Super Mario Bros. 35 Cheats and Tips



What Is Super Mario Bros. 35? 

Super Mario Bros. 35 is a 2D platformer with a competitive element. For those who are curious, a potential maximum of 35 players play through stages from the original Super Mario Bros. to see who can survive for the longest period of time. However, there are more challenges than that, with an excellent example being how one player can send defeated enemies into another player’s game.

What Are Some Tips to Keep in Mind about Super Mario Bros. 35?

Keep these tips in mind for Super Mario Bros. 35:





Always Go for the Power-Up (Super Mario Bros. 35 Cheats and Tips)

The player should always go for the power-up. After all, the mushroom means an extra measure of safety, which is important because even the most skilled players can make mistakes from time to time. Never mind when there are other people seeking to sabotage them. On the same note, the fire flower is even more valuable because it enables the player to take out enemies that they can’t take out under normal circumstances. Something that is particularly important in Super Mario Bros. 35 because interested individuals needs to be prepared for the potential of an opponent sending Bowser their way. Even if the player already has a fire flower, they should still grab power-ups because of their time bonus.

You Need More Time (Super Mario Bros. 35 Cheats and Tips)

Speaking of which, the player needs more time. For those who are unfamiliar, the original Super Mario Bros. had a timer that would start counting down from the start of each stage, meaning that interested individuals had a limited amount of time in which to complete it. In Super Mario Bros. 35, the timer is even more stringent, seeing as how it won’t reset upon the completion of each stage. Instead, if the player wants to continue on, they are going to need to add more time to their timer.

Completing each stage will add more time to the timer. However, this won’t be enough. As such, the player needs to take out enemies. Furthermore, the player needs to take out enemies in an efficient manner, which will provide them with even more time than under other circumstances. One example would be jumping on consecutive enemies without ever setting foot upon the ground, while the other example would be clearing out an entire batch of enemies with a well-aimed shell. On top of this, collecting a fire flower when the player already has a fire flower means an additional 15 seconds on the timer.





Use the Fire Flower for Efficient Clearing (Super Mario Bros. 35 Cheats and Tips)

Unfortunately, the timer has a maximum of 400 seconds. As a result, while adding more time to the timer is important, so is clearing the stages in an effective manner. In this, the fire flower will prove to be particularly useful. After all, a player with the fire flower can just clear out enemies rather than be forced to observe their movements before coming up with a way to get around their presence. Something that can enable them to save a lot of time while also adding more time to their timer with every enemy taken out.

Hit the Warp Zones (Super Mario Bros. 35 Cheats and Tips)

Warp zones are concealed locations that let the player move to other levels. In the original Super Mario Bros., warp zones could be used to jump forward in the game. However, they are even more useful in Super Mario Bros. 35 because they let the player advance to their choice out of three levels. Often times, these choices will include either 1-1 or 1-2, which is great because both of those stages are so easy that interested individuals can use them as a chance to stock up on more time. This can be particularly important for players who aren’t very familiar with the later stages, which is something that can definitely trip them up.

Avoid Certain Stages . . .

There are some stages that should be avoided. For instance, there are the two underwater stages, which would be 2-2 and 7-2. Mario’s underwater movements are much clumsier than his above-water acrobatics, meaning that these are going to be very dangerous as well as very time-consuming. Similarly, interested individuals are going to want to avoid anything ending in a 4 because that would be a castle stage featuring Bowser at the very end. That would be bad enough on its own. However, castle stages also have fewer enemies while calling for more difficult platforming, thus making them huge time eaters.

. . . Unless You Have a Fire Flower

Like a lot of things, this changes when the player is carrying a fire flower. Sure, Mario’s underwater movements make navigating underwater stages a nightmare. However, that changes when the player can just blast away all of the Bloopers and Cheep-Cheeps coming their way, which is actually very useful for taking out other players because Bloopers move in weird patterns while Cheep-Cheeps fly fast and low. Unfortunately, castle stages remain an inconvenience. Yes, Bowser is much easier to beat when the player can just shoot him with fireballs but that can be done by hitting the axe at the far end of the bridge anyways. Besides that, the aforementioned problems of fewer enemies and more challenging platforming remain, meaning that castle stages are still best avoided unless interested individuals have a great desire to send Bowser their opponent’s way.

Be Careful with Your Use of the Roulette Block

The roulette block provides a random power-up in exchange for 20 coins. As such, they can be a literal life-saver, meaning that interested individuals should time their use with extreme care. For example, there is no real point to using the roulette block when the player is already carrying a fire flower. Likewise, there is no real point to using the roulette block when the player is close to the end of the stage, particularly since they are going to waste the invincibility star if they manage to get one of those. Instead, the best time to use a roulette block is when the player is still running around as small Mario, though an exception can be made for underwater stages when they don’t have a fire flower. As for getting the coins to use the roulette block, every 1-up mushroom provides 20 coins.

Play as Luigi

Unlock and complete all stages in the game at least once to unlock Luigi. Then, hold L at the matchmaking screen to play as Luigi. If you do not want the L button messing with your item selection, you can also press A to choose the stage, and then immediately after begin holding L. Note: Having a white flag on the upper right corner of a stage icon at the select screen is how to tell if you have completed a particular stage.

Select non-unlocked stages

If you press a direction on the D-pad and A on the same frame when choosing a stage for a battle, you can choose the next stage over, even if you have not yet unlocked it. Additionally, if you complete the stage, it will be considered unlocked as normal.

Unlocking more stages

There are two ways to unlock more stages. The first is to complete every stage you currently have unlocked at least once (as shown by the Flag symbol that appears on the picture). Once you do this, the next stage in order will be unlocked. The second way is to find a stage that is not yet unlocked during a match. If you complete that stage, it will become unlocked.

Easily target many opponents

If you want to target many opponents at a time (5, 10, or more), switch your targeting method wildly by using the Right Analog-stick during gameplay (usually moving it in a circle quickly and repeatedly works best). When you are finished, switch to targeting “Attackers,” and many people in the lobby will be targeting you — and you will be targeting all of them. This can make it particularly easy to gain time in the early portions of the game and earn KOs. If you defeat particularly difficult enemies (for example, Lakitus), they can often substantially flood levels. Thus, there is a risk-reward balance when playing like this — it makes it easy to gain KOs and time, but also can make the game much harder and more chaotic (for you and everyone else in the lobby).

Small Mario Bonus

The game does not explicitly tell you what the “Small Mario Bonus” is. Essentially, if you choose to start a match without paying for an extra item, the coins earned at the end (after all other bonuses) will be doubled. Thus, if getting coins is your goal, it is very much to your advantage to not start with an item.