Pokémon Café Mix Cheats and Tips



What Is Pokemon Cafe Mix? (Pokémon Café Mix Cheats and Tips)

Pokemon Cafe Mix is a Pokemon-themed puzzle game that has been released for the Nintendo Switch as well as both Android and iOS. For those who are curious, it involves linking up Pokemon icons, thus enabling the creation of various cafe items for cafe customers.

What Are Some Tips for Pokemon Cafe Mix?

Here are some tips that might prove useful:





Take Your Time (Pokémon Café Mix Cheats and Tips)

Players should be capable of solving the earlier puzzles without putting much thought into them. However, that will change as the puzzles become tougher and tougher. As a result, interested individuals should get into the habit of thinking things through, thus ensuring that every single one of their moves will bring them closer to victory. Fortunately, there is no timer within which a puzzle must be completed, meaning that time will not be in short supply. However, interested individuals need to know that a timer will start up as soon as they touch something on the screen, which will result in the activation of either links or activities when it runs out.

Estimate the Number of Pokemon Icons

The ability to estimate the number of the various kinds of Pokemon icons that can be found on the screen is very useful. After all, interested individuals are going to want to link up the most common ones for bigger scores as well as bigger boosts to their Pokemon helper’s special ability. For that matter, even when players aren’t going after those Pokemon icons, the same skill can be used for spotting other opportunities for eliminating obstacles, moving important items to more convenient locations, and meeting other sub-objectives that can be used to make progress towards the ultimate end.

Understand the Win Conditions (Pokémon Café Mix Cheats and Tips)

Speaking of which, players should always check the win conditions to make sure that they know exactly what they have to do in order to solve each puzzle. Generally speaking, getting the necessary number of points is the easiest step. As a result, chances are good that interested individuals are going to need to focus on the rest before moving back to it if it still hasn’t been met by that point in time. There is a huge issue in that while some of the objectives can be completed through links, others will need to be completed using either skills or megaphones. Something that is particularly problematic because those have limited reach. In any case, players should be doing their best to bring the objectives closer together and then keep the objectives closer together while solving those. Otherwise, there is a very real risk of frustration when one of their moves sends one of their objectives beyond reach.

Bring the Right Pokemon Helper for the Right Puzzle

Pokemon players tend to have favorite Pokemon. As a result, they might be tended to bring their favorite Pokemon for every single one of the puzzles. However, interested individuals should remember one of the most important lessons of Pokemon, which is that no single Pokemon can handle everything that can be thrown at it. In other words, if they want to solve puzzles in the most effective way possible, they need to bring the right Pokemon helper for the right puzzle. In fact, it should be mentioned that the game will actually highlight recommended Pokemon for the upcoming puzzle, thus making it that much easier for interested individuals to make the right choice.

Each Pokemon helper has a special skill. On top of that, they can have significant differences in various things such as extra moves, score multipliers, and the rate of megaphone generation. Due to this, interested individuals should familiarize themselves with each Pokemon helper so that they can get the most usefulness out of them. Furthermore, they should use them so that they can make them more and more capable.

There Are Power-Ups (Pokémon Café Mix Cheats and Tips)

There are three power-ups that can be used before each puzzle starts. One enables the use of the special skill; one generates megaphones pointed in a vertical manner; and one generates megaphones pointed in a horizontal manner. Interested individuals can get their hands on these power-ups by completing challenges, completing levels, and buying them using golden acorns. However, they shouldn’t expect to get a lot of them because they are very much rare items. Similarly, there are power-ups that can be used after each puzzle starts. Unfortunately, these have the same issue with them, which is to say, they aren’t exactly what most people would consider to be plentiful in number.





Thanks to that, interested individuals should avoid the use of power-ups under most circumstances. The penalty for failing to complete a puzzle isn’t huge. At the very minimum, interested individuals will have five attempts to solve a puzzle. Moreover, even if they run out of lives, waiting 30 minutes to regenerate a life just isn’t a very long wait. Due to this, if interested individuals are stuck on a puzzle, they shouldn’t start spending their power-ups in a rash attempt to break through. Instead, they should give it a few tries so that they can be absolutely sure that they can’t solve the puzzle without some extra assistance in the form of the power-ups. Then and only then, they should feel free to use power-ups to get them through their latest puzzle.

Upgrade the Cafe through Puzzle-Solving

The cafe starts out in a decent-looking state. However, it is a bit bare, meaning that it can benefit from some decorations. Perhaps unsurprisingly, interested individuals can get their hands on those decorations by spending more of their time solving puzzles in the game. In fact, they can check out what upgrades are coming up as well as when those upgrades are coming up, thus giving them something to look forward to. On a more practical note, it is worth mentioning that an upgraded cafe will start bringing in new Pokemon customers as well, which makes for new challenges as well as new opportunities for those who continue to play the game.