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Are There Cheats in Fortnite? (Fortnite Cheats and Tips)

Cheats exist in Fortnite. However, these weren’t built into the game. Instead, the sheer popularity of Fortnite ensures that there are plenty of people interested in getting an unfair advantage over the competition, which in turn, ensures that there are hacks and other exploits being created on a regular basis. This has resulted in a constant competition between Epic Games seeking to eliminate cheating and a wide range of parties seeking to either cheat or benefit from those who cheat.

Should You Use Cheats in Fortnite? (Fortnite Cheats and Tips)

Speaking bluntly, cheating is a bad idea in Fortnite for a number of reasons. For starters, Epic Games is less than enthused about cheaters in their game, so it should come as no surprise to learn that it bans the cheaters that it catches. In fact, it has been known to sue YouTubers for selling cheats through their YouTube channels, which is something that it shares with a lot of other companies in similar situations.

Second, the chances of getting caught are quite high. Epic Games’s security isn’t perfect, particularly since it needs to weigh the effectiveness of its security measures against the degree of intrusiveness that its players are willing to tolerate. However, it does take this issue very seriously, as shown by how old cheats get patched out while old cheaters get tossed out on a regular basis. On top of that, it should be mentioned that Epic Games isn’t alone when it comes to its anti-cheating campaign. Even without mentioning its commercial partners, it is worth mentioning that Fortnite players pay close attention to what happens in their games, meaning that there are a lot more eyes watching for signs of cheating than what cheaters might realize on initial consideration.






Third, cheats aren’t exactly legitimate. As a result, they tend not to come from trustworthy source, which is why so many of them come hand-in-hand with malware. Thanks to this, there are a lot of cheaters and would-be cheaters who have been exploited by someone better at this than they are, thus resulting in the theft of personal information as well as other serious losses. Packaging cheats with malware is particularly common for Fortnite because of its popularity, which enables the creators of such cheats to extract more value through their efforts.

Fourth, it is possible for interested individuals to get around all of these issues without getting caught for quite some time. In fact, they can find plenty of resources out there that claim to be able to help them do exactly that, which may or may not result in them being exploited in the process. However, it is very easy for people to hit the point that they are spending more effort on bypassing Epic Games’s security than what they would have spent on just getting better at the game, thus making cheating even more of a losing proposition even from a purely self-interested perspective.

What Should You Do If You Suspect Cheating in Fortnite?

If interested individuals see something suspicious, they should review the footage of the match from the suspected cheater’s perspective. The most egregious examples of cheating tend to be very obvious, with an excellent example being those whose aim will automatically snap to their target’s head even through walls. Should interested individuals see something like this, they should report the cheater for Epic Games to handle.

Now lets get to what useful tips you should be utilizing in Fortnite:




1. Ride the supply drop balloon (Fortnite Cheats and Tips)

Supply drops are an easy opportunity to bag free kills.

When players spot them falling, they get loot hungry and rush towards the landing spot.

All you need to do is head somewhere high up and build over the balloon – then hop right onto it.

Then descend onto your unwitting foe, and slaughter them without a peep.

2. See through walls Fortnite (Fortnite Cheats and Tips)

When you’re building in Fortnite, walls become transparent.

You can exploit this to get a leg up over your enemies.

For instance, throw down a wall and head into edit mode, and you’ll be able to see straight through it.

Alternatively, if your enemy is hiding behind a wall they’ve built, dive into edit mode and catch them off-guard.

3. Find the hidden loot room

Everyone likes treasure, and there’s a secret room with loads of it in Fortnite.

All you need to do is head over to the Tomato Tunnel.

If you scour the area, you’ll find a hidden room behind a car.

Inside is a major loot opportunity with several golden chests – so get hunting!

4. Reach the ground faster

The quickest way to hit the ground is to change your body to a near-vertical position.

You should also trying jumping off the battle bus as soon as possible.

But eventually you’ll get low enough that your glider is forced open, and you have to glide slowly to safety.

However, gliders don’t open over water in Fortnite, so you can use this to get lower to the ground.

Then once you’re nearly ready to land, hit the glider button and desperately try to hit land. It’ll take a bit of practice but it’s a sure-fire way of landing on the ground faster than your foes.