Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Cheats and Tips



What Is Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War?

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is the sixth installment in the Black Ops sub-series, which in turn, makes it the 17th installment in the Call of Duty series as a whole. Campaign-wise, it is set in the early 1980s of the Cold War. Something that hasn’t been covered as much by shooters.

What Are Some Tips for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War?

Here are some tips to keep in mind:





Play with the Settings (Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Cheats and Tips)

Players should spend some time playing with the settings to create a better experience for them. For example, some people will want to turn off Motion Blur because that can make it more difficult to see what is going on, which is a huge problem when they need to make instant decisions with limited information. Similarly, some people will want to change their Audio Presets to High Boosts so that they will have an easier time making out what is happening close to their player character, thus providing them with one more source of information. On top of these, interested individuals can expect to turn on both the Slowdown and the Aim Assist settings, which can make it much easier for them to make very accurate and thus very damaging shots.

Use the Ping System in Multiplayer (Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Cheats and Tips)

There are players who understand each other so well that they can cooperate even with either no or next-to-no communication. However, the overwhelming majority of multiplayer teams won’t be even close to that kind of instinctual cooperation, which is why constant communication is so important. Fortunately, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War comes with a ping system that can be used to handle this in an effective and efficient manner.

There are a number of things that interested individuals should make a habit of pinging. For instance, if they are thinking about heading somewhere, they should ping so that their team-mates will know what they are thinking. Furthermore, they should ping whenever they see either an enemy, an objective, or something else of general interest. It is possible that all of their team-mates will have seen the same thing. However, if they can’t be 100 percent sure of that, they should ping to make sure that everyone sees it. Of course, too much communication can be as bad as too little communication, so while interested individuals want to be communicating on a regular basis, they don’t want to do it so much that they become either a bother or a distraction to their team-mates. After all, ill feeling among team-mates can be just as bad as everyone going off on their own rather than working as teammates.

Stay Together (Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Cheats and Tips)

Players should stay together under most circumstances. In part, this is because more players means more firepower, thus enabling the faster elimination of enemies than otherwise possible. However, it should also be mentioned that more player means more pairs of eyes watching out for potential threats. This reduces the chances of a team being caught by surprise, which is something that can see them taken out in a matter of moments if their enemies have good aim. It is worth mentioning that having the entire team stay together also creates more room for error. Even if one of them gets taken out by surprise, having more team-mates around means an increased chance that one of those team-mates will be able to salvage the situation to some extent. As such, even if interested individuals don’t agree with the general course of action taken by their team-mates, they should still stay with them because striking out on their own is a good way to get jumped by multiple enemies with no one to back them up.

Don’t Run Unless You Have To

Sounds are a rich source of information. Naturally, this means that interested individuals should be very careful about how they approach their targets. If they can see that their target is unaware of their presence, they shouldn’t spoil the surprise by running because that will create a lot of noise. Instead, they should consider crouching before approaching their target, which will make for slower speed but also much reduced noise. Of course, this consideration vanishes when the noise is no longer an issue. For example, if they are running away from enemies who have already spotted them, they should focus on running before focusing on hiding. Similarly, if a slower approach would take too long, they should give some serious thought to whether their goal is worth them breaking stealth or not.

Stick to Cover (Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Cheats and Tips)

One of the neat things about Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is that its maps have a lot of lanes and avenues, which in more practical terms, means that there are a lot of opportunities for ambushes, flanking, and other sneaky maneuvers. Thanks to this, interested individuals should stick to cover as much as possible. Essentially, they want to minimize the number of directions from which they can be shot by potential enemies. Even if that doesn’t prevent them from getting shot at, that does reduce the chances of them getting killed in an instant, meaning that they can either run or retaliate. Of course, the importance of sticking to cover means that the worst possible move would be moving through either an open room or an open road. As a result, if players have to do so, they should make sure to do so with the utmost speed because that will minimize their period of vulnerability.

Watch Out for Spy Planes

In multiplayer, interested individuals should watch out for spy planes because those will give away their positions to their enemies. It is possible for them to do damage by using small arms. However, the importance of bringing down flying vehicles as soon as possible means that they might want to bring a launcher of some kind for the greatest efficacy. In fact, attack helicopters are an even bigger threat than spy planes, meaning that there is even more reason to be prepared for flying vehicles.

Secret Operation: Chaos mission

To unlock the “Operation: Chaos” mission, collect three pieces of intel in three missions and solve a puzzle at the safehouse. Note: This secret mission slightly alters the outcome of your ending.

Intel #1: In the “Nowhere Left To Run” mission, when interrogating Qasim, talk to him instead of immediately killing him. He will give you a piece of intel.

Intel #2: In the “Brick In The Wall” mission, complete the secondary objective to rescue or silence the captured German spy. In the room where they are held is a broadcast intel collectible on the desk.

Intel #3: In the “Redlight, Greenlight” mission, in the American Street simulation, go to the bar to the right of the Burger Town. There is a Russian office upstairs with a map on the wall. Take a picture.

Solution: There are two parts of the password. Each password is randomly generated — so you have to solve the puzzle. The two sets of numbers come from the “Numbers Station Broadcast”. Use it to find each password piece.

First Password: The first part is solved through the Front Page intel. There are letters highlighted in red —- these letters form a jumble that can be decoded into the name of a US city. Match the city with the numbers on the “Numbers Station Broadcast” to get the first password. Enter the numbers for the first part of the password. For example, if the red highlighted letters on the “Front Page Of The Observer” intel were: S, R, N, L, H, O, E, A, C, T. Unscramble the letters to get “Charleston” —- check the Numbers Station Broadcast intel to get the following code: 1, 5, 6, 4.

Second Password: Look for a pattern on the Coded Message. The red and black have separate patterns. The goal is to find four numbers that correspond to a city on the Numbers Station Broadcast intel.

Example: Red Numbers – 44 – ?? – 52 – 56 – 60
Answer: ?? = 48 – The pattern is that each number increases by +4.
Example 2: Black Numbers – 06 – ?? – 13 – 15 – 16
Answer: ?? = 10 – The pattern +4, +3, +2, +1.
The example gives the following code: 4, 8, 1, 0, which corresponds to the city of Boston. Enter the password (Boston) —- or whatever city you got.

Secret “Operation: Red Circus” mission

To unlock the Operation: Red Circus mission, collect three pieces of intel in three missions and solve a puzzle at the safehouse. Note: This secret mission slightly alters the outcome of your ending.

Intel #1: In the “Brick In The Wall” mission, while infiltrating Kraus’s apartment, enter the living room (where his wife is answering the phone), and look right for a vent cover. Remove it to find a piece of intel.

Intel #2: In the “Echoes Of A Cold War” mission, after separating from Woods, you will climb a ladder to reunite and enter a control room with the “Survey the Dig Site” objective. Look right to find a piece of intel on the table.

Intel #3: In the “Desperate Measures” mission, during the stealth mission in the KGB headquarters, it randomly appears in the Records room, Data Entry, and other areas. Keep checking each room until you find it.

Solution: Examine the three pieces of evidence. Each piece contains three codenames (for example, “Bearded Lady”, “Strong Man”, and “Juggler”) —- two pieces of intel give you locations, while one reveals whether the suspect is male or female. View all three pieces of intel and cross-reference them with “Review Subjects” to see their last known travel locations. Use the three clues to match each suspect.

Example: Wristwatch Evidence – Bearded Lady visits Rome, Italy. Cassette Tape – Bearded Lady is male. Ledger – Bearded Lady visits Vienna, Austria.

Answer: Aaron Lee; Male; Recent Travel List includes Rome, Italy and Vienna, Austra.

Go through all three suspects to select all three suspects and complete the puzzle. Select your targets and launch the mission.

All playable arcade machines

Search the indicated locations to find all ten playable classic arcade machines. Whenever you interact with an arcade machine, it will permanently become unlocked to play in the secret room, in the back of the safehouse. The safehouse has a secret room in the back that can be accessed with a hidden code. You can either solve the puzzle, or simply enter “112263” as a code to open the gate. You can play the games by reloading any safehouse chapter.

Pitfall II: Lost Caverns: In CIA Safehouse E9, unlock the door by entering “112263” as a code to access the arcade machine in the German safehouse. Use this arcade machine to unlock Pitfall II: Lost Caverns.

Enduro: In the “Brick In The Wall” mission, enter the backroom of the electronics store, before you sneak into Kraus’s apartment, to find the arcade machine.

Barnstorming, Fishing Derby, Grand Prix, Pitfall, and River Raid: In the “Redlight, Greenlight” mission, there are five playable arcade machines in the arcade when you first enter the training course area.

Boxing: In the “Break On Through” mission, do not listen to Adler during the mission. Reach the third reset, and follow the left path —- it is near the bridge, left of the zip-line. The arcade machine is found near the cliff.

Kaboom!: In the “Break On Through” mission, after the third scenario, you will get stuck in the laboratory hallway. After getting an injection, the door will move as you get closer. Carefully look for a dark room on your left in the hall. Enter it and collect the arcade machine before proceeding.

Chopper Command: In the “Break On Through” mission, while you are stuck in an infinite loop near the end of the mission, you will keep running in a circle. If you continue running in a loop, you will eventually find an open door with the final arcade machine.

Alternate endings

Successfully complete the indicated tasks to unlock the corresponding ending.

The Truth ending: During the “Identity Crisis” mission, select the “Truth” option to unlock “The Final Countdown” mission as your final mission. Complete the mission to get the “best” ending.

The Ambush ending: During the “Identity Crisis” mission, select the “Lie” option. After lying, run to the gate in the back of the safe house. You must unlock this door earlier in your playthrough to get this ending option. Run to the back room, and use the radio to call-in an ambush to unlock the “Ashes To Ashes” mission as your final mission. Complete it to get the “Ambush” ending.

The Failed Lie ending: Like the previous ending, choose to “Lie”, but do not use the radio to call-in an ambush. In this ending, you will not be able to get revenge since it is over for you. This will also unlock the “Ashes To Ashes” mission, but changes the outcome.

There are many other small endings that will change depending on whether you side with Perseus or Adler. Minor parts of the ending will change depending on the following choices.

Whether you recruit or kill Qadim.
Whether you kill or capture Volkov.
Whether you complete Operation: Chaos.
Whether you complete Operation: Red Circus.
Whether you save Park or Lazar —- or allow both to die.