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What Is RuneScape? (RuneScape Cheats and Tips)

RuneScape is a fantasy-themed MMORPG that has been running since 2001. Currently, it is on its third iteration, which is a huge step-up from its predecessors.

What Are Some Tips for RuneScape? (RuneScape Cheats and Tips)

Keep these tips for RuneScape in mind:





Use the World Map (RuneScape Cheats and Tips)

The world map will be one of the player’s most useful tools in RuneScape. After all, it lets interested individuals see where they need to travel based on what they want, thus enabling them to make better progress than otherwise possible. Furthermore, the world map has a filtering system that makes it even easier for players to find exactly what they are looking for.

There Is a Combat Triangle (RuneScape Cheats and Tips)

Magic, melee, and ranged are the three combat styles. The combat styles exist in a combat triangle with one another, meaning that magic is effective against melee, melee is effective against ranged, and ranged is effective against magic. This isn’t an absolute consideration. However, it is important enough that interested individuals should be very careful when fighting opponents with the superior combat style, which means reading up on potential counters beforehand. Please note that while players might want to specialize in one of these combat styles, they should at least familiarize themselves with every single one of them. After all, if they ever go up against someone with a different combat style, they are going to want a good understanding of what their opponent can and cannot do.





There Are Hybrid Builds

Hybrid builds see a fair amount of use in RuneScape. For example, ranged/melee hybrids are the single most common kind of hybrid that can be found out there, which makes sense because wearing armor meant for a ranged combatant won’t hinder a melee combatant. Meanwhile, there are a lot of members who play melee/magic hybrids because the higher-level spells are so powerful.

In any case, most people start in one combat style before switching over to the other when the nature of the combat changes. Generally speaking, interested individuals will start out by unleashing either ranged attacks or magical attacks from a distance before closing in for the kill using their melee capabilities. However, it is common to see the reverse situation as well, which would be starting out with melee attacks before switching over to either ranged capabilities or magical capabilities when the opposition makes a run for it.

Playing a hybrid build isn’t necessary for most monsters. However, it can be very useful for going up against boss monsters that come with more than one kind of attack because of the need for increased versatility. For that matter, that kind of versatility will prove to be even more important should interested individuals wind up in PvP combat for one reason or another. Of course, hybrids have their downsides as well. First, they need a good sense of timing, which in turn, needs a good sense of what is going on at any given moment. Thanks to this, interested individuals can find playing a hybrid build to be a more intense experience, which may or may not be a good thing depending on their personal preferences. Second, a hybrid build needs to bring more than one kind of equipment with them. This means losing out on slots that could have been used for more supplies and more of other kinds of items. Even worse, this means much greater losses if the player loses to their opposition.

Understand the Play Styles

Speaking of which, there are three play styles. First, there are general characters that get involved in everything because they tend to be focused on completing as much game content as possible. Second, there are skillers that focus on skills, so much so that it isn’t uncommon to see such characters with sky-high skills while remaining at Lv. 3 when it comes to combat-related matters. Third, there are pures that focus on PvP combat, meaning that is a wide range of pures with a wide range of builds. Some players maintain more than one character with more than one play style. For instance, a lot of pures are backed by general characters, which serve as a much-needed source of the arms, the armors, and the other items needed to maximize their combat capabilities.

Earn Money By Skill-Building

Money is always useful in RuneScape. One of the best ways to make money would be building up a skill while selling the resulting products. The higher the skill level, the more valuable the resulting products.

There are a number of skills that interested individuals can focus upon. For example, there is crafting, which can turn out a lot of useful items. One way to get started on crafting would be mining clay southwest of Varrock, wetting it with water, and then heading west to use it in the pottery that can be found in the Barbarian Village. Another way to get started on crafting would be killing cows in Lumbridge, collecting the hides, and then turning them into leather in Al-Kharid.

Moving on, there are other options such as fishing, mining, and woodcutting. Players can get started on fishing by getting a net before going over to the closest stretch of coastline. In contrast, they can get started on mining by going south of Lumbridge to min for tin and copper as well as on woodcutting by bringing an axe with them to the forest that can be found between Lumbridge and Draynor.

Conveniently, these skills produce a lot of raw materials, which can be used for the skills of smithing, cooking, and firemaking. The higher-level products of mining and fishing can be valuable in their own right, but the higher-level products made using them through smithing and cooking will be even more so. As for how interested individuals can get started on these skills, there is a furnace situated to the northeast of Lumbridge’s castle. Cooking food is much more convenient, seeing as how players can use firemaking to just create a fire at the location of their choosing so long as they have the necessary items on hand.