Tetris Effect Cheats and Tips



What Is Tetris Effect? (Tetris Effect Cheats and Tips)

Tetris remains popular even though it was created in the mid 1980s. In this, it has been helped by the fact that interested parties continue to release new titles with new features, with a recent example being the very well-received Tetris Effect.

What Are Some Tips for Tetris Effect?

Keep these tips in mind for Tetris Effect:






Always Keep the Next Block in Mind

One of the most important tips for Tetris players would be placing their current block while keeping their next block in mind. Something that can become much more challenging than it sounds at faster speeds. In any case, interested individuals need to do this because they want to avoid locking themselves into a bad sequence of placements, which can send them into a death spiral from which they will not recover. Moreover, if they move fast while thinking fast, they might even be able to capitalize on their knowledge of the next block to set up a high-scoring move.

Learn to Rotate Blocks Both Directions

It is very common for Tetris players to develop a habit of rotating their blocks in a single direction. This isn’t a huge issue at slower speeds. Unfortunately, it can become a serious weakness at faster speeds because those additional rotations will cost interested individuals a lot of valuable time over the course of a match. To prevent this, Tetris players should develop a habit of rotating their blocks in the direction needed to reach their desired orientation with the fewest rotations possible.

Don’t Get Flustered By Mistakes (Tetris Effect Cheats and Tips)

It is inevitable for Tetris players to make mistakes. After all, they are human. However, they should do their best to avoid getting flustered by their mistakes. Primarily, this is because Tetris players can’t afford it because if they do, they increase the chances of making another mistake and then another mistake, thus bringing them closer and closer to the point of defeat. In fact, one can make a decent argument that one of the most important skills in Tetris is the art of recovering from mistakes, which will become particularly important when even a moment’s hesitation can cost interested individuals the match.

Keep the Board Clear (Tetris Effect Cheats and Tips)

The four-column combo is something that high-scorers will want to keep their eye on because of its scoring potential. However, people who have just started out as a Tetris player might want to focus on keeping the board clear instead. After all, a four-column combo needs there to be four near-complete columns, which will become riskier and riskier to maintain at faster speeds. Other high-scoring combos come with similar issues, though not to the same extent. As such, interested individuals might want to focus on keeping the board clear when they start out. Once they have mastered the art of staying alive in a Tetris match, they can then focus more of their effort on mastering high-scoring combos.

Just Play (Tetris Effect Cheats and Tips)

Ultimately, the best way for interested individuals to get good at a Tetris game is to play it more. Over time, they will pick up on the various block combinations that work well, so much so that setting up combos will become second nature to them. In this as in other things, regular practice will make for impressive gains.