PHOGS! Cheats and Tips



What Is PHOGS!? (PHOGS! Cheats and Tips)

PHOGS! is very unusual but very interesting. In short, it features a pair of dogs connected by a very stretchy belly making their way through the puzzle-filled worlds of Food, Sleep, and Play. Interested individuals can play either on their own or in a cooperative pair.

What Are Some Tips for PHOGS!?

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Play Co-Op (PHOGS! Cheats and Tips)

It is possible for people to play PHOGS! on their own. However, it is a co-op game, meaning that two players should make for the best experience. Fortunately, PHOGS! supports both local two-player and online two-player, which should make it much easier for interested individual to find a partner.

Communicate (PHOGS! Cheats and Tips)

Having said that, local two-player should be the best mode. Primarily, this is because interested individuals are going to need to maneuver themselves through some rather challenging circumstances, meaning that they are going to need good cooperation. Yes, failing doesn’t actually come with any harsh punishments in PHOGS! However, failure because of an inability to coordinate can still be very frustrating. Local two-player is the best way to promote teamwork because it makes it much easier for the two partners to communicate with one another. Something that should make for the best results.

Expect Physics (PHOGS! Cheats and Tips)

Interested individuals should expect physics to play an important role in a lot of the puzzles. After all, PHOGS! stands for physics dogs, which says much about what to expect. As for the kinds of puzzles that can be found, there is a huge variety. Sometimes, interested individuals will have to have one dog hold on to a fountain while the other dog stretches outwards to water some shrubs. Other times, interested individuals will have to freeze themselves, thus enabling them to make their way through a less than welcoming gap.

Experiment, Experiment, Experiment

This isn’t a game that does much hand-holding. Thanks to that, interested individuals are going to need to use their own resources to solve the puzzles that come their way. There are some people who can piece together the solution with no more than a single glance. Unfortunately, most of us aren’t quite so good when it comes to puzzle-solving. As a result, one of the best things that the player can do is to experiment, experiment, and experiment. After all, they can’t solve a puzzle unless they know all of the components needed to solve it. In turn, they can’t know all of the components until they have spent some time biting everything, barking at everything, and otherwise interacting with the environment until they have turned them out. This should minimize the chances of interested individuals getting stuck on a particular puzzle until they accidentally stumble upon something important.

Don’t Get Frustrated

Ultimately, interested individuals shouldn’t get frustrated. Fortunately, PHOGS! is a pretty soothing game, meaning that this shouldn’t be a huge issue. However, if they do become frustrated, they should take a break before returning to it in a calmer state of mind. In fact, interested individuals might be surprised by how something that once seemed insurmountable can become very manageable after a good night’s sleep.