Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Cheats and Tips



What Is Totally Accurate Battle Simulator? (Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Cheats and Tips)

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator is a satire of battle simulators. As such, it should come as no surprise to learn that it is a battle simulator itself, though with a fair amount of emphasis on ragdoll physics.

What Are Some Tips for Totally Accurate Battle Simulator?

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Develop an Understanding of Unit Classes (Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Cheats and Tips)

It is very common for battle simulators to have unit classes. Sometimes, these are strict lines of separation between them. Other times, not so much. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Totally Accurate Battle Simulator is an example of the latter rather than the former. However, it is still useful for interested individuals to learn about its unit classes as a convenient way of understanding what specific units can and cannot be expected to do.

For starters, there are fodder units. These are cheap but expendable, thus making them well-suited for holding the enemy while something more valuable moves into the perfect position for the follow-up. Having said that, fodder units can be pretty dangerous in their own right provided that there are enough of them moving in from enough directions.

Moving on, there are what interested individuals can consider staple units for both melee combat and ranged combat. Both are more expensive than fodder units, meaning that they can’t be sacrificed left and right without serious consequences for the player’s chances of victory. However, the upside is that they are much more reliable under a wide range of circumstances. Amusingly, both kinds of staple units can devastate the other provided that they can engage their counterparts in their preferred mode of combat.

Besides these, there are a number of unit classes that have more specialized roles. For example, shield units can protect themselves as well as their fellow units, thus enabling them to counter ranged units to some extent. Likewise, there are siege units and support units, which are exactly what most people would expect them to be based on those names. Finally, interested individuals might find glass cannons to be a useful unit class as well because these are units that have an enormous effect when used in the right manner but offer either no or next-to-no room for error because of their fragility.

Set Up Your Units Based on Synergies (Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Cheats and Tips)

Battle simulators being battle simulators, interested individuals should set up their units based on their synergies with one another. This is something that they can learn more about by experimenting on their own. However, interested individuals can also look up synergies to speed up the process.

For example, one popular setup consists of sarissas positioned behind shield bearers. Essentially, the sarissas eliminate the enemies while the shield bearers protect them from harm. There are a couple of things that are worth mentioning about this particular setup. One, the shield bearers should outnumber their sarissa-carrying counterparts by one, which is important for ensuring that every single unit is covered. Two, this setup won’t move very fast, meaning that it is best for interested individuals who want something slow and steady.

Likewise, another popular setup consists of bards positioned in front of archers. Interested individuals should have no problems guessing that the bards are mean to distract the enemies while the archers do the actual damage. However, they might be curious why the recommendation says to use bards rather than any kind of shielded unit. If so, the simple answer is that bards won’t obstruct the archers’ line of sight. Something that can’t be guaranteed for shielded units, particularly if they are the kind that needs to rush into melee combat.

Naturally, it is possible to benefit from synergies from having three or more units as well. For instance, some players have been known to use a combo of hay balers, harvesters, and potion sellers to clean up opposition that makes extensive use of fodder units. The plan is that the hay balers will soak up incoming projectiles. Meanwhile, the potion sellers are supposed to disrupt weak but numerous enemies so that the harvesters can tear through their ranks with minimal resistance. This combo fails when pitted against more powerful units, but it can be very effective when it is used to counter what it is supposed to counter.

Some Units Are More Useful for Personal Combat than Others (Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Cheats and Tips)

Moving on, it is important to note that some units are more useful for personal combat than others. For instance, ranged units tend to be excellent choices because players can aim much better than the computer. However, they should keep some simple suggestions in mind. First, they should stand still when they shoot, which should make it much easier for them to hit whatever it is that they are looking to hit. Second, they should be careful about hitting their own units, which is particularly true if they are something that unleashes an area of effect. Third, they can do the most damage by going after unshielded enemies, though there will be times when it will be more productive for them to soften up tougher enemies instead. On a related note, siege units follow a lot of the same rules. However, interested individuals should keep in mind of the need to stay out of their enemies’ reach, meaning that they should be more proactive about this when playing as a siege unit rather than a ranged unit.






Of course, other unit classes can be very useful in personal combat as well. For instance, good play with a shielded unit can do much to keep other units alive, though this is something that calls for a considerable amount of patience on the part of the player. On top of that, interested individuals will need to watch out for flankers that can hit them where they are unprotected. Meanwhile, melee units can do a great deal of damage, but they also come with a serious downside in that their higher reward comes with higher risk. As such, careless players can lose too fast to get the full value out of such a choice. Having said this, glass cannons might be some of the best choices in this regard provided that interested individuals can learn how to keep them out of the way until the best time to unleash their full potential on the opposition.