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What Is Dragon Ball Legends? (Dragon Ball Legends Cheats and Tips)

Dragon Ball Legends is a mobile-based action RPG that puts a strong emphasis on character collection. This should come as no surprise, seeing as how it is a gacha game. Story-wise, Dragon Ball Legends is focused on an original Saiyan character named Shallot.

What Are Some Tips for Dragon Ball Legends?

Here are some tips to keep in mind:






Consider Rerolling (Dragon Ball Legends Cheats and Tips)

Rerolling is a very common practice for gacha game veterans. For those who are unfamiliar, gacha games tend to provide newcomers with a large amount of in-game currencies that can be used to roll for characters as well as other collectibles. Since the results are random, rerolling means starting over and over until interested individuals get something that they are interested in keeping for the long run.

Fortunately, Dragon Ball Legends doesn’t make it too difficult to reroll. Essentially, interested individuals can just download the app, run through the tutorial, and then roll using the Chrono Crystals that are given to them. If they are dissatisfied with the results, they can delete the app’s data before running through the process once more.

In any case, interested individuals should know that they don’t have to reroll if they don’t want to go through the hassle. Rerolling will provide them with a better start than otherwise possible. However, if they are a more casual player, they might not care about this so much. As for which characters interested individuals should be rerolling for, there are a couple ways to choose. One, they can focus on the characters that they like. Two, they can focus on the characters that are useful in the current meta. There is nothing wrong with interested individuals choosing either one of these two options because people play games for different reasons.

Gacha Games Are Gacha Games (Dragon Ball Legends Cheats and Tips)

Gacha games run on a free-to-play model. Essentially, interested individuals can play them without paying anything. However, a lot of the mechanics are built to encourage them to spend real money for in-game resources. In particular, there would be the system used to draw random characters and other collectibles from a pool of potential options, which is very much reminiscent of the vending machines used to dispense the capsule toys called gachapon.

The initial rush of Chrono Crystals is meant to get interested individuals used to rolling for collectibles. As a result, once the initial rush dies down, they will be that much likelier to spend real money for more Chrono Crystals and thus more rolls. There are various ways to cope with this issue. For example, if people don’t mind spending real money for the chance of getting collectibles, there is nothing wrong with because value is in the eye of the beholder. However, if people are less than enthused by the thought of spending real money for the chance of getting collectibles, they might want to stockpile the trickle of Chrono Crystals that they will get for free so that they are ready when their desired characters get rate-ups in the gacha. Being patient can be frustrating in a game designed to discourage it, but it can also be very worthwhile.

Understand Character Rarities (Dragon Ball Legends Cheats and Tips)

Dragon Ball Legends has three character rarities. Essentially, there are common characters, uncommon characters, and rare characters, which are called Hero characters, Extreme characters, and Sparking characters. It is very common for interested individuals to reroll for Sparking characters because the chances of getting one from the gacha are quite low. Since there are multiple Sparking characters in the gacha, the chances of getting a specific one are even lower, particularly if they aren’t the ones getting rate-ups. In any case, character rarity is very much correlated with character performance, though games being games, one character can be very different from another character of the same rarity.

Understand the Elemental System

There is an elemental system in Dragon Ball Legends. In total, there are seven elements that can be divided up into five main elements and two special elements. The five main elements are Red, Yellow, Purple, Green, and Blue. Each one is strong against one of the other main elements and weak against one of the other main themes. In short, Red beats Yellow, which beats Purple, which beats Green, which beats Blue, which beats Red. Meanwhile, the two special elements are Dark and Light. Dark is strong against every single one of the special elements. However, it is weak against Light, which is neutral against every single one of the special elements. The sooner that interested individuals memorize these elemental interactions, the sooner that they can put the system to work for them.

Conserve the Resources Needed to Strengthen Characters

Characters won’t come out of the gacha ready for use. Instead, interested individuals are going to need to spend resources to make them stronger before they are ready. Something that is particularly true for those who have already made their way past the early game. Experience shouldn’t be a huge concern. It is possible to earn experience by playing through missions. Furthermore, it is possible to put characters into training, which will let them earn experience without making them unusable in battle. Unfortunately, experience is far from being the sole resource that can be used to strengthen characters. For example, interested individuals can get Z Power from rolling as well as completing missions, which is important because that is the resource used to perform Limit Breaks. Meanwhile, Zeni and Souls are needed to upgrade a character’s stats via their Soul Boost board. On top of this, there is Equipment, which are also reliant on those two resources.

Initially, interested individuals are going to have limited amounts of these resources. Furthermore, they aren’t going to be able to grind for them in a very efficient manner, meaning that they won’t be able to build stockpiles very fast. Thanks to this, they should be careful which characters they spend their resources on because they want to get long-lasting usefulness out of them. Eventually, they will hit a point when they can be much more carefree in this regard. Unfortunately, that won’t be right away.