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What Is Godfall? (Godfall Cheats and Tips)

Godfall is a looter slasher. Essentially, it has the same focus on getting better and better pieces of loot as looter shooters. However, it emphasizes melee combat rather than ranged combat.

What Are Some Tips for Godfall? (Godfall Cheats and Tips)

Here are things to keep in mind:





Explore Everything, Smash Everything (Godfall Cheats and Tips)

Action RPGs being action RPGs, it is a good idea to explore everything while smashing everything in Godfall. There are extra items and extra experience awaiting players who are willing to wander off of the most obvious path. Furthermore, destructible items contain extra money and extra health, which might not be much on their own but can add up to impressive sums with minimal effort. Healing is even more useful in this game than in others of its kind because overflow will be used to recharge the Life Stone, thus saving it for future use.

Choose Your Second Weapon to Cover Your First Weapon’s Weaknesses

Players can bring not one but two weapons with them. Naturally, they should bring a pair of weapons with very different strengths and weaknesses, thus enabling them to cover a much wider range of circumstances than otherwise possible.

Slow and Steady Is the Best Approach (Godfall Cheats and Tips)

Button-mashing is a bad idea in Godfall. After all, even if players manage to overwhelm one enemy by doing so, they can’t count on the same for all of the enemies that they can expect to encounter. Something that is particularly true once players make their way out of the early game. Instead, slow and steady is the best approach.

For those who are unfamiliar, this means studying the enemy to understand their attack patterns. Once players have developed a good understanding of what to expect, they can dodge out of the way when the enemy starts to attack, get in some counter-attacks of their own, and then get out of the way before greed can cost them. Be warned that a slow and steady approach is particularly important for players wielding heavy weapons such as hammers because once they commit to the attack, they will struggle to break out of it. As such, button-mashing is a good way for them to get interrupted again and again by their enemies.

Use SoulShatter

Godfall has a mechanic called SoulShatter, which is something that players should be exploiting whenever and wherever possible. In short, they can remove the white outline on an enemy’s health bar by hitting them with a heavy attack at any point during a light attack combo. If players manage to kill the enemy by doing so, they can even recover some of their own health.

Some Skills Are More Useful than Others

As always, some skills are more useful than others, meaning that they should be prioritized. For example, Finesse is useful because it improves the player’s ability to get out of the way of potential threats. Meanwhile, Rampage is useful because it provides the player with a percentage-based damage bonus once they have managed to hit enemies enough times within a short time period. Other important skills range from Takedown, which is useful for crowd control, to Shield Prime, which will enable the player to enter the Primed state so that they can do damage by parrying enemies.