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What Is XIII? (XIII Cheats and Tips)

The original XIII was a first-person shooter released by Ubisoft. It didn’t sell very well. However, it nonetheless managed to secure a cult following. Now, XIII has received a remake, which seems to have stumbled at the starting line.

What Are Some Tips for XIII?

Here are some suggestions to keep in mind:





Use Armor (XIII Cheats and Tips)

Armor can be both cumbersome and uncomfortable. However, people continue to wear it because it increases their chances of survival. In XIII, a player who is armored can survive attacks that can kill a player who is unarmored, thus making it something of the utmost importance. In fact, interested individuals should always check their surroundings to see if they can find some armor to keep themselves safe. Furthermore, if they come upon enemies wearing armor, they should do their best to kill those enemies without causing too damage to the armor. After all, waste not, want not.

Use Items to Eliminate Enemies

Ammunition is precious. Furthermore, ammunition can be very loud. As such, interested individuals should consider using the bricks, the bottles, and the other items strewn about the setting to eliminate their enemies. The more ammunition they save, the more ammunition that they will have when a true need comes up. For that matter, those items are more effective for eliminating enemies than what interested individuals might expect, meaning that there is no real sacrifice to using them.

Don’t Be Impatient (XIII Cheats and Tips)

Stealth is very important in XIII. Fortunately, the standard rules for using stealth are as applicable in XIII as in other first-person shooters. Essentially, interested individuals should observe their enemies so that they can figure out a way to sneak up on each of them from behind one by one without ever been spotted by the remaining enemies. They should always play it safe because if they get spotted, they have a short window in which to eliminate those who have spotted them before the alarm goes out. Something that can be very challenging under certain circumstances. In any case, interested individuals should also make sure to remove eliminated enemies from the scene because perhaps unsurprisingly, the sight of them will be no less alarming for the remaining enemies.

Understand Your Weapons (XIII Cheats and Tips)

Stealth is important. However, stealth won’t get interested individuals through everything in XIII. For the rest, there are weapons, which come in a wide range of forms with a wide range of applications. One excellent example would be the sniper rifle. Something that interested individuals should be using whenever and wherever possible because it results in very certain eliminations with very little noise. However, it has issues in that it is a sniper rifle, meaning that interested individuals won’t be able to count on it in an open battle. For open battles, the assault rifle with its sheer versatility makes an outstanding choice, particularly since it also comes with a grenade launcher for tougher obstacles. Meanwhile, weapons such as the shotgun pack a powerful punch but their lack of ammo makes them unsuitable for long fights against numerous enemies.