Among Us Cheats and Tips



What Is Among Us? (Among Us Cheats and Tips)

Among Us is a multiplayer game that has received a fair amount of attention in recent times. For those who are unfamiliar, its players are separated into Crewmates and Imposters. Crewmates win by either completing their tasks or eliminating every single Imposter. Meanwhile, Imposters win by either causing a critical sabotage to remain unresolved or reducing the number of Crewmates to the same as the number of Imposters.

What Are Some Tips for Among Us?

Here are some tips that might prove useful for Crewmates:





Do Tasks (Among Us Cheats and Tips)

Completing tasks is one way for Crewmates to win, thus making this something that they should focus upon. However, there are a number of important precautions. For example, Crewmates should perform their most time-consuming tasks when there are more players about. Likewise, Crewmates shouldn’t perform tasks that will make them blind and otherwise vulnerable when there are suspicious individuals in the area. On top of this, it tends to be a good idea for them to complete their tasks in one area before moving on to the next area rather than run from place to place.

Don’t Become Too Focused on Tasks

Having said this, Crewmates shouldn’t become too focused on completing tasks. Otherwise, they will let the Imposters run rampant, which can resulting in a lot of eliminations within a very short period of time. Instead, interested individuals need to balance the completion of tasks with the elimination of Imposters. This is particularly true because forcing the Imposters to be careful will provide the Crewmates with more freedom of movement.

Move Around in Groups (Among Us Cheats and Tips)

Crewmates should never move around on their own. After all, that makes them very vulnerable to Imposters that can move in to eliminate them before escaping the scene with no one the wiser. Even moving around in pairs is a huge improvement because the elimination of one player in the pair will make the other player in the pair very suspicious. However, trios are even better because that provides a huge boost to every Crewmate’s safety.

Eliminate Yourself As a Suspect (Among Us Cheats and Tips)

Fear can cause people to make bad mistakes. As a result, smart Imposters will seek to convince Crewmates to turn on other Crewmates, which can ruin any chance of conducting a well-organized effort to root out the former. Thanks to this, Crewmates should spend some time eliminating themselves as a potential suspect. One of the surest ways to do so is to be observed performing a visual task, which is something that Imposters absolutely cannot do. In contrast, a verbal attempt to convince other players that they aren’t an Imposter can backfire, particularly if they aren’t as good at communication as the actual Imposters.

Remain Calm and Pay Attention

On a semi-related note, fear is ruinous for sound judgment. Due to this, interested individuals should remain calm rather than jump to conclusions. When the chance comes up, they should ask questions, which can provide them with a clearer picture of what happened while creating more opportunities for the Imposters to slip up. Simultaneously, Crewmates will want to collect their own information by paying attention to what is going on around them. At the very least, they should keep a watchful eye on who is where when. However, they should also pay attention to suspicious behaviors such as players standing in strange locations, players not being able to describe what they were doing just now, and players staying in rooms where there aren’t a lot of tasks. It is perfectly possible for Crewmates to do these things for innocuous reasons, but every single one of them should be considered strong cause for suspicion.

Meanwhile, here are some tips that might prove useful for Imposters:

Pretend to Do Tasks

Imposters can’t complete tasks. However, they can pretend to do tasks by waiting at the right places, which is very important because they want to be seen while engaging in said course of action to make themselves seem less suspicious. Fortunately, Imposters get fake tasks, so they shouldn’t get found out by something as simple as claiming tasks that have been entrusted to someone else. Furthermore, when they get asked about what they were doing, they should make sure to mention both their location and their supposed task for that increased semblance of truth. If Imposters can’t blend in, chances are very good that they are going to get vented sooner rather than later.

Redirect Suspicion But Don’t Be Too Obvious About It

Naturally, Imposters will want to redirect suspicion from themselves to Crewmates. However, everyone knows that they have strong incentive to do so, meaning that they are going to be on watch for this kind of suspicious behavior. As such, Imposters need to redirect suspicion without being too obvious about it. For instance, getting into a game of counter-accusations tends to be a bad idea. Something that is particularly true when both sides can bring up either convincing or seemingly convincing evidence for their claims because the players might decide to vent both of them for safety’s sake. Instead, it tends to be a better idea for someone to take the lead before piling on the suspicion in a subtle manner. In particular, it is amusing to note that beginners have a tendency to ramble when they are seeking to proclaim their innocence, which can make them look very guilty to say the least.

Get Someone Else to Vouch for You

Getting someone else to vouch for the Imposter is a very good way for them to make themselves look less suspicious. If there are multiple Imposters, they should be backing each other up, though they need to make sure that their claims can’t be disproven with ease. Something that can out the entire lot of them if they are truly unlucky. However, if there is just one Imposter, it is still possible for them to get Crewmates to vouch for them if they are good at blending in. Suffice to say that if interested individuals don’t know what the Crewmates are expected to do on each map, they should jump into practice to familiarize themselves with said subject as soon as possible.