The Falconeer Cheats and Tips



What Is The Falconeer? (The Falconeer Cheats and Tips)

The Falconeer is curious because it is an air combat game in an open world setting. As such, it might be worth checking out for fans of either one of those two things.

What Are Some Tips to Keep in Mind for The Falconeer?

Here are some tips worth keeping in mind:





Close In on Your Enemies (The Falconeer Cheats and Tips)

The player rides a huge war-bird in The Falconeer. As a result, it is perhaps unsurprising to learn that they will be much more effective at close distances than at long distances. Yes, they have ranged weapons. However, the imprecision of those weapons means that the player should close in on their enemies before using aim assist to do some damage.

Get Better Guns (The Falconeer Cheats and Tips)

Speaking of which, the player is going to want to get better guns as soon as possible. After all, the faster that they can eliminate their enemies, the fewer the opportunities for those enemies to eliminate them in turn. Fortunately, interested individuals won’t need to go out of their way to buy better guns. Instead, the bigger concern is grinding enough splinters to make the purchase. To get a rough idea of what the process entails, the second gun costs 6,500 splinters while the third gun costs a bit more than 13,000 splinters. For comparison, a single mission yield about 300 to 1,000 splinters on average.

Master the Fundamentals (The Falconeer Cheats and Tips)

Of course, even the best guns won’t mean much unless the player can put themselves into the right positions to use them. For that matter, avoiding enemy attacks is going to be very important as well, particularly since the player won’t be the one flying away if they insist on getting into a slugging match with all of their enemies. As such, mastering the fundamentals is a must because each one has its own uses.

For example, rolls are great for not just getting out of the way of incoming fire but also for pulling off faster turn-arounds. Meanwhile, breaking can be very useful for letting a pursuing enemy over-shoot before blasting them in the back. On top of this, it is worth mentioning that while dives tend to be used for picking up cargo as well as other items of interest, they can also be used to put the player underwater where they will be protected from enemy attacks for a short period of time. Something that can be a life-saver when they are low on health while surrounded by enemies because even a moment’s respite will result in some health recovery.

Prioritize the Smaller Enemies

Generally speaking, it is better to prioritize the smaller, more nimble enemies before moving on to the bigger, less nimble enemies. Said enemies might not seem very threatening on their own. However, their damage can add up with surprising speed, particularly if the player is distracted because they are doing their best to knock an airship out of the sky. As such, interested individuals should clear out the smaller enemies before they focus 100 percent on the bigger targets that can be found out there.