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What Is WARSAW? (WARSAW Cheats and Tips)

WARSAW is a WW2 tactical RPG. Based on the name, it should come as no surprise to learn that it is centered on the Warsaw Uprising of 1944, which was an effort by the Polish resistance to liberate the Polish capital from the Nazi occupation. Said operation concluded with the deliberate destruction of around 80 to 90 percent of Warsaw’s buildings by the Nazis, which was an act of pure reprisal with no military purpose in mind whatsoever.

What Are Some Tips for WARSAW?

Here are some tips to keep in mind for WARSAW:





Understand the Arrows (WARSAW Cheats and Tips)

Map-reading is a valuable skill in tactical RPGs. In particular, interested individuals should make sure that they understand the use of the arrows that can show up on the WARSAW map. White arrows can indicate crates, enemies, and even random events. Meanwhile, yellow arrows indicate mission objectives other than “kill a certain number of enemies,” “gain a certain amount of influence,” and the like. In both cases, brighter arrows indicate increased proximity.

Avoid Unnecessary Fights (WARSAW Cheats and Tips)

There are some tactical RPGs in which players will want to get into as many fights as possible so that they can grab as much loot as possible. However, WARSAW is not one of them. Interested individuals should still grab as much loot as possible, but interested individuals will need to weigh that against the need to avoid unnecessary fights. This is important because every fight means a loss of health and ammunition, both of which are precious enough that the ensuing rewards might not be enough to make the encounter worthwhile.




WARSAW Cheats and Tips



In any case, there are a couple of kinds of encounters. First, there are the enemies that can’t pick up on the player’s presence. Thanks to this, interested individuals can choose to either fight them or avoid them with minimal time pressure. Second, there are the enemies that can pick up on the player’s presence within the red circle that indicates their detection radius so long as they have a clear line of sight as well. It is possible for interested individuals to sneak past them by making clever use of buildings and other forms of physical cover. However, they should be warned that a lot of these enemies will have a much bigger detection radius than they do while being positioned in a way that their detection radiuses overlap. As a result, it is possible for the player to get ambushed by them.

You Want Two Full Parties (WARSAW Cheats and Tips)

Under ideal circumstances, the player is going to want two full parties. The logic is simple and straightforward. When they send one party out on a mission, chances are very good that the party members are going to come back with serious injuries. As such, the player should send out the second party for the next mission so that the first party can recover. There will be times when the player has no choice but to send out injured characters, in which case, they should choose the ones with the most remaining health while making sure to send out healers with them.

Prioritize, Prioritize, Prioritize

Prioritization is very important in combat. Generally speaking, interested individuals want to get the most value for their ammunition, which doesn’t necessarily mean focusing on the highest damage-dealing enemies but rather the highest damage-dealing enemies that they can take out in an efficient manner. For instance, armored enemies are very dangerous. However, it is common for them to be accompanied by engineers that can repair them to restore a considerable amount of their health, meaning that it might be best to focus on something else before them. In contrast, snipers can do a great deal of damage but can’t take a great deal of damage, meaning that they should get focused upon sooner rather than later. Enemies with more than one action point per turn are more dangerous than most, so use burning and bleeding to eat through their health.

You Need a Healer

Having a healer is important, so much so that it should be considered mandatory. However, if players have a choice between healing an ally and killing an enemy, they should go for the second option because prevention is much easier than treatment. The one exception is when the ally is at dangerous levels of health, meaning that the healing is needed to keep them alive in the immediate time frame. This calculation changes once the player has made enough progress in the fight that they can heal more damage than what they are taking. It is very common to see interested individuals to leave one weak enemy alive while using actions to eat through said target’s action points so that they can get some extra healing done.

Check the Hit Chance

Interested individuals should pay close attention to the hit chance. For those who are curious, it is the difference between the attack’s chance of hitting and the target’s chance of dodging. Both the player and the player’s enemies can use buffs to boost either factor, thus raising and lowering the chances of a favorable outcome. Furthermore, it should be mentioned that some attacks are more accurate when used against certain targets than other kinds of targets.

On a related note, some enemies come with armor, which will deduct a percentage of the damage caused by attacks that connect with them. Every single attack comes with its own chance of armor penetration, but this is too low for interested individuals to count upon most of them. Instead, consider looking into the buffs that can increase the chances of armor penetration. On the whole, interested individuals should avoid getting into fights with armored enemies until they have the skills and resources needed to handle them, which tends to be quite some time into the game.

Some Items Are Very Useful

Some items will prove very useful. For example, flares can reveal crates, enemies, and other objectives, thus making it critical for avoiding ambushes as well as heading right for the win condition. Similarly, compasses can effectively provide more time for more map exploration. Players might have to stock up on these, but they should try their best to make do with what they can loot because these won’t be cheap.