Space Invaders Forever Cheats and Tips



What Is Space Invaders Forever? (Space Invaders Forever Cheats and Tips)

Space Invaders isn’t very impressive by modern standards. However, it was very influential in its time, so it should come as no surprise to learn that it spawned a whole host of Space Invaders-related titles. Space Invaders Forever is a collection of three of those titles.

What Are Some Tips for Space Invaders Forever? (Space Invaders Forever Cheats and Tips)

Here are some tips to keep in mind:





Understand the Three Titles (Space Invaders Forever Cheats and Tips)

For those who are curious, the three titles are Space Invaders Gigamax 4 SEArkanoid vs Space Invaders, and Space Invaders Extreme. The first provides interested individuals with the chance to play a multiplayer version of Space Invaders. Meanwhile, the second combines the two titles, with the result that the player is supposed to bounce incoming shots back at the shooters. As for the third, it is Space Invaders but with some extra features such as power-ups and more inventive enemies, thus enabling it to offer something new.

You Need to Be Precise (Space Invaders Forever Cheats and Tips)

Shooting wildly is a serious problem in Space Invaders. After all, every missed shot is a wasted shot. Something that is particularly problematic in Space Invaders because the player can’t spam shots. Instead, interested individuals should be aiming every single one of their shots so that they can maximize the chances of them hitting, which should make for the most effective and most efficient elimination of the enemies.

Fortunately, the movement patterns of Space Invaders enemies are very predictable. As a result, there isn’t much need for interested individuals to come up with a way to outsmart them. Rather, the key to their success is memorizing the time needed for a shot to travel from the bottom of the screen to the position of the target, which should enable the player to time their shots to excellent effect. Some interested individuals might find this difficult to do. If so, they should consider staying in place while using other elements on the screen as visual indicators for when they should and should not be shooting. This might not be a huge boost for everyone, but every single bit of extra accuracy helps.

Use the Barriers But Don’t Become Too Reliant on Them

The barriers in Space Invaders can be very useful. This is because it is much better for a barrier to take an incoming shot than for the player to take an incoming shot. Having said that, it is important to note that interested individuals shouldn’t become too reliant on the barriers because they can’t always count on the barriers being there for them. As such, learning how to get out of the way of incoming shots while returning fire in an accurate manner is something that they should strive to master as soon as possible. Besides this, it is worth mentioning that one way for using barriers in Space Invaders would be shooting through one before using that to shoot while remaining shielded for the most part. This is particularly useful when combined with the static shooting strategy mentioned earlier.