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Housemarque has provided more information about an exclusive title for the PS5 called Returnal. Previously, the developer made smaller, more arcade-style experiences. However, it is planning something much bigger this time around.

For those who are curious, Returnal is supposed to be a sci-fi psychological thriller. However, it is interesting to note that it promises to incorporate elements from various genres. For example, it can be compared to a 3D third-person platformer in some respects. Likewise, there has been mention of bullet-hell, which refers to the beautiful but often frustrating waves of projectiles seen in shoot ’em ups aimed at players looking for a serious challenge.





Story-wise, Returnal has been said to center on a space scout who has been become stranded on a dangerous planet situated on the edge of the galaxy. Curiously, it has been said that she returns again and again after each death, which has led some to speculate about rogue-like elements as well. Regardless, Returnal is coming out on March 19 of 2021, meaning that more information is presumably coming in the not too distant future.

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