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What Is Apex Legends? (Apex Legends Cheats and Tips)

Apex Legends is one of the more successful attempts to capitalize on the battle royale trend. As such, interested individuals might want to get an advantage by reading up before jumping in. Something that can make the initial learning process that much smoother.

What Are Some Tips for Apex Legends?

Here are some useful tips for Apex Legends:






Land As a Team (Apex Legends Cheats and Tips)

At the start of a match, one team member will be named the jumpmaster. This means that they are the one who will be choosing where to land, which may or may not incorporate the other team members’ recommendations. Perhaps unsurprisingly, this process can cause a lot of friction, so much so that some players might be tempted to head out on their own. However, interested individuals need to remember that is a very bad idea.

Simply put, if a player heads out on their own, chances are very good that they are going to get eliminated as soon as they run into a united team. Even worse, they might be situated so far from their team mates that they can’t get revived in time, which is assuming that their team mates will even bother going to them under such circumstances. Instead, the best start is one in which team mates land close but not too close to one another. They want to be close enough so that they can provide backup when one of them runs into trouble. However, they want to be far enough so that each of them can find their own loot, thus enabling the entire team to become that much better-prepared for the challenges to come.

Move As a Team (Apex Legends Cheats and Tips)

Once the players have managed to grab some loot, they should start moving as a team. The team members might be tempted to split up so that they can grab even more loot by covering even more ground than otherwise possible. However, that will be very dangerous because of the other teams lurking out there. As such, the best choice is for interested individuals to move as a team so that they can fight as a team, which is particularly important because one character in Apex Legends can be so different from another.

Use the Replicators (Apex Legends Cheats and Tips)

The Replicators are very important. After all, they provide players with a chance to stock up on ammunition as well as make improvements to their weapon of choice, thus making them that much better-prepared for the fighting. For that matter, the Replicators can help interested individuals put the right weapons into the right hands as well, though this is something that should be reserved for certain circumstances. One example would be someone playing a character who specializes in a particular kind of weapon, while another example would be re-arming a team mate who has been revived.

However, interested individuals need to be careful when using Replicators because it will put them in a very exposed position. Due to this, they should start by scouting their surroundings, coming up with a list of what they want to make, and then executing their plan as fast as possible. This won’t provide them with perfect protection, but it should reduce the chances of their entire team being caught flat-footed.

Don’t Heal Out in the Open

The problem with healing is that healing takes time. As a result, while it might be tempting to heal in the middle of combat, it tends to be a much better option for the interested individuals to wait until they are out of combat to do so. If they are not sure whether they will make it out of combat or not, they have a couple of options. One, interested individuals can make a run for it, which may or may not succeed depending on not just their enemies’ ability but also their enemies’ willingness to pursue them. Two, interested individuals can fight even harder in an attempt to convince their enemies to back off so that they can heal up, with the targeting of low-health enemies being a potentially useful tactic in this regard. Neither option is particularly pleasant but that isn’t particularly surprising considering the circumstances under which the choice has to be made.

Be Careful with Revives

Very similar things can be said about reviving team mates. Basically, the process requires interested individuals to stay still for quite some time, meaning that the player doing the reviving is going to make themselves very vulnerable in the process. As such, they should make sure that their surroundings are clear of threats before proceeding to the revival process because being one team mate down is bad but nowhere near as bad as being two team mates down.

Use Pings

Good communication is critical for success in any kind of team-on-team game. Mics are a good option. However, not everyone is both able and willing to use mics, meaning that it isn’t reasonable to count on it. Fortunately, Apex Legends has a solid ping system, which should more than suffice for most of the things that have to be said.

Generally speaking, if players see an enemy, they should ping to let their team mates know where that enemy can be found. This is true even if they think their team mates are already aware of said information because it doesn’t hurt to make sure. Similarly, if players see loot that they aren’t going to grab for themselves, they should ping so that their team mates can decide whether it will be useful for them or not. When players want to head in a particular direction, they should ping so that their team mates will know what they are thinking.

This should make it clear that interested individuals should be pinging on a regular basis. However, they should be careful to make sure that they aren’t pinging so much that everything blends together, which will have a counter-productive effect by messing up their communications. Of course, some people have been known to ping-spam, which should be avoided because hostility between team mates tends to have a very corrosive effect on a team’s ability to coordinate.