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What Is God of War 3? (God of War 3 Cheats and Tips)

The Kratos seen in the most recent God of War came as a surprise to a lot of people. After all, he was a much angrier individual in the past, so much so that he was as destructive to himself as he was to everything around him. For proof, look no further than God of War 3, which can be considered the conclusion of the initial story of the series.

What Are Some Tips for God of War 3?

Here are some tips worth keeping in mind for God of War 3:





Quick-Time Events Are a Potential Concern

There are quick-time events in God of War 3. However, interested individuals can master them in no time by remembering that specific button prompts show up on specific parts of the screen. In short, triangle shows up at the top, X shows up on at bottom, square shows up on the left, and circle shows up on the right. By memorizing this, interested individuals will know which button to push as soon as they see where the button prompt is situated, thus boosting their speed by reducing the need for conscious thought in the process.

Smash Everything (God of War 3 Cheats and Tips)

The red orbs are a very important resource because they will enable the player tp make the player-character even more capable of handling the challenges that can be found in the game. Fortunately, there are multiple sources of these red orbs. First, it is possible to find them in chests. Second, it is possible to collect them from slain enemies. Third, it is possible to collect them from smashed items. As a result, players who want to make Kratos as strong as possible should smash everything that they come upon to see what comes out of them. For that matter, if they are hard-hearted, it should be mentioned that Kratos is very much capable of killing innocents. Something that can provide him with more red orbs than if he sticks to just killing enemies.

Save the Heal Chests (God of War 3 Cheats and Tips)

Speaking of chests, some of them contain health while others contain magic. Due to this, if the player is running low on those things, they shouldn’t hesitate to heal up. However, if the player is doing well, they might want to save those chests for later use. This is particularly true because there is a fair amount of going back and forth in God of War 3, meaning that interested individuals could very well wind up passing the same chests multiple times.

Each Weapon Has Its Own Particular Uses

It can be tempting for interested individuals to stick with a favorite weapon while ignoring the rest. However, this is a serious mistake because every weapon has situations in which it will shine, meaning that they should be switching between the weapons for the most effective results.

For example, the Blades of Athena might be the starter weapon. However, it can nonetheless be used to unleash brutal combos, particularly once they have been upgraded into the Blades of Exile. Similarly, the Nemean Cestus are short-ranged but very powerful. As a result, while they might not be well-suited for taking on entire groups of enemies from a distance, they are excellent for fighting bosses in the late game.

Of course, interested individuals should also make good use of the secondary weapons. The Bow of Apollo can cause entire groups of enemies to burst into flame with a well-aimed shot. Meanwhile, the Head of Helios can blind enemies to open them up for more offense-oriented weapons. On top of these, there are the Boots of Hermes, which are not just useful out of combat for reaching otherwise inaccessible areas but also in combat by making Kratos much faster.

You Need Both Offense and Defense (God of War 3 Cheats and Tips)

When the player is going up against groups of weaker enemies, they should go on the offensive. Weapons with longer reach will enable them to hit more enemies with every swing, thus enabling them to do more damage than otherwise possible. Under ideal circumstances, the player will do so much damage so fast that weaker enemies won’t be able to do anything about it. Unfortunately, a purely offensive approach won’t be enough for tougher enemies that can soak up a lot of hits. For those, interested individuals would do well to remain on their feet throughout the entire fight. Essentially, they want to watch the tougher enemies’ movements so that they can move out of the way at the right times before moving back in to continue their onslaught. This can be a challenge when there are more than one of these tougher enemies in the same fight, but this will still be a much better option than entering into a head-on slugging match that Kratos will not win.

Use Grabs

Grabs can be very useful in God of War 3. Much of the time, this is because a grab will result in the painful demise of the grabbed enemy, which is always useful in a game such as this. However, it should also be mentioned that it is possible to grab an enemy before using them as a makeshift bludgeon with which to knock down other enemies. This is very useful because knocked down enemies are also helpless enemies, thus rendering them very vulnerable to a Kratos who is looking to get some damage done.

Observation Is Key

Observation is key to boss battles in a lot of action games, with God of War 3 being no exception to this rule. Essentially, when players go up against a boss for the first time, they should be cautious while they memorize their opponent’s attack patterns. Once they know what to expect as well as how to counter each of those movement patterns, they can fully commit to the attack. As a result, the routine for a boss battle should be very similar each time. First, the player will be cautious. Then, as they get a better and better understanding of the lull between movement patterns, they will get more and more aggressive. If they are particularly good, they will even starting doing damage in the middle of attack patterns, though this might not be possible in every single boss battle. Be warned that bosses can have multiple stages, in which case, this routine can happen more than once in a single boss battle.

Completion bonuses

Successfully complete the game to unlock the Challenges Of Olympus, Combat Arena, Chaos difficulty, and Fear Kratos costume. Wearing the Fear Kratos costume makes you and your enemies do quadruple damage. Note: Wearing the Fear Kratos costume will prevent trophies from being earned.

Godly Possession locations