Going Under Cheats and Tips



What Is Going Under? (Going Under Cheats and Tips)

Going Under is a dungeon crawler. However, it is very satirical in nature, seeing as how it stars an unpaid intern exploring the ruins of failed tech startups. Regardless, while Going Under has a hilarious premise, the rest of the title is well-worth experiencing as well.

What Are Some Tips to Keep in Mind for Going Under?

Here are some tips that might prove useful for Going Under:





Prioritize Ranged Enemies (Going Under Cheats and Tips)

Getting attacked by an entire group of enemies is part and parcel of the dungeon crawler experience. Thanks to this, the proper prioritization of enemies is a must-have skill. Generally speaking, interested individuals should take out ranged enemies before moving on to other threats in Going Under. This isn’t because they are particularly damaging. No, ranged enemies are a huge problem because players won’t always be able to keep a watchful eye out for their ranged attacks, particularly the game’s camera won’t always give interested individuals a good look at what is goin on in their surroundings. On its own, this would be bad enough. However, what can be even more irritating is that every single successful ranged attack will create a small window of opportunity for melee attacks to land. Something that can turn even what should have been an easy fight into something much more frustrating.

Life Upgrade Drinks Start Out Important But Become Less So (Going Under Cheats and Tips)

Life upgrade drinks increase the number of heart containers. As a result, they are very useful in the first half of the game. After all, more heart containers mean more hearts, which in turn, mean more progress because of increased survivability. However, the player will start out with six heart containers in the second half of the game. Health will remain important, but items that replenish health will become much more valuable compared to items that increase maximum health under those circumstances. Better still, the former is much cheaper than the latter, thus enabling interested individuals to save money that can be put to better uses elsewhere.

Speed Is King (Going Under Cheats and Tips)

Speed will be one of the player’s best friends in Going Under. Partly, this is because faster movement will make it much easier for interested individuals to get out of the way of incoming attacks, which is very important because they won’t be getting very far in the game if they insist on tanking everything with their face. However, it should also be mentioned that the faster that the player can attack, the fewer the attacks that the enemies will be able to make before they get beaten into the ground.

By this point, it should be clear that speed boosters are very useful in Going Under, meaning that interested individuals might want to hold on to their uses until the right time comes. For instance, the caffeine app offers three uses of a huge speed boost, which is useful in just about every situation. However, the benefits are so great that the player should be saving the caffeine app for the bosses because that is where it can make the biggest difference.