Dirt 5 Cheats and Tips



What Is Dirt 5? (Dirt 5 Cheats and Tips)

Dirt 5 is the latest installment in a long-running racing series. Based on the name, it should come as no surprise to learn that it is focused on off-road racing, thus enabling it to stand out from a lot of other racing titles out there.

What Are Some Tips for Dirt 5?

Here are some tips that might prove useful for Dirt 5:





Spend Some Time in Playgrounds

One of the best ways for interested individuals to familiarize themselves with the game is to spend some time playing in the new mode called Playgrounds. This lets interested individuals make their own events as well as experience the events created by other players. The first part can be pretty challenging for players, particularly if they don’t have previous experience with such games. As such, the second tends to be the better option for people to start in on.

In any case, it is worth mentioning that the events in Playgrounds can be sorted into one of three categories. First, there is Smash Attack, which is a kind of event in which players strive to collect the designated objects while avoiding penalty objects as fast as possible. Second, there is Gate Crasher, which is a kind of event in which players strive to race through the checkpoints as fast as possible. Third, there is Gymkhana, which is a kind of event in which interested individuals try to score the most points based on speed, style, and flow while driving on a course filled with jumps, drift gates, and other features of interest. Players should try all of them to see which ones suit them the most before going further in, thus enabling them to get the most enjoyment out of their time

Beware of Dynamic Weather

In a lot of games, dynamic weather has very little effect on the play experience. However, this is very much not true in Dirt 5, which makes sense because weather conditions can have such a big impact on how people should drive. Naturally, this means that players should beware of the dynamic weather in this game because it will be a real test of their adaptability.

Generally speaking, if players aren’t used to a particular kind of weather, they should drive in a low-risk manner until they get a better understanding of what they should and shouldn’t be doing. Yes, this is going to cost them in terms of speed. However, that matters very little because they can still benefit even if they wind up losing, not least because that experience will prove to be invaluable for similar situations in the times still to come.






As some rough rules, interested individuals should watch out for oversteering as well as other ways of losing control over their wheels if they are driving around in heavy rain. In contrast, they need to be careful about losing their momentum if they are seeking to make their way through a blizzard. As for snowstorms and sandstorms that obscure the player’s vision, they are going to need to remain in a state of high alert throughout the race so that they can react in a timely manner. Something that will be very important because they won’t be able to see very far in front of themselves.

You Can Earn Stamps

There is a convenient way for players to gauge their progress in Dirt 5. For those who are unfamiliar, they can earn stamps for completing races and other events. If they claim first place, they earn three stamps; if they claim second place, they earn two stamps; if they complete the event, they earn one stamp. In total, there are 375 stamps, meaning that someone who has managed to earn 375 stamps can be said to have completed the game. Having said that, if players don’t care about gauging their progress, they don’t need to worry about this. Yes, there is an achievement for earning 375 stamps. However, there is an achievement and nothing but an achievement, which isn’t much incentive to win everything for someone who wasn’t already intent on getting a 100 percent completion rate.

Expect Special Rewards from Throwdowns

Players should keep a watchful eye out for throwdowns. Essentially, they are one-on-one races that require interested individuals to meet secret requirements in order to complete them. As for why players would want to compete in throwdowns, the simple answer is that they provide bigger monetary rewards on top of special backgrounds for their player cards. Some throwdowns are easy to unlock, so much so that interested individuals will unlock them just by playing through the game. Others are more challenging, meaning that interested individuals might want to look up their particular conditions for more focused unlocking.

Be Watchful in Vampire

Dirt 5 has a mode called Vampire, which is exactly what it sounds like. In short, one player starts out as the titular vampire, meaning that they have to catch the other players to turn them into other vampires if they want to drive off with the win. In contrast, everyone can win by surviving until the timer for the event has run out. To win in Vampire, interested individuals will need to remain watchful throughout the entire event. After all, more passage of time means more vampires, which in turn, means the potential for more attackers coming in from more angles. Something that can be very dangerous if those vampires can coordinate with one another.

Besides the other vehicles, interested individuals should also scout out the course before they have to run away from one or more pursuers. This is important because Vampire mode courses are designed to enable spectacular getaways by those with the skill to pull them off, meaning that it is a good idea to get a good look at what features are available sooner rather than later. By doing so, interested individuals might even be able to come up with a plan for getting rid of their pursuers, which will likely to be much better than whatever they can come up in the middle of the chase.