Super Meat Boy Forever Cheats and Tips



What Is Super Meat Boy Forever? (Super Meat Boy Forever Cheats and Tips)

Super Meat Boy Forever started out as a mobile version of Super Meat Boy but has since turned into a full-fledged follow-up. Interested individuals can expect it to be very similar to its predecessor, which is to say, challenging platforming that will need them to overcome a mix of both enemies and obstacles.

What Are Some Tips for Super Meat Boy Forever?

Here are some tips that might prove useful:





Don’t Bother with Walkthroughs (Super Meat Boy Forever Cheats and Tips)

Consulting a walkthrough is a popular way for people who are struggling with a platformer to get some assistance. After all, if they know what to expect, they will find it much easier to prepare for it. Similarly, if they aren’t sure how to get through something, someone else can provide them with the solution. Unfortunately, consulting a walkthrough won’t be very useful for Super Meat Boy Forever. This is because its levels are cobbled together using premade chunks based on the player’s skill level, meaning that there is no real way for interested individuals to predict what they will and will not run into. Instead, the one realistic solution for struggling players is to hone their platforming skills.

It Is an Auto-Runner (Super Meat Boy Forever Cheats and Tips)

Speaking of which, interested individuals should know that Super Meat Boy Forever is an auto-runner, which is a significant change from its predecessor. As such, its players won’t have perfect control over their player character. Something that has both a downside and an upside. On the one hand, they won’t be able to study the situation before making their move; on the other hand, this makes the game simpler, which in turn, should make it more manageable for those who can adapt to this change well. Regardless, auto-running means that good timing has become even more important in Super Meat Boy Forever than in Super Meat Boy.

You Need to Get Your Jumps Perfect

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Super Meat Boy ties the height of a jump to the amount of time that the jump button is held down. In other words, if the player wants a hop, they should just tap the jump button. In contrast, if they want more height for more distance, they are going to need to hold the jump button down. Threats abound both high in the air and low to the ground, meaning that interested individuals are going to need to get their jumps perfect if they want to make good progress in this game. On a related note, it should be mentioned that hitting the attack button in the middle of a jump can produce a bit of a horizontal movement. It isn’t quite a midair dash. However, it can serve a similar effect for interested individuals.

Pay Attention to the Trails (Super Meat Boy Forever Cheats and Tips)

The player leaves behind trails when they make their way through the game. This is useful for helping them remember where they have stumbled as well as how they have stumbled. Something that should enable them to make better choices, whether that means using different timing or a different approach altogether.