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What Is Call of the Sea? (Call Of The Sea Cheats and Tips)

Call of the Sea is an adventure game from a Spanish indie studio. It is inspired by H.P. Lovecraft’s writings. However, it isn’t an example of horror media. As such, it makes sense that the challenge in Call of the Sea comes from its numerous puzzles.

What Are Some of the Most Requested Puzzle Solutions in Call of the Sea?

For those who are curious, here are some of the most requested puzzle solutions in Call of the Sea:






Mechanical Bridge (Call Of The Sea Cheats and Tips)

The mechanical bridge is the first puzzle that can be found in Call of the Sea. Unfortunately, there are some players who have gotten stuck on it, though there is no shame in that. After all, puzzle-solving is a skill that must be honed, meaning that everyone has to start out somewhere.

Regardless, it is possible to lower the mechanical bridge by lining up the symbols on the rotating pillar with the carvings on the back. However, interested individuals are going to need to get the right symbols from the red murals that can be found in the region. First, there is one to the left of the main path that leads from the pillar. Second, there is one where a small hut is situated next to a river. Third, there is one that can be found by entering an overgrown area that can be reached by walking over a wooden plank. Fourth, there is one marked with three arrows pointed leftwards surrounded by other red murals in an open area with lorikeet parrots flying about. Fifth, there is one located in a dead end inside a small cave that sits across from the boat. Once the player has everything, they can return to the pillar to line up the symbols before pressing the red button.

Black Ooze Frequency Test (Call Of The Sea Cheats and Tips)

This particular puzzle can be found on the Lady Shannon in Chapter Three. First, the lights are off in the campsite next to the shipwreck, meaning that the player will have to resolve the power supply issues. This can be performed by following the power lines from the lights to the power generator inside the shipwreck. After which, it can be turned on by hitting the third switch, the fourth switch, the second switch, and then the first switch in that particular order. Once that has been completed, interested individuals will need to pull the switches on the sub-generators that can be found next to the power generator, close to the point where the walkway splits into three paths, just outside of the hole in the hull, and in the campsite itself.

Having turned everything on, the player should take a left at the point where the walkways splits into three paths to reach the main office. There, they should find the black ooze frequency test on a table, which should also have a note on how the machine is supposed to work. Essentially, the player needs to make the black ooze stones level with one another while they are levitating. The left dial controls the first and second stones, the center dial controls the second and third stones, while the right dial controls the first and third stones. The easiest way to solve this part of the puzzle is to levitate the stones to their highest points, thus earning the three coordinates for the tidal organ puzzle.

Tidal Organ (Call Of The Sea Cheats and Tips)

The tidal organ is rather noticeable, so interested individuals shouldn’t struggle too much in finding it once they have exited the shipwreck. They should take the passageway that cuts through it until they reach an area with a pit, a stone object, and a table. First, interested individuals should interact with the stone object to expose the pipe system with black ooze flowing through the fourth and sixth pipes. However, interested individuals should pay more attention to the symbols on the seven pipes, which will prove to be useful in solving the tidal organ puzzle.

Moving on, they should check the note on the table for an explanation of how to open and close the pipes. From there, they use the staircase leading downwards on their right to check out the sea level indicator, which is another important component. Once interested individuals have done so, they should return to the campsite so that they can look through the slides on the slide projector until they find the one showing the same symbol as the current sea level indicator. Check it out to put it in the journal. After that, grab the note from the box, which should provide interested individuals with symbols corresponding to keys on the nearby instrument. Hit those keys to generate more frequency numbers.

Back at the tidal organ, interested individuals will need to open pipes and close pipes until it becomes active. They can use the information that they have collected to figure out what they need to do. However, if interested individuals are unsure, they should open the valves on the solitary diamond, the split diamond, and the two diamond symbols while closing the valves on the rest. The result should be black ooze flowing through the first pipe, the second pipe, and the fifth pipe while the rest of the pipes remained still. If so, interested individuals can turn the dial twice to close the pit before hitting the button on the stone tablet to activate the tidal organ, thus completing the puzzle.

Power Wheel

Chapter Four has a segment in which interested individuals have to restore the power using a power wheel with not one, not two, but seven separate buttons. This is one of the puzzles that use up a huge amount of time for most Call of the Sea players, which is particularly painful because of how simple it is to solve if interested individuals have been told the solution beforehand. In short, suppose that the top button on the power wheel is the first button while the other buttons in a clockwise manner are the second button, the third button, and so on and so forth. Interested individuals can restore power to the turbine by pressing the fourth button and the seventh button. Unfortunately, this will work so long as interested individuals haven’t already started playing around with the power wheel. If they have already pushed some buttons, they are going to need to come up with their own sequence to light up all seven of the buttons. Should they ever see one of the button lit while the other six buttons remain unlit, they will know that they are just two buttons away from success in this regard.


There is a later puzzle in Chapter Four involving a drum. It is interesting in that its clues are auditory rather than visual in nature, which can be something of a surprise for people who have been focused on the search for visual clues while working on many of its counterparts. In any case, the drum puzzle is a test of the player’s memorization skills. Essentially, they should listen to what is played before playing it back themselves. Fortunately, even the longest sequence is just six sounds, meaning that this shouldn’t be too much of a challenge.