Mars Horizon Cheats and Tips



What Is Mars Horizon? (Mars Horizon Cheats and Tips)

Based on the name, it should come as no surprise to learn that Mars Horizon is a space-themed simulation. To be exact, it lets the player control a space agency to see if they can go from the start of the Space Age to putting someone on the titular planet.

What Are Some Tips for Mars Horizon?

These tips might prove useful for interested individuals:






Choose Between Three Game Modes (Mars Horizon Cheats and Tips)

There are three game modes called Explorer, Pioneer, and Veteran. Essentially, these are difficulties. Explorer means less challenging missions as well as less competition from other space agencies, while Veteran means more challenging missions as well as more competition from other space agencies. As for Pioneer, it can be considered a balance between these two extremes.

You Can Make Your Own Space Agency

By default, there are five space agencies belonging to China, Europe, Japan, Russia, and the United States. Naturally, each one comes with its own particular traits that will make it better for some players than others. However, if interested individuals don’t like any of the five options given to them, they can just create their own space agency. Something that will provide them with the chance to choose their own name, their own location, and their own traits.

Pay Attention to Building Bonuses and Penalties

Perhaps unsurprisingly, base layout will be very important in Mars Horizon. In particular, it is worth mentioning that some buildings will provide bonuses while other buildings will provide penalties when situated besides one another. Under ideal circumstances, interested individuals will be able to maximize these bonuses while minimizing these penalties. In practice, insisting on 100 percent adherence to this principle can be impractical. As a result, if the player is being constrained by either limited money, limited building space, or some other consideration, they should consider just either passing up on the potential bonuses or soaking up the potential penalties.

Consider Auto-Resolving the Missions (Mars Horizon Cheats and Tips)

Some people find it tedious and time-consuming to play through every single mission. As a result, if they are feeling fed-up, they should just auto-resolve them. Be warned that this won’t provide them with the full bonuses again and again, which can be a serious issue on the higher difficulties. Thanks to this, interested individuals can consider a mixed approach instead. For instance, they can auto-resolve most missions while playing through the Lucrative missions to capitalize on their higher reward potential.

Launch Dates Come with Serious Trade-Offs (Mars Horizon Cheats and Tips)

Choosing launch dates can be considered a matter of choosing trade-offs. An earlier launch means a much better chance of claiming the milestone before the competition. However, earlier launches mean less reliable launches, which is a huge concern because failure will prove to be very expensive. Due to this, it is very useful for interested individuals to pay attention to what other space agencies are doing so that they can use that information to guide whether they should go for their goal or not. If they are ahead of their competitors by a comfortable stretch, they can afford to wait until their chances of success are better.