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What Is Pokemon GO? (Pokémon GO Cheats and Tips)

Chances are good that people will have heard of Pokemon GO. After all, it was a huge fad in 2016, so much so that it had seen more than 500 million downloads by the end of that particular year. Nowadays, Pokemon GO has faded from those heights, but it has continued to see updates, thus making it still worth checking out.

What Are Some Tips for Pokemon GO?

Here are some suggestions for Pokemon GO:





You Want XP (Pokémon GO Cheats and Tips)

Players are going to want to get as much XP as possible as fast as possible. For those who are unfamiliar, XP stands for experience points, which increase the player’s level. This is important for a number of reasons. For example, a higher level means a bigger boost to both Pokemon HP and Pokemon CP. Likewise, a higher level enables the catching of higher-level Pokemon as well as the hatching of higher-level Pokemon. On top of that, higher levels unlock more of Pokemon GO‘s features, thus enabling interested individuals to access more of its content than otherwise possible.

Unfortunately, the amount of XP needed for a level-up shoots up with later levels. For example, it takes 1,000 additional XP to get to Level 2, whereas it takes 9,000 additional XP to get to Level 10. However, those numbers are low compared to say, the 350,000 additional XP to get to Level 30 and the 5,000,000 additional XP to get to Level 40. This is the reason that getting as much XP as possible as fast as possible is so important.






There is some consolation in just about everything will provide interested individuals with some XP. For instance, it is amusing to note that a Pokemon fleeing will produce 25 XP. However, even with this constant stream of XP coming in, later level-ups will be very slow to say the least. For increased efficiency, interested individuals can start spending Lucky Eggs, which will double their XP for 30 minutes per item. If they do so while Niantic is offering double XP for either everything or certain kinds of activities, they can quadruple their XP. Of course, while interested individuals can get their hands on some Lucky Eggs for free, one Lucky Egg sells for 80 PokeCoins while eight Lucky Eggs sell for 500 PokeCoins.

Besides this, it is worth mentioning some of the strategies used to grind XP. One excellent example would be grinding Legendary Raids, which offer 10,000 XP per battle. Another excellent example would be mass friending, though it will take 90 days of interactions for interested individuals to get to the 100,000 XP for Best Friend. Other examples include both mass catching and mass evolving, which can be used together for maximum benefit.

You Want Stardust (Pokémon GO Cheats and Tips)

Stardust is another in-game resource that interested individuals are going to want to get their hands on. Its uses include powering up Pokemon, trading Pokemon, and purifying Shadow Pokemon. Be warned that the Stardust costs for these processes shoot up. For example, trading regular Pokemon starts at 100 Stardust. In contrast, trading a new Pokemon for the Pokedex starts at 20,000 Stardust while trading either a Shiny Pokemon or a Legendary Pokemon starts at 1,000,000 Stardust. Similarly, purifying Shadow Pokemon can be as low as 1,000 Stardust but can also be as high as 20,000 Stardust for Legendary Shadow Pokemon.

As such, interested individuals are going to want to look into ways to get as much Stardust as possible as fast as possible. Once again, there are Star Pieces that boost the collection rate of Stardust. Unfortunately, they provide 1.5 times the Stardust, thus making them less productive than Lucky Eggs’ provision of twice the XP. Otherwise, interested individuals will want to focus on catching Pokemon, with Weather-boosted catches being particularly valuable in this regard. It is 100 Stardust for a first-evolution Pokemon, 300 Stardust for a second-evolution Pokemon, and 500 Stardust for a third-evolution Pokemon, which increase to 125, 350, and 625 Stardust for Weather-boosted catches for the same tiers. Other activities to look into range from hatching eggs to fighting raid bosses and completing Field Research.

You Want the Right Moves on the Right Pokemon

The right moves are needed to make the right Pokemon. Thanks to this, more than one player has howled when evolution provided their once-perfect Pokemon with a not-so-perfect move. Fortunately, there are both TMs and Elite TMs, meaning that bad moves are not set in stone. Please note that Elite TMs let the player choose any move that either are available to the Pokemon or were available to the Pokemon, which when combined with their rarity, makes them something that should be saved for the very best candidates. Suffice to say that if they aren’t going to be using a particular Pokemon for the foreseeable future, they might want to reconsider.

In any case, it is possible for a Pokemon to have more than one moveset that is very well-suited suited to their species. For example, a Venusaur can perform well with either Vine Whip and Frenzy Plant or Razor Leaf and Sludge Bomb. Similarly, a Rhydon can perform well with Mud Slap and either Stone Edge or Earthquake. Since moves get rebalanced from time to time, it is a good idea for interested individuals to check online resources to see what other people have to say about the best movesets for specific Pokemon, which may or may not match up with their own opinions on the matter. Having said that, it is interesting to note that while there are plenty of Pokemon that can go in different directions because of different type the general recommendation is to give them two moves of the same type. Something that is sometimes true in the main games but not necessarily so.

Stay Indoors (Pokémon GO Cheats and Tips)

Pokemon GO puts a big emphasis on its players heading outside. However, now is not the best time for that, seeing as how COVID-19 remains a serious concern. Fortunately, Niantic has added features to support indoor play, with an excellent example being Remote Raid Passes. One of these costs 100 PokeCoins, but every single one is a chance for catching a Legendary Pokemon with the help of other players. For people who don’t want to host, there is still the option of joining in on other people’s raids.