Monster Sanctuary Cheats and Tips



What Is Monster Sanctuary? (Monster Sanctuary Cheats and Tips)

Monster Sanctuary is an indie game that has come out of early access. Based on its name, it should come as no surprise to learn that it is focused on monster combat as well as monster collection. However, Monster Sanctuary combines those things with Metroidvania-style exploration.

What Are Some Tips for Monster Sanctuary?

Here are some tips that should prove useful:




Understand the Elements (Monster Sanctuary Cheats and Tips)

There are four main elements in Monster Sanctuary. For those who are curious, these are Fire, Water, Earth, and Wind, meaning that they are very reminiscent of the Classical Greek elements. This is important information because monsters tend to be resistant to some elements while being weak to other elements. It is interesting to note that there is a fifth element called the Neutral element, which is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. Every single monster can use the Neutral element because of their Basic Attack. However, there are a number of Neutral elemental skills as well.

Skills Are Either Physical or Magical (Monster Sanctuary Cheats and Tips)

On a related note, every single skill is considered to be either a physical skill or a magical skill, which is on top of their element. For example, Explosion and Explosive Blast are considered to be Fire elemental physical skills. In contrast, Fireball and Firestorm are considered to be Fire elemental magical skills. Similarly, Aqua Blast and Avalanche are Water elemental physical skills, while Ice Bolt and Ice Storm are Water elemental magical skills. This matters because some monsters have resistances and weaknesses to certain kinds of skills in much the same way that monsters have resistances and weaknesses to certain elements.

Rare Monsters Have Elemental Shift (Monster Sanctuary Cheats and Tips)

There are rare monsters that have Elemental Shift, which means that they change their elemental resistance and weakness based on the element of their last offensive skill used. First, they become resistance to the same element. Second, they become weak to its opposite, which would be Fire and Water as well as Earth and Wind. Interested individuals won’t come upon the Raduga until quite some time into Monster Sanctuary. However, Tanukis are available at a much earlier point in the game.

Monsters Can Be Shifted Either Light or Dark

Later on, the player will have the option to Shift a monster into either a Light form or a Dark form using a Shift Stone. Furthermore, they will be able to use a Switch Stone to switch an already-Shifted monster from one form to the other. As for why the player would want to do this, the answer is that a Shifted monster gains a new passive ability based on its species. For example, the Blob’s Light form becomes harder-hitting whenever it uses a healing skill. Meanwhile, the Blob’s Dark form has a chance of spreading its debuff whenever it debuffs a target. Depending on how the player has built a Shifted monster, their new passive ability can be either very useful or next-to-useless.

You Can Build Each Monster More than One Way

Each monster is better at certain things than others. However, there is more than one way to build them, meaning that members of the same species can come with very different capabilities that make them better-suited for very different circumstances. This is particularly true because there is no way for the player to grab every single skill on a monster’s skill trees, meaning that they are going to need to pick and choose between them. Fortunately, if interested individuals grab the wrong skill, they can use a Skill Resetter to reset a monster’s skill points. However, this isn’t something that they want to use too much because the money spent on Skill Resetters could have been better-spent on something else.

You Want Synergies in Your Frontline

The player will want their team of six monsters to be capable of handling a wide range of enemies under a wide range of circumstances. However, they should make sure to choose three monsters that synergize well for their frontline at the start of every battle. This is because three monsters doing three different things aren’t going to do as well as three monsters combining their strengths while covering each other’s weaknesses. Please note that there are numerous ways to produce useful synergies. For example, one frontline might provide its members with a full suite of buffs, while another frontline might enable buff stacking for even greater effects. Similarly, it is a good idea for one monster to debuff a target to make it more vulnerable for its team-mates. Something that can be even more useful when those team-mates are specifically strong against that particular debuff.

Some Monsters Have Evolved Forms

It is possible to evolve some monsters by using the right items at a very noticeable tree of enormous size in the Ancient Woods. Generally speaking, the player should have no problem guessing which items are used for which species. For example, if they want to turn their Magmapillar into a Magmamoth, they are going to need a Cocoon. Similarly, if they want to turn their Grummy into a G’rulu, they are going to need some Stardust. Having said that, some of the evolutions can be more complicated.

One excellent example would be the Draconov, which can be turned into either a Dracogran using a Fire Stone or a Dracozul using an Ice Stone. In any case, interested individuals should put in some serious thought when the chance to evolve a monster comes up. This is because evolutions in Monster Sanctuary are not simple and straightforward upgrades. Instead, it is more accurate to say that the evolved form is an alternate form, meaning that the player cannot expect them to continue serving the same role as their pre-evolved form.




You Want to Get a High Battle Rating

The player should always seek to get the highest battle rating possible because higher battle ratings mean higher chances for eggs and other rare loot. There are multiple factors that impact the battle rating, with the main examples including the length of the battle, the healthiness of the player’s monsters, the use of buffs and debuffs, the pumping of the Combo Meter by the first and second acting monsters, the damage done by the third acting monster, and the exploitation of enemy weaknesses.