SaGa Frontier Remastered Trailer



Watch SaGa Frontier Remastered Trailer

Very recently, Square Enix revealed that it will be releasing a remastered version of SaGa Frontier from the late 1990s. Currently, the expectation is that this will be happening sometime in summer of 2021, meaning that interested individuals will have to wait for a more exact date. As for how they will be able to play the remaster, the answer is that they will be able to do so on either the PC, the PS4, the Nintendo Switch, or either Android and iOS devices.




For those who are unfamiliar, SaGa Frontier was the seventh installment in the SaGa series. This is one of those JRPG series that started up in the late 1980s and have managed to make it into the present time. However, the SaGa series isn’t as well-known as some of its counterparts in the west, not least because its installments haven’t always managed to make it to said markets under its own name. For instance, the first three installments were released as Final Fantasy Legend III, and III in the west. Likewise, a number of later SaGa titles have never been released in the west at all. Regardless, the series as a whole is famous for its science fantasy settings, its non-linear storytelling, and its open world exploration.

As for SaGa Frontier, it was a commercial success in the Japanese market in its time. However, its fans have always been disappointed by the fact that it was a pared-down version of what its creators had envisioned, which was blamed on both time constraints and limited storage space. Thanks to this, one of the best reasons to be excited about the remaster is that it will have more content than the original release, with an excellent example being the addition of the InterRegional Police Organization agent Fuse as an eighth playable character. Suffice to say that this provides hope that other cut content will be restored as well.

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