Watch Dogs: Legion Cheats and Tips



What Is Watch Dogs: Legion?

Watch Dogs: Legion is the latest installment in the Watch Dogs series. As such, it should come as no surprise to learn that it is an action-adventure game in a futuristic dystopia. However, Watch Dogs: Legion has built upon the foundations laid out by its predecessors, thus making it worth checking out.

What Are Some Tips for Watch Dogs: Legion?

Here are some tips for Watch Dogs: Legion:






There Is No Main Character (Watch Dogs: Legion Cheats and Tips)

One of Watch Dogs: Legion‘s more unusual characteristics is that it has no main character. Instead, players will be filling out their roster with London inhabitants, each of whom comes with their own particular strengths and weaknesses. Under these circumstances, interested individuals might want to turn on perma-death. Yes, it will be frustrating to lose someone whose skills make them invaluable. However, that can make playing them that much more exciting, thus making for a more enjoyable experience on the whole.

Liberate the Boroughs (Watch Dogs: Legion Cheats and Tips)

Perhaps unsurprisingly, players are going to have to liberate the boroughs. This will become possible once they have completed the prologue, which should give them a good idea of what they need to do in order to change a borough’s status from Oppressed to Defiant. Generally speaking, interested individuals will have to complete three or four missions from a pool of eight potential options. Examples range from neutralizing VIPs and rescuing freedom fighters to collecting evidence and carrying out sabotage. On the whole, this shouldn’t be too tough, thus making liberating the boroughs more than worthwhile. After all, each one provides a one-of-a-kind operative. Furthermore, liberation will result in the highlighting of tech points in the borough, which can make it much easier for interested individuals to collect them for the purpose of upgrading their gear.

Get the Tech Points (Watch Dogs: Legion Cheats and Tips)

Speaking of which, players are going to want to get every single tech point that they come upon for the simple reason that a single upgrade costs between 25 and 50 tech points. They can get a fair amount of tech points by just playing through the story missions. However, if they want to get their hands on more than that, they are going to have to go collecting in the boroughs. Sometimes, interested individuals will be able to get tech points by just running around. Other times, they are going to need a drone to get to hard-to-reach places. In particular, it is worth mentioning that the Spiderbot can be an excellent solution to such problems. As for how players should be spending their hard-earned tech points, well, they might want to start with the Deep Profiler as well as other options that open up new ways to complete missions. The wider the range of methods that they have at their disposal, the wider the range of challenges that they can handle with ease rather than be forced to struggle with.

The Deep Profiler Is a Must-Have (Watch Dogs: Legion Cheats and Tips)

Some people might be wondering why the Deep Profiler is so important. If so, they should know that potential recruits don’t necessarily start out with the best opinions of their faction. For instance, it is perhaps unsurprising to learn that the members of the police and the military tend to be rather hostile towards them, which is a real shame because they can be very useful team members. Deep Profile can help interested individuals overcome said issue by providing more exhaustive information about potential recruits, which includes some ways to boost their opinion. Moreover, it can even be used to check out their schedule. Something that will prove to be very convenient when the player is ready to approach them for the start of the recruitment process. Please note that while it is possible to raise a potential recruit’s opinion, it is also possible to lower it through various means such as committing violence against them. As a result, interested individuals should be very careful about when and where to use the more hostile tools in their arsenal.

Get a Fighter to Do the Fighting

As mentioned earlier, players will be recruiting from London inhabitants. This means a wide range of characters with a wide range of capabilities, meaning that they should choose the right one for the right job. For instance, not every character will be good at fighting, which is why interested individuals might want to recruit some good fighters before engaging in violence. A good way to do so would be visiting the fighting arenas where interested individuals can compete for rewards, with one example being the right to recruit their combatants. Be warned that this can take a fair amount of effort, meaning that interested individuals should keep at it if they can’t get to the top from the very start.

As for the best way to fight hand-to-hand, the general recommendation would be dodging in such a manner that the player can follow up with an immediate counterattack. This will be particularly effective if they can do so at the last moment, which they will be able to tell by the slowing down of time. Besides this, there will be times when interested individuals have to break a guard before proceeding with the beatdown. However, this is something that they should avoid unless they are short on options because breaking a guard will make it impossible for them to dodge at the same time, thus making them vulnerable to their enemies.

Be Careful with Negative Characteristics

Characters can come with negative characteristics. One excellent example would be Shopaholic, which will eat into the player’s funds because the character will spend it on personal purchases at random moments. Another excellent example would be Low Mobility, which is exactly what it sounds like, thus making it rather difficult for such characters to make a quick getaway. There is even Doomed, which can cause a character to just keel over at a random moment. In most cases, players will want to minimize the use of characters with negative characteristics. However, some might have positive characteristics that outweigh their negative characteristics, meaning that this shouldn’t be considered a hard rule.

Defalt’s hidden mask

To find Defalt’s hidden lair and mask (DJ hacker/villain from the original Watch Dogs), go to the location marked on the map. It is on the waterway at the City of London. Go east of the Millenium Bridge (small bridge just east of the TOAN attack site). Go to the area marked on the map at 2 am, then enter the tunnel at the brick building with a ladder leading into the water. Jump down and examine the locked wooden gate near the water —- this gate can be interacted with and opened at 2 am. In the dungeon below, you will find a bunch of mannequins. Interact with the crate under the desk where the mannequin is sitting at the DJ booth —- it is located in the back-left of the nightclub. Open the chest to get the Defalt mask.

Recruiting hostile operatives

To recruit operatives that are your enemies, or in rival factions, unlock the Deep Profiling tech upgrade for 20 tech. It allows you to complete special missions to recruit hostile recruits. It is an expensive upgrade, but it allows you to tag police or other hard-to-recruit characters. You will unlock a special mission to recruit the desired operative, but if you do not complete it successfully, your target will permanently hate DedSec. Thus, you will have to try someone else.

Retiring undesired operatives

Eventually, you will gain more operatives than you need —- or you can get operatives that waste your ETO. To remove an operative, open the Operatives menu, then select the operative you want to retire. In the lower-right corner, you will see an option to retire them. Retiring an operative will remove them from your playable roster.

Avoid getting kidnapped

Your operatives can get kidnapped randomly when you are not using them. This usually happens if DedSec is extremely hated by different factions. When a kidnapping occurs, a special mission will be unlocked to rescue the lost operative. To lower your chances of kidnapping, use non-lethal shock weapons and takedowns. Or do not injure anyone during missions, which is very possible. Kidnappings against DedSec occur due to faction hatred, and faction hatred is caused by killing/injuring members of the faction. Non-lethal takedowns generate much less hate against your faction, especially compared to killing with guns. If you go on a shooting spree, expect some retaliation.

All Oppression Defiance challenges

Search the indicated locations to find all 22 Red Icons Borough activities (Oppression Defiance challenges) in Watch Dogs: Legion. You must complete them to liberate the boroughs and turn them defiant. Turn all boroughs defiant to get the “Take Back London” trophy. Each borough has 3-4 red icons on the map. Those are the borough activities that decrease the oppression. Doing all of them unlocks the Defiance mission for that borough. Completing that mission will then liberate the borough and turn it defiant. Each borough unlocks a playable character, marks all Tech Points (Skill Points) on the map, and makes people easier to recruit. Nothing is missable, as you can still do everything after completing the story in free roam mode.

All Photographic Evidence and Collect Evidence locations

Search the indicated locations to find all six Photographic Evidence and Collect Evidence locations in Watch Dogs: Legion. They are a type of Borough activity (Oppression Defiance challenge) that is marked by red icons on the map. They are the trickiest of the 22 total Borough activities. They are required for the “Take Back London” trophy (liberate all districts and turn them defiant). There is nothing missable in Watch Dogs: Legion, as you can still do everything after the story. These mini-quests are marked automatically on the map from the beginning of the game.