Destiny 2: Beyond Light Cheats and Tips



What Is Destiny 2: Beyond Light? (Destiny 2: Beyond Light Cheats and Tips)

Beyond Light is the fifth expansion for Destiny 2. As such, it contains a fair amount of new content, which should come as welcome news for those who are invested in the looter shooter.

What Are Some Tips for Destiny 2: Beyond Light?

Here are some tips that might prove useful:





Don’t Infuse Until You Hit the Power Cap

By this point, long-time players should know that they shouldn’t infuse weapons until they hit the new power cap. For those who are unfamiliar, they are going to be getting more powerful drops on a regular basis, meaning that chances are very good that infusing weapons won’t be worthwhile in the long run. As such, players should wait until at least the soft power cap of 1,200 before they start infusing weapons. However, those who are particularly serious about Destiny 2 might want to wait until the hard power cap of 1,250.

Don’t Grind Unless You Want to Grind (Destiny 2: Beyond Light Cheats and Tips)

Some players will be tempted to grind to the soft power cap as soon as possible. If so, they should head over to the Hellmouth on the Moon so that they can go hunting for Nightmare Ogres as well as Trove Guardians. However, players shouldn’t grind unless they want to grind, meaning that interested individuals should feel free to savor the story beforehand.

Stasis Can Be a Lot of Fun (Destiny 2: Beyond Light Cheats and Tips)

Stasis can provide interested individuals with a lot of fun. For instance, a lot of Stasis abilities can freeze enemies. This is useful for crowd control purposes. Furthermore, it is possible to blow up frozen enemies by doing enough damage in order to do even more damage to them. Something that can make for faster clearing than otherwise possible. Players have a wide range of options in this regard. However, it is worth mentioning that the Shatterdive Aspect can be used to blow up frozen enemies by landing upon them.

Besides this, there are also Stasis abilities that can create frozen pillars. Once again, these can be blown up for extra damage. However, frozen pillars can also do everything from providing cover to obstructing the movements of enemies.

Glacier Grenades Have Movement Uses (Destiny 2: Beyond Light Cheats and Tips)

Glacier grenades offer similar benefits. However, they are interesting in that they have movement uses as well. For those who are curious, they can throw a glacier grenade at the ground in order to hurl themselves and their team-mates into the air. The results can be even more spectacular when combined with a Warlock’s Glide.

Both Fallen Brigs and Vex Wyverns Have Weaknesses

Facing new enemies can be tough. Fortunately, the weaknesses of both Fallen Brigs and Vex Wyverns have been known for some time, meaning that interested individuals can go in forewarned. In the first case, they should shoot Fallen Brigs in the faceplate until it falls off. After which, they can proceed to shooting the exposed reactor. In the second case, they will need to shoot either a point on the Vex Wyvern’s stomach or a point on the Vex Wyvern’s back. If the player is on their own, they are going to need to stagger the enemy to expose their stomach. In contrast, if the player has team-mates, one of them can circle around to shoot the enemy in the back.