Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory Cheats and Tips



What Is Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory?

Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory is the 14th installment in the Kingdom Hearts series. It is a rhythm action game that serves as a kind of recap for the Dark Seeker Saga. However, Melody of Memory also serves to move the story forward.

What Are Some Tips for Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory?

Here are some tips that might prove useful:





Check Out the Difficulties (Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory Cheats and Tips)

Not everyone is familiar with rhythm action games. As a result, if people are struggling because they have been tossed into the deep end of the metaphorical pool, they should check out the difficulties to see if there is something more suitable for them. For instance, One-Button mode on Beginner can be an excellent way for interested individuals to get used to Melody of Memory, thus providing them with a foundation from which to build up their skills. As they become more and more skilled, they should switch over to more and more challenging difficulties, though there is nothing wrong with sticking to One-Button mode on Beginner if that is what they prefer.

Memorize the Songs (Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory Cheats and Tips)

Memorizing the songs should make everything much more manageable for interested individuals in Melody of Memory. However, there are more effective and less effective ways for doing so, which is something that they should keep in mind. For instance, the single best way to memorize songs is to play them over and over in Track Selection, thus making for a much more focused memorization effort than otherwise possible. However, interested individuals should know that this does come with one major drawback, which is that they won’t be able to choose a song in Track Selection unless they have already beaten it in the World Tour. In more practical terms, this means that Track Selection is excellent for those seeking mastery but not so much for those who are still seeking to overcome their latest challenge.

Make Items and Use Items (Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory Cheats and Tips)

Players can collect materials by playing through the game. Some of this will come from clear bonuses, while the rest will come from beaten enemies. As for why players would want materials, the simple answer is that they can be turned into various items that can be very useful to say the least. For example, if players are struggling with a particularly challenging song, having a stockpile of potions can be a real life-saver. Similarly, if players need to grind for either experience or materials, there are both EXP boosts and item boosts. Conveniently, if interested individuals aren’t sure where the materials for a particular item can be found, they can check said information in the synthesis menu. Something that should enable them to conduct targeted grinding for the most effective results.

Use the D-Pad When Navigating the World Tour

As mentioned earlier, Melody of Memory can be considered a kind of recap for the Dark Seeker Saga, meaning that it covers multiple games’ worth of storytelling. Thanks to that, the World Tour is huge, so much so that moving from, say, the Kingdom Hearts worlds to the Kingdom Hearts III worlds can be a considerable hassle when using standard means. Instead, interested individuals might want to use the D-Pad when navigating the World Tour, which should make matters much more convenient for them. On top of that, they should remember that it is possible to zoom out to see more of the worlds at the same time. Something that can make navigating with the D-Pad even more useful.

Return to the Main Menu Once in a While

People who are planning to spend long sessions playing Melody of Memory should still return to the main menu once in a while. This is because museum memorabilia get registered when interested individuals visit the main menu. It is nice to have concrete signs of the player’s progress. However, the bigger incentive is that museum memorabilia come with bonuses that range from EXP bonuses to strength and defense boosts. In other words, collecting such items is actually a way for interested individuals to make themselves more and more capable of overcoming the challenges before them.

The Longest Chains Make for the Highest Scores

Initially, players are going to be focused on staying alive. However, as they become more and more skilled, they are going to become more and more focused on getting the highest scores. Getting the highest scores is very simple but also very challenging. It is very simple because the highest scores come from the longest chains of attacks. Unfortunately, it is very challenging because building the latter is much easier said than done. Memorization will help out. However, interested individuals will also want to put serious effort into honing their instincts as well as their reflexes, which will enable them to make the right choices even while working under the tightest time constraints. Be warned that while barrels and crates can’t do damage in the same way as enemies, they are very much capable of breaking up a chain of attacks. As such, if players are going for the highest scores, barrels and crates should be considered potential threats of a similar caliber.

Focus On the Enemies (Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory Cheats and Tips)

The player’s team will get plenty of opportunities to show off their moves as the player progresses through the game. After all, Melody of Memory is a rhythm action game, meaning that interested individuals should expect rhythm action staples. Sadly, while watching this can be a lot of fun, interested individuals should pay more attention to their enemies because that is what will actually matter for their performance. Besides that, it is worth mentioning that there are different kinds of enemies that are better handled using different kinds of attacks. Thanks to that, interested individuals shouldn’t just be watching their immediate enemies but also the enemies that are coming up because they should be thinking about how to deal with them ahead of time. In this as in other things, a bit of forethought can go a long way.