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What Is Uncharted 4? (Uncharted 4 Cheats and Tips)

The Uncharted series has been very successful. However, the fourth main installment stands out in that it is the best-selling title in the series, meaning that action-adventure fans might want to check it out sooner rather than later. Something that will proceed much more smoothly with some reading beforehand.

What Are Some Tips for Uncharted 4?

These tips might prove useful for Uncharted 4:





Explore (Uncharted 4 Cheats and Tips)

Perhaps unsurprisingly, exploration can prove to be very rewarding in Uncharted 4. Sometimes, it can provide the player with secret treasures. Other times, it can provide the player with bits of lore. However, interested individuals don’t need to scour every single environment in the game with an obsessive degree of focus. After all, there is no crafting system, meaning that they don’t need to collect materials to be turned into consumables and other items of interest. Furthermore, they won’t miss out on anything game-shaking by failing to explore, so if they get bored, they should feel free to move forward.

Don’t Worry about Getting Lost

Speaking of which, it is worth mentioning that Uncharted 4 is one of those games that create the impression of being an open world game rather than being an open world game. For instance, there are segments containing multiple paths. However, those multiple paths always lead to the same end, meaning that the game is much more linear in nature than what a lot of interested individuals might think on initial consideration. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. One, the player can strike out in any direction of their choosing without fear that they are going to get lost as a result. Two, when they come upon an environment with multiple paths, chances are good that there will be something of interest concealed somewhere therein.

Use Stealth (Uncharted 4 Cheats and Tips)

Action-adventure heroes can soak up a lot of punishment. However, it is important to note that the Nathan Drake of Uncharted 4 isn’t quite as tough as the Nathan Drake of previous installments, meaning that it is best for interested individuals to avoid sending their player character running headlong into a gunfight. Instead, a stealthier approach can be a smarter and much more sensible strategy.

There are a number of uses for stealth. First, interested individuals can use it to scout out the environment in which they will be engaging their enemies, thus providing them with valuable information on everything from potential obstacles to the best places to fight from. Second, interested individuals can use it to find the full extent of the local opposition, which is critical because it is very common for enemies to be situated in places that are not immediately obvious. Third, there is the chance to shift the odds before a gunfight can break out, though that is assuming that a gunfight will break out at all.

Simply put, surprised enemies are also not-very-long-for-the-world enemies. As a result, if a player is willing to spend some time sneaking up on enemies from behind, jumping down on enemies from above, and tossing enemies off of the ledges that they are standing on, they can make gunfights much fairer for themselves. Generally speaking, if interested individuals choose to eliminate their enemies through stealth, they should start out by scouting the environment to see where they are situated. Once they have tagged every single one of their enemies in their surroundings, they can proceed to the process of elimination, starting with those on the outskirts before working their way in one by one. Be warned that interested individuals should be patient. If their next target is unavailable for some reason, they should wait for their chance to come up. However, if they can’t wait that long, there is also the option of going after someone else before going back.

Of course, stealth comes with its fair share of challenges. Due to this, chances are good that interested individuals are going to get revealed before they have finished up at some point in the game. If they like the odds that they have made for themselves, they can just proceed right to the open gunfight. However, if they are still feeling overwhelmed, there is nothing wrong with running away before returning to resume the stealth sequence. In fact, it is worth mentioning that a group of enemies that have been stirred up can make themselves very vulnerable as a result, thus making their elimination that much more manageable for the player.

Be Prepared to Move from Cover to Cover

Even once the player gets into a gunfight, they should stick to cover as much as possible. After all, they can’t afford to soak up a lot of bullets, meaning that it is best for them to put an obstacle between them and incoming projectiles. Unfortunately, the player should remember that most examples of cover in this game are destructible, which is why they need to be prepared to move from cover to cover as a gunfight proceeds. Otherwise, they are going to find themselves unpleasantly surprised when their cover gets shot to pieces while they are still situated behind it. Be warned that even walls and pillars are susceptible to this.

Create Distractions Even in the Middle of Combat

The fewer the enemies that the player has to handle at the same time, the easier it is for the player to eliminate them. Due to this, interested individuals should use distractions even while they are in the middle of combat. Of course, distractions can be quite good at taking out enemies as well. For instance, dynamite has a huge blast radius in this game, thus making it an excellent choice for not just distracting enemies but also taking them out if they get caught within the blast.

Check the Journal When You Are Stuck (Uncharted 4 Cheats and Tips)

The journal contains a fair amount of interesting information, meaning that it is worth checking out by players who are interested in the storytelling. However, there is a more practical reason to consult the journal as well, which is that it provides very useful hints for people who are stuck on a particular puzzle.

Bonus menu options

Successfully complete the game on any difficulty to unlock multiple categories of options at the “Bonus” menu that can be purchased with the points earned during the game. The points are earned by collecting treasures and journal entries as well as completing optional conversations. The available categories are: “Character Gallery”, “Character Skins”, “Concept Art”, “Equipable Weapons” (including the Barok .44 revolver, which almost always kills with one-hit), “Gameplay Modifiers” (including infinite ammo and slow motion), and “Render Modes”. Note: Using weapon and gameplay modifier/cheat options do not disable earning any trophies.

All puzzle solutions

There are nine puzzles in the game. The video below shows the solution to all nine puzzles.