Ghostrunner Cheats and Tips



What Is Ghostrunner?

Ghostrunner is a game that offers lightning-fast action in a cyberpunk setting. Good reflexes are a must, seeing as how both the player and the player’s enemies can be killed with a single hit. Something that can make Ghostrunner very tense to say the least.

What Are Some Tips for Ghostrunner?

Here are some tips to keep in mind for Ghostrunner:






Feel Free to Experiment (Ghostrunner Cheats and Tips)

Dying isn’t a huge issue in Ghostrunner. After all, the player will be respawned at the last checkpoint so that they can make another attempt at overcoming the challenges before them. As a result, interested individuals should feel free to scout their surroundings, play with new skills, and otherwise experiment because the costs of experimentation are next-to-existent. By experimenting, they can become much better-prepared for when they start pursuing high scores.

There Can Be More than One Solution (Ghostrunner Cheats and Tips)

Speaking of experimentation, it is worth mentioning that challenges in Ghostrunner can have more than one solution. Due to this, players might want spend some time looking around to see if they can find points of interest such as an alternate entrance to a roomful of enemies that will allow them to solve the problem in an alternate manner. Besides this, while Ghostrunner offers limited opportunities for exploration, some effort in this regard can still provide interested individuals with skins, audiologs, and other collectibles.

Keep Moving (Ghostrunner Cheats and Tips)

The single most important recommendation for Ghostrunner combat is to keep moving. As mentioned earlier, both the player and the player’s enemies can be killed with a single hit, meaning that it is in the player’s best interests to keep themselves as a moving target. This is particularly true because the player won’t always know where all of the immediate threats are positioned, meaning that they cannot stay safe by just monitoring all of them at the same time.

Generally speaking, players should approach a new area by running around to see where the enemies are situated before proceeding to the elimination. The more enemies that they take out, the safer that they will be from the survivors, meaning that they should prioritize those that are most convenient. However, it is counter-productive to force this process because too much conscious thought can cause players to mess up by slowing down their reaction rate. Much of the time, instinct will be their best guide.

Expect More Dangerous Enemies (Ghostrunner Cheats and Tips)

Basic enemies aren’t that threatening in Ghostrunner. Yes, they carry pistols, which can make them a real hassle when they show up in sufficient numbers. However, every single one of them can be taken out by dodging their shot before dashing in for the kill. Unfortunately, other enemies can be much more challenging. For example, there are enemies with red shields, which will have to be circumvented by attacking them from either above or below. Due to this, interested individuals are going to need to look for either grapple points or a good stretch of wall so that they can maneuver themselves into the proper position.

Likewise, there are ninjas that must be parried before they can be killed, thus making every single one of them a huge nuisance. In fact, interested individuals might want to hold off on the ninjas in preference for eliminating the other enemies unless they get a perfect chance to take out one of them without bleeding momentum in the process. On top of this, there are some enemies protected by blue-colored bubble shields. When that happens, interested individuals will need to follow the cord running from the shield to the shield generator so that they can destroy the latter. Once they have done so, they can then eliminate the once-protected enemy using normal methods.

Regardless, the more that the player understands about how these enemies attack as well as how these enemies can be countered, the easier the time that they will have when it comes to eliminating these enemies.

Understand the Skills

Of course, players should understand the skills as well. In total, there are four of them called Blink, Surge, Tempest, and Overlord. Blink can be used to take out single enemies. However, it becomes much more efficient when the player can position their enemies in a straight line. Surge is used for much the same purpose, though it has a bigger range while being better-suited for taking out enemies positioned in a horizontal manner. Tempest can be considered another offensive skill because it can be used to send enemies flying through force, but interested individuals might want to save it for defensive purposes instead.

After all, if the skill has enough strength to send enemies flying, it stands to reason that it has enough strength to do the same for incoming projectiles. Something that can be life-saving if the player is caught in a bad position with no other way out. As for Overlord, it is used to control the target to fight for the player. Under ideal circumstances, interested individuals will use the skill on a member of a group that is powerful enough to take out their group-mates before maneuvering themselves to eliminate the target before the skill wears off.

Extend the Duration of Cybervoid Uplinks

Some upgrades are more useful than others. For instance, interested individuals are going to want to extend the uptime of Cybervoid Uplinks as soon as possible so that they can reap more benefit from each use of the latter. One excellent example would be Time Dilation, which is already a life-saver without the extension but becomes even more useful with it. Similarly, another example would be the Cold-Light Shurikens, which are important because the player is going to have to make some very precise hits with this weapon while moving about at a fast speed. A lot of people consider these moments to be some of the most challenging that can be found in Ghostrunner, so it is a good idea for them to give themselves extra room for error through the extension.

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