Unto The End Cheats and Tips



What Is Unto the End? (Unto The End Cheats and Tips)

Unto the End is a 2D cinematic platformer that has been compared to a Soulslike by some reviewers. It is unforgiving. However, that can be the charm of Unto the End for a lot of interested individuals out there.

What Are Some Tips for Unto the End?

Here are some things to keep in mind:





Do Not Button-Mash (Unto The End Cheats and Tips)

Button-mashing will be penalized in a painful manner in Unto the End. After all, enemies can kill the player-character with a very small number of hits, meaning that there is no room for error. Instead, interested individuals should use the same approach for enemies in Unto the End that they use for enemies in a Soulslike, which is to say, observe, counter, and execute. First, they should observe their target to understand their movements. Second, they should come up with a counter to their target’s movements. Third, they should put that counter to use in eliminating their target. Patience is important throughout the entire process. However, interested individuals can take on more and more risk as they become more and more knowledgeable about their enemies.

Do Not Expect the Same Tactic to Work on Every Enemy

Having said that, interested individuals cannot count on the same tactic to work on every single enemy. In fact, even enemies of the same kind can show new behaviors in new settings, meaning that they need to remain on their metaphorical toes the entire time. Overconfidence when running into similar but not the same enemies is a very good way for interested individuals to wind up restarting from their last checkpoint.

You Have a Roll, So Use It (Unto The End Cheats and Tips)

Unto the End provides the player with a number of defensive options. For example, they have both a high block and a low block, which are exactly what they sound like. Similarly, they can duck. Something that might not sound so useful until interested individuals realize that some of the enemies in the game are much, much bigger than they are. On top of these, there is a roll, which is used for getting out of the way faster than otherwise possible. Every single one of these defensive options have their uses. However, it should be mentioned that the roll offers more room for error, thus making it a good way for interested individuals to start out before they switch to something more suitable once they develop a better understanding of their target.

There Is No Leveling-Up (Unto The End Cheats and Tips)

There is some simple crafting in Unto the End. However, interested individuals won’t be able to count on better gear to see them through the game’s challenges. Similarly, there is no leveling-up in Unto the End, meaning that isn’t an option for brute-forcing one’s way through the game either. As such, becoming a better player is the sole option for interested individuals who want to make progress in Unto the End. Something that should encourage them to make good use of the dream sequences at every fire-side stop to hone their skills as much as possible.