Minecraft Cheats and Tips



What Is Minecraft? (Minecraft Cheats and Tips)

Minecraft has been a huge success, so much so that its influence can be seen throughout the modern video game industry. However, it is never too late for interested individuals to get started on the sandbox game.

What Are Some Tips for Minecraft?

Here are some tips to keep in mind for Minecraft:






Use Light to Protect Your Living Space

Having a source of light is very important for a living space. In Minecraft, this is particularly true because light will prevent enemies from spawning, meaning that it is needed to secure a player’s home. However, interested individuals should know that light won’t prevent enemies from wandering in, so that will remain a potential concern.

Don’t Dig Straight Down (Minecraft Cheats and Tips) 

Pre-modern societies did a lot of digging. After all, useful metals weren’t always situated close to the surface, meaning that the interested parties often had to dig quite some distance downwards before gaining access to them. However, it is important to note that they dug in a way that enabled them to leave at the end of the day, which is well worth remembering in Minecraft as well. Simply put, players are going to want to dig down at some point because there are a lot of goodies contained underground. Straight down is the worst option. Instead, they should do so as though they are carving out a set of stairs leading downwards because that will make for the most convenient entry and exit.

Lava Is a Useful Resource (Minecraft Cheats and Tips)

Generally speaking, lava is something that people want to stay away from in the real world. However, Minecraft is not constrained by such limitations. There, lava is a useful resource, so much so that interested individuals should mark down its location as soon as they come upon it. Once they get some buckets, they will be able to fill up those buckets with lava, which is excellent fuel for the furnace. On top of that, lava is needed to make obsidian. Something that a lot of players will be eyeing with a covetous eye because of its rarity.

You Can Create Guards (Minecraft Cheats and Tips)

Players who want some extra protection for their home might want to look into the creation of golems. One option would be the snow golem, which can be created by stacking a couple of snow blocks before putting a pumpkin on top. However, these creations have a serious drawback in that they have to be built in a suitable biome such as the snow biome because otherwise they will melt. As such, the better option would be the iron golem, which can be created by stacking four iron blocks in a T-shape before putting a pumpkin on top.

Tame a Cat

It is possible to use either raw cod or raw salmon to tame cats provided that the player doesn’t spook them in the process by moving. As for why they would want to tame a cat, well, there is a very practical answer in that both Creepers and phantoms avoid cats, which should come as welcome news to those who are annoyed by said enemies.