Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity Cheats and Tips



What Is Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity?

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity is the follow-up to the initial Hyrule Warriors. Based on its name, it should come as no surprise to learn that it covers the Great Calamity, thus making it a prequel of sorts to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

What Are Some Tips for Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity?

Keep these tips in mind:




You Can Give Orders to Your Other Characters

The player can give orders to other playable characters on the same battlefield. This is very useful, meaning that interested individuals should be using it on a regular basis to keep everyone on target. Generally speaking, they shouldn’t expect the other playable characters to complete the goals on their own. Instead, the other playable characters are more useful for preventing lose conditions, thus providing the player with more time to complete whatever it is that they are focused upon before rushing over. The latter can be 100 percent metaphorical because having the other playable characters in the points of most contention means that the player can just switch over unless they are absolutely against playing them for some reason.

Don’t Bother with Cleaning Out Every Single Pocket

Warriors characters can tear their way through hundreds and hundreds of enemies in an instant. Still, that doesn’t mean that the player needs to clean out every single pocket of resistance. Yes, this kind of thoroughness can provide them with more materials. However, there is the question of whether the extra effort will be worth the extra materials.

Generally speaking, interested individuals should prioritize certain pockets over others. After all, they have both win conditions and lose conditions, meaning that they should pursue the former without neglecting the latter too much. Otherwise, well, suffice to say that it is very frustrating to loss a mission because of something that the player could have prevented with ease if they had been paying attention.

Don’t Bother with Button-Mashing (Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity Cheats and Tips)

There is a popular association of Warriors games with button-mashing. Said association isn’t wholly without merit. However, the player should not be button-mashing for the simple reason that it reduces not just their effectiveness but also their enjoyment. Instead, interested individuals should run through each character’s move chains to see which ones work and which ones don’t work, thus enabling them to play better. For that matter, it is worth mentioning that some move chains are meant for single powerful enemies while other move chains are meant for numerous weaker enemies, meaning that they are best used under very different circumstances.





You Should Learn the Defensive Moves

On a related note, interested individuals should learn the defensive moves sooner rather than later. Generally speaking, a good offensive doubles as a good defensive because enemies can’t pose a threat if they get taken out before they can ever launch an attack. Unfortunately, there are tougher enemies that can’t be beaten or even stun-locked with the same ease, meaning that they will need to be treated in a more cautious manner by the player.

Blocks would be the safe option. They aren’t very exciting, but their reliability will more than make up for that, particularly for players who aren’t so confident with the other defensive moves. Meanwhile, dodging is great because Age of Calamity has flurry rush attacks. Essentially, interested individuals can wait until the last moment to dodge rather than doing so in advance. If they get the timing right, they can get in a punishing counter-attack. Of course, if they get the timing wrong, they can expect to eat some damage. Besides these, there is the parry as well, which should come as welcome news to those who have mastered it elsewhere.

Use the Rods But Save the Runes (Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity Cheats and Tips)

Players might be tempted to save their uses of the elemental rods. However, there are a couple of reasons that they shouldn’t do so. One, the elemental rods are very useful for exploiting enemy weaknesses, thus making them too valuable to save for contingencies that may or may not come. Two, interested individuals can get charges for their elemental rods every time that they kill either a Wizzrobe or some other elemental-based enemy, meaning that they won’t be running short so long as they aren’t firing their elemental rods at every single opportunity. Meanwhile, the Sheikah Runes are also very useful. However, interested individuals should be more conservative with their use. This is because Sheikah Runes are excellent for counter-attacking named enemies, thus making those challenging encounters that much more manageable.

Fuse Your Spare Weapons (Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity Cheats and Tips)

Weapons don’t break in Age of Calamity. Combined with the fact that weapons will be dropping left and right in the game, this means that interested individuals can expect to pick up an excess of them within a very short period of time. There are a couple of options for handling excessive weapons, with one being selling and the other being fusing. However, fusing tends to be the much better option under most circumstances. As for why this is the case, selling weapons just won’t earn interested individuals much money. In contrast, fusing weapons can make weapons stronger and stronger, thus enabling the player to tear their way through their enemies with ever-increasing ease. In particular, keep a watchful eye out for weapons with the same effects because that can make those effects on the resulting weapon even more powerful. For that matter, fusing weapons can even unlock new effects that are always beneficial. Still, be warned that the sheer randomness of these new effects makes this process unreliable for those looking to build the perfect weapon.

Make Sure that Every Character Is Keeping Up with the Team

It can be a good idea to keep every character at around the same level. This doesn’t necessarily mean that interested individuals have to play characters that they don’t like, seeing as how there is a level-up function in the Military Training Camp. In any case, new characters join at the average level of the entire team, meaning that keeping every character at around the same level means ensuring that new characters will be ready to go from the very start.

Easy Fusion EXP (Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity Cheats and Tips)

Some weapons contain a Fusion Material EXP seal. This seal causes you to earn +150% Fusion EXP when fusing at the Blacksmith. Use the following tricks to quickly earn more Fusion EXP.

If you have a weapon with the Fusion Material EXP seal, instead of wasting it, you can make it into your primary weapon. This means you will be fusing low tier weapons into your weapon with Fusion Material EXP —- you will still get the +150% EXP bonus for every fuse, but you will not lose the weapon.

If you have more than one Fusion Material EXP weapon, you can combine the two together for a large bonus. Before doing this, you can level up the second Fusion Material EXP weapon. Thus, fuse 10-20 weapons, earn +150% EXP, then fuse with your primary weapon (which also has the Fusion Material EXP seal) to get a large bonus. The more you exploit the Fusion Material EXP weapons, the more you can quickly level up your weapons. By combining the power of two EXP+ seal weapons, you can basically get 50% more EXP out of everything in your inventory.

Easy gold

As you progress through Hyrule, you will unlock many different vendors. Each vendor sells specific types of items —- and they do not always appear. Each vendor will pay x2.5 more gold when selling them items matching their specialty. Thus, always check your vendors to see if you can get some easy extra gold.

Recommended character

After unlocking all the champions, you need to do a mission to save the Lost Forest and unlock the giant Korok Champion Hestu as a playable character. They may not seem good, but they are unstoppable with the right combo.

Rock Bomber ability: Press Y, Y, Y, X to launch a bomber attack. Press ZR to summon Korok Helpers, then press Y, Y, Y, X. This attack launches Koroks into the air where they drop rocks on enemies like bombers. Eventually, you can unlock a follow-up that will order the Koroks to bombard the targeted area, causing huge damage and instantly draining the weakness meter.

By summoning Korok Helpers with ZR, you will cause more damage and can target specific enemies with a poweful follow-up by pressing X again. To quickly drain the enemy HP bars, use this simple combo.

Hestu’s Powerful combo: Press ZR to summon Koroks. Press X to throw rocks. Press Y, Y, Y, X for the rock bomber attack. Press X while the bombers are mid-air to specifically target the area in front of Hestu. Pressing ZR gives you more Koroks to inflict additional damage, but it is not required. You can launch a rock bomber attack without any Koroks —- some get summoned during your attack.

Get an enemy stuck in a corner, and all the Koroks will fly directly above the enemy, hitting them with all the Korok bombers. This attack may be one of the most damaging in the game. Hestu also has additional advantages. Hestu uses maracas as a weapon that deal area-of-effect damage with each rattle. Hestu summons friends that amplify all of their strong attacks —- and amplify their Sheikah Slate attacks.

Hints, tips, and tricks

All weapons have two secret seals: It is important to unlock the Blacksmith in Hyrule because this service gives you the ability to fuse weapons. For a small gold fee, you can combine multiple weapons to level up one —- and leveling up a weapon to its max level will unlock two secret weapon seals. These upgrades tend to be pretty powerful — so if you are throwing away weapons, it is recommended to upgrade —- especially with the Master Sword. You may get a seal that heals you as you damage enemies.

Unlock more weapon slots with Korok Seeds: In Chapter 3, there will be a mission to liberate the Lost Woods and acquire the Hestu hero. You will also unlock special side-jobs you can complete to unlock additional weapon slots for all characters. If you are hitting under the 20 weapon limit, just remember you will be able to upgrade often. Just keep an eye out for Korok Seeds, which are required to upgrade the inventory slots. This special collectible is found all over each level map —- look for wind-wheels, marked tree stumps, or floating balloons. Anything that looks suspicious is likely a Korok Seeds hiding place.

Most powerful weapon: Keep the Master Sword when you unlock it. The Master Sword is considered a “Tier 3” weapon — so it will increase in strength +2 instead of +1 when leveling up. It is the earliest Tier 3 weapon you will find by far — so start upgrading it early for a very powerful one-handed weapon.

Remove and replace seals with seal remover: Successfully complete the “Daily Drill” quests. As you progress through the story, you will eventually unlock “Daily Drill: Gerudo”, which gives access to the Seal Remover service. This allows you to remove and further customize your weapons with new seals.

Use alternate methods to trigger WPG (Weak Point Gauge): Large enemies and bosses use attacks with specific counts —- Remote Bombs blast through shields, Stasis stops spinning attacks, and Cryonis blocks chargers. However, every large enemy also has an alternate counter you can trigger at any time. Moblins can be put into a WPG (Weak Point Gauge) state by targeting their heads —- attack them while you are in mid-air. Stone Talus can be wrecked by using bombs to destroy both arms. Use Link’s arrows to aim at Hinnox’s eye to immediately stun it. Always look for extra ways to weaken the large bosses.

Move mini guardian at loading screen

While a stage is loading, there are characters walking on the upper half of the screen. To move the mini guardian, press L and R to move left or right and B to jump.