Kirby Fighters 2 has a smooch mechanic, which can be surprisingly useful under a wide range of circumstances. Basically, Kirby can smooch their Buddy to transfer the buff from an item. Primarily, this is useful for keeping the latter in fighting shape by refilling their health using food. However, it is worth mentioning that the buffs from some of the other items can transfer over as well, thus making Buddies more capable in combat than otherwise possible. Be warned that there is a limited window of opportunity for the smooch mechanic, so if interested individuals want to use it, they should move as soon as possible.

Don’t Button-Mash

Button-mashing is no more effective in Kirby Fighters 2 than in other fighters. Instead, players should use combos consisting of individual moves that flow into one another. For instance, if they are facing off against multiple enemies, one potential course of action would be sucking in one enemy, spitting them into another enemy to stun both of them, and then either backing off or launching into a dash attack depending on their situation.

Another example would be launching an enemy into the air, following them by jumping up, and then launching a downwards aerial attack. There is no need to memorize long combos because those are not very useful in this game. The better course of action would be keeping some simpler combinations in mind so that players can throw them together into effective sequences with some on-the-spot mixing and matching. This is useful for maintaining responsiveness. Something that is very important for anything with fast-changing circumstances.

Hit the Training Mode

On a final mode, interested individuals should check out the Training Mode at some point. Yes, Kirby Fighters 2 isn’t the most complicated fighter that can be found out there. However, there is enough complexity that interested individuals should familiarize themselves with the mechanics before getting into anything more serious. Of course, they will learn most of the relevant information by playing through the game, so running through the Story Mode is a useful option for this purpose as well.