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What Is Transformers Battlegrounds? (Transformers Battlegrounds Cheats and Tips)

Transformers Battlegrounds is a new Transformers title. However, it is rather unusual in that it is a tactical RPG, which isn’t exactly what most people would expect from the long-running franchise. As such, it can be useful to read up on Transformers Battlegrounds before jumping in.

What Are Some Tips for Transformers Battlegrounds?

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Keep Your Win Condition in Mind (Transformers Battlegrounds Cheats and Tips)

It is very common for players to eliminate every single enemy in RPGs. After all, while there are RPG titles that reward interested individuals for non-violent solutions, the elimination of enemies remains the richest source of experience as well as a wide range of other benefits in the genre. Perhaps unsurprisingly, this attitude has carried over to tactical RPGs where enemies serve out a very similar role.

However, the elimination of every single enemy can be very impractical in some cases. Sometimes, this is because the process is both tedious and time-consuming, meaning that interested individuals might want to seek out something easier as a solution. Other times, this is because the player isn’t in a position to do so, perhaps because they are being put up against overwhelming odds. Whatever the case, this is the reason that interested individuals should always keep the actual win condition in mind so that they can focus on it rather than the elimination of every single enemy. Of course, the reverse is true as well. It isn’t exactly uncommon to come upon non-standard lose conditions in tactical RPGs, meaning that the player needs to keep them in mind as well so that they can watch out for them.

Understand Each Unit’s Role (Transformers Battlegrounds Cheats and Tips)

Transformers Battlegrounds lets interested individuals play with a wide range of the titular robots. However, just as how each Transformer is a unique individual with unique talents in the media, the same is true for their digital counterparts in this game. Due to this, the player shouldn’t expect every single unit to be capable of performing well in every single role.

For instance, if a particular Transformer is classified as a support character, chances are good that interested individuals shouldn’t be sending them into the frontline of a furious fight. Instead, support characters have skills that can be used to boost their team members, who should be filling out that role instead. This doesn’t mean that support characters can’t fight at all, just that it is often a suboptimal use of their capabilities considering their other capabilities. Similarly, scouts are fast-moving characters, which is something that can make them very useful for securing objectives as well as repositioning themselves to serve various purposes. However, they aren’t exactly the best characters to be sending into a brutal slugging match, which is best entrusted to brawlers such as Optimus Prime.

Of course, it is also important to remember that characters with the same classification can be very different from one another, thus making them best-used under very different circumstances. Something that makes checking out their capabilities that much more important before sending them into combat.

Be Careful about Rushing into Combat (Transformers Battlegrounds Cheats and Tips)

Some players might be tempted to send their characters rushing into combat, trusting in them to soak up the subsequent hits before inflicting even more hits on their enemies in turn. There are characters that can pull this off, but this is by no means universal among the Transformers. Instead, interested individuals might want to exercise some care and caution when moving their units around.

Generally speaking, it is a good idea to move units in a manner so that they are in cover while being close but not too close. The first is helpful because cover makes ranged attacks less effective against units in cover, thus enabling them to contribute more by lasting longer than otherwise possible. Having said that, cover is far from being a perfect defense. After all, enemies are perfectly capable of repositioning themselves before shooting, meaning that being too close can cause cover to become less useful than it could have been under better circumstances.




Transformers Battlegrounds Cheats and Tips



Furthermore, it should be mentioned that enemies can close in for melee attacks, which isn’t something that cover can do anything about. In other words, cover is useful, but it becomes even more useful when it is combined with a considerable amount of distance from enemies. Besides this, if the player can eliminate an enemy by rushing in rather than staying in cover, they should give that some serious thought. This is because an eliminated enemy can’t do anything anymore, thus making that a much more desirable outcome than a somewhat less effective enemy. Of course, this is assuming that the enemy that can be eliminated doesn’t have backup in their immediate surroundings, in which case, it might still be better to play it safe depending on the exact state of the player’s units.

As for the second point, interested individuals want to make sure that their units can back each other up should that prove necessary. Fundamentally, victory isn’t determined by who has the bigger numbers. Instead, victory is determined by who can bring the bigger numbers to bear at the relevant encounter. In more practical terms, interested individuals want to gang up on enemies rather than get ganged up on by their enemies, which will make for faster elimination than otherwise possible. There are times when sending units out on their own will prove to be necessary. However, if that proves to be the case, players should be extra-careful with units that are either not very tough or not capable of repositioning themselves on short notice because those are the ones that are the most vulnerable if they stumble into a bad situation.

Meanwhile, the second part of the second point is relevant because area-of-effect attacks are very much a thing in this game. Thanks to that, interested individuals should take care to avoid them lest they take more damage than what their team can handle. On top of that, spreading out more is also useful because it enables players to cover a bigger area, thus providing them with more options when it comes to engaging their enemies.