Planet Coaster Console Edition Cheats and Tips



What Is Planet Coaster? (Planet Coaster Console Edition Cheats and Tips)

Planet Coaster is focused on the building as well as the management of an amusement park. The Console Edition includes both the Magnificent Rides Collection DLC and the Classic Rides Collection DLC by default.

What Are Some Tips for Planet Coaster?

Keep these tips in mind:




You Need to Build Up Slowly But Surely

One of the most common mistakes in building and management simulation games is beelining for the coolest buildings. Unfortunately, the coolest buildings tend to be the most expensive buildings. Even worse, they tend to be incapable of providing the player with the full extent of their benefits unless they are embedded in a full set of functioning infrastructure, which is why they are often unavailable until the late game. In Planet Coaster, interested individuals should avoid building coasters and track rides from the very start. Instead, they should start out with more normal rides until their amusement park is bringing in a healthy surplus, which will be needed to sustain more ambitious projects. Otherwise, there is a very real risk of the player running out of money when their expenses skyrocket without the revenues to cover them.

Play the Career Mode (Planet Coaster Console Edition Cheats and Tips)

Speaking of which, it is a good idea for interested individuals to play through the career mode before jumping into other game modes. Essentially, they can treat it as an extended tutorial that will provide them with valuable firsthand experience for managing everything from prices to marketing and staff management while restricting options via research until they are ready to handle them. Once interested individuals have mastered the career mode, they can proceed to sandbox mode where they can play with the full range of customization options to their heart’s content.

Train Your Staff (Planet Coaster Console Edition Cheats and Tips)

Perhaps unsurprisingly, players should train their staff. This is important because better-trained staff receive huge efficiency gains, which is important for keeping the amusement park running smoothly as it continues to see new additions. Yes, interested individuals can just hire more staff members. However, that will be more expensive than just training better staff and retaining better staff.

Your Shops Should Pay for Themselves

Shops are important because they play an important role in keeping visitors happy. However, players should know that it is very much possible for them to build more gift shops, food shops, and drink shops that they actually need. As a rough rule of thumb, every single one of their shops should be earning more than what running it is costing them. Otherwise, interested individuals will be adding another financial burden on top of the already noticeable cost of building the shop.

Use Scenery (Planet Coaster Console Edition Cheats and Tips)

Lineups are boring. Unfortunately, lineups are necessary because if they don’t exist, chances are good that the amusement park’s various attractions aren’t getting enough visitors. Still, players don’t want their visitors to get fed up while waiting in line, which is why they should make liberal use of scenery to make it more interesting. This is purely a numbers game. Planet Coaster can’t judge what does and doesn’t look good. As a result, the most important part is for players to put down enough scenery around the lines until they get a 100 percent scenery score. Something that can even be used to sustain a price increase.