Yakuza: Like a Dragon Cheats and Tips



What Is Yakuza: Like a Dragon?

The Yakuza series is best-known for beat ’em ups that incorporate elements from both action RPG and action adventure games. However, it is interesting to note that the eighth main installment Yakuza: Like a Dragon has replaced the beat ’em up-style combat system with something out of a turn-based RPG, which is very fitting for a new starting point.

What Are Some Tips for Yakuza: Like a Dragon?

Here are some tips to keep in mind:





Check Out the Taxis (Yakuza: Like a Dragon Cheats and Tips)

Isezaki Ijincho is huge. As a result, interested individuals can expect to get a lot of use out of the game’s fast travel system. Due to this, they should check out every single taxi that they see while they are moving about on foot, which is important because the taxi system is the fast travel system. However, interested individuals can’t fast travel to a place that they haven’t been to, thus explaining the need to check out the taxis.

Protect the Protagonist (Yakuza: Like a Dragon Cheats and Tips)

Yakuza: Like the Dragon is one of those RPGs in which the player needs to protect the protagonist. This is because the player loses if the protagonist goes down. In contrast, the player can just use either a revival item or a revival skill if a different party member goes down in order to bring them back. It is possible to restart the fight by paying a fee. However, the fee is expensive enough that interested individuals should avoid it as much as possible, meaning that it is best for them to spend some time thinking about how they can protect the protagonist. One suggestion would be the Peerless Resolve skill that gets unlocked at Rank 16 for the protagonist’s Hero job, which is very useful because it lets him survive a single hit that would take him out under normal circumstances.

You Might Want to Save Up (Yakuza: Like a Dragon Cheats and Tips)

It is very common for players to hoard in RPGs. After all, they can expect to run into more and more challenging encounters, meaning that there is a huge temptation to save their precious resources for them. Generally speaking, this is less than optimal, particularly since a lot of players will wind up beating the game without ever using those resources.





Unfortunately, interested individuals might need to engage in some hoarding for Yakuza: Like a Dragon. To be exact, they might want to minimize their expenditures because there will come a point when they can’t continue the story unless they can make a three million yen payment. Certainly, interested individuals can just wait until that point before they start grinding for that much money. However, they will find everything to be much less frustrating if they already have either that much money or close to that much money by that point.

Visit the Survive Bar (Yakuza: Like a Dragon Cheats and Tips)

The Survive Bar is a place that players should be visiting on a regular basis. There are a number of reasons for this. One example would be that the Survive Bar is where interested individuals can learn more about the party members, which tends to be a selling point for RPG fans. Meanwhile, another example would be that the Survive Bar is where interested individuals can get EXP boosts for the party members, which is very important because there is no EXP sharing system. However, the single most important reason might be that the Survive Bar is where the player can unlock more jobs for the party members. This is huge because more jobs mean more versatility, which in turn, means that the player can build a team that is better-suited for their particular play-style than otherwise possible.

Do the Sidequests

Anyone who has ever played a RPG will know the importance of sidequests. Simply put, they are a rich source of money as well as other rewards, thus making them invaluable for players looking to make their teams as powerful as possible. Having said that, sidequests are even more important in Yakuza: Like a Dragon than in a lot of other RPGs because some of them needed to be completed before interested individuals can gain access to critical features. One example would be the Pawnshop, which is where they can sell their outdated and otherwise unwanted gear. Another example would be the Workshop, which is where they can upgrade both their weapons and their armor for better combat performance.

Shop Around

There are party members that can heal. Unfortunately, those heals need to be powered using MP, meaning that players might want to stock up on MP-replenishing items. They will find some over the course of their play-through. However, if players want to be well-prepared, they are going to need to pay money for more MP-replenishing items. Amusingly, different stores can have very different prices for the same items. As a result, interested individuals might want to spend some time shopping around for the best prices in much the same way that they would in real life. After all, money can be hard to come by, so it is a good idea to save whenever and wherever possible.

Save a Lot

Speaking of which, players should be saving a lot. As mentioned earlier, they can restart a fight if they lose. However, the sheer cost means that this is something that players should avoid as much as possible. The problem is that even the shorter levels can come with a lot of fights while offering a very small number of save points. Thanks to that, saving on a regular basis is a sensible way for interested individuals to minimize the loss of progress if they ever run into a fight that they can’t win.

Please note that Yakuza: Like a Dragon can be very unsubtle when something dangerous is coming up. As such, if interested individuals see a message asking them if they really want to advance, they should save right away before checking to see if they are actually ready for the challenge that lies before them. In this as in other things, being careful can save them a lot of frustration in the long run.